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How to Make Books Ship-ready?

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How to Make Books Ship-ready?

Perhaps, packing and moving sturdy household items is not that challenging when compare d with the vulnerable belongings. Books are one such item that is to be packed and moved with extra care. Here, you will get an insight into the tips of packing different types of books with absolute safety.

Also, it would be a great idea to sort out all your books before packing. You can give the books that you have read to your friends, so that you have less books to carry. You must know that professional packers and movers charge according to the weight of the boxes. This simply means that the heavier the boxes are, heavier the cost is. Thus, it is better to cut on the weight of the goods by de-cluttering and get away with the books that have crossed your eyes many times.

Packing different types of books

  • Hardcover books- When you are packing hardcover books, make sure that you place them in a standing position. Like, the spine of the books should be against the side of the box. While placing the books in this manner, make sure that you keep a little space on both the sides. Note that, when the books are jam packed in the box, they are likely to get damage when you will take them out on reaching the destination. To add on, if the hardcover is kind of a soft then it is better to pack each book in a packing paper first and then place them in the box. Also, it is important to keep the box well-padded so that, the books do not damage while being transported. If you need to pack old photo albums then it would require sturdy cardboard between each album. If you do not have such boxes, contact the professional packers and movers.
  • Paperbacks- Paperbacks are required to be packed very carefully, as they are not covered with a hard cover. You should pack the paperbacks with the edges of the paper facing up. You have to take extra care of the paperback and never place the paper edges facing down, as it will damage the pages. It is very important to keep the paperbacks at the right angles and in a way that they do not move during transit. Wadded-up paper can be utilized as filler, to not let the books move.

After you have packed the books in the boxes, you will have to secure it with tapes. Until unless the boxes of books are not secured properly, you should not pile them in the moving van. Since these boxes are quite heavy, they can cause severe damage to other goods on the truck on falling. Securing the boxes tight and placing them correctly in the van will ensure absolute of the goods.

Here, the experts suggest that if you are planning for a long term storage of your books then you should make use of acid-free packing paper. It is true that acid-free paper will cost you higher but it will protect your books for a longer period of time when compared to regular packing paper. This special paper will not turn the pages of your books yellow. It will keep them in their best condition throughout the storage time.

In addition to this, it is essential to choose the right type of box. A weak box will not be able to resist the attack of the rodents like rats, which in turn will result into the complete damage of your books. Rats tend to chew and tear the pages, leaving the books in a totally ruined condition.  

However, if you have hired the professional packers and movers to pack your books then you can remain worry-free. The moving companies have the right type and size of the boxes to carry the boxes. Also, the experts have the perfect skills to place the books in the boxes in an ideal manner. They will pack it all in a way that no damages will be caused to the books including both paperbacks and hardcover right from the time they are loaded to the time they reach the destination. Thus, hunt for the professional packers and movers to make your books ship-ready. Good luck!

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