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Learn How to Pack Refrigerator for Moving

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Learn How to Pack Refrigerator for Moving

Moving fridge or freezer is not an easy task. If it's not prepared and packed properly then, your refrigerator could be damaged. So, it is important to pack your refrigerator in  the right manner with utmost care when you are moving to a new place. If you have no idea how to pack and move your refrigerator then, here's the packing guide for refrigerator, which will help you to pack and move your fridge or freezer without any damages.

Gather cleaning, packing and moving materials

Before you start packing your refrigerator you need to clean it so that you can easily wrap and pack the fragile items of the refrigerator separately. So, get everything that you will need to clean, pack and move your refrigerator like:

  • Moving straps/ strong cords or rope
  • Moving dolly
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Tool kit
  • Packing sheets
  • Moving blankets
  • Packing tapes
  • Scissor
  • Markers

Take measurements
Take the measurement of your refrigerator before you pack and move it and also take the measurement of the place it will move through and the place you are moving into. Use a measurement tape to measure the height, width and depth of the refrigerator and also measure the entryway or doorway. This will help you to know whether you will have to remove the doors or you can move the refrigerator normally with the box or should you move it and pack it other place from where you can move it easily.

Empty the fridge contents
As you want to pack and move your fridge so make sure there is nothing inside the fridge. You will have to remove everything inside the fridge including the freezer items. You should give away the perishable and pack the items that you are taking with you. Don't take frozen items with you. Remove the items that are on the door or top of the fridge.

Unplug it
Allow the fridge to defrost so that you can clean it. Usually a fridge takes 6-7 hours to defrost so, it is good to unplug the fridge to defrost overnight. This will give you enough time in morning to wipe out inside.

Remove what is removable
Whether it's the shelves, racks or fruit basket, remove everything that is removable. Remove them all especially if there is glass items. Wrap the shelves or racks with bubble wraps or moving blankets to prevent it from damage and pack them separately in the moving box. If you want to keep them inside the fridge then, tape the drawers tightly so that they will not move during transit.

Wrap the cord and the door
Wrap the cord and also secure the door using rope. Take strong cord or rope to tie up the door of the fridge. If you have double door fridge then, tie both the doors together using a rope. You can use packing tapes too but, remember that while removing the tape the paint of the fridge may get damaged. So, you should tie the door of fridge along with the cord with a rope tightly.

Ask for help
You must get a helping hand to lift up and move your refrigerator as it is one of the heaviest household items to be packed and moved during relocation. So, to prevent injury to your back while lifting and moving the refrigerator it is always good to get help from your family member or any friend to move your fridge since it's over 300 pounds.

Position the fridge on dolly
Slide the refrigerator away from the walls and put the dolly underneath. If you want then, you can do this in easy way by using moving straps. Moving straps are the great tool to lift up and move heavy items. You can get it from any moving companies or box supply stores.

Move the refrigerator
Once you are done with packing and placing the refrigerator onto the moving dolly you can now easily move the refrigerator to put it onto the moving truck.

If you will follow the aforementioned steps of packing refrigerator  then, you will be able to move your fridge safely at your new house without any damages. And if you think, you cannot handle such tough task to pack and move your refrigerator then, you should consider hiring professional packers and movers to pack your household items and provide you safe and hassle-free relocation experience.

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