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Best Packers and Movers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Plan your move with the best packers and movers in Kanpur for a fast, safe, and hassle-free moving experience. Compare the rates with the top 3 pre-verified, best-matched recommended Kanpur packers and movers. Check their reviews, ratings, services, and pricing before making an informed decision. Pick the one that best suits your specific relocation needs and budget. You can avail of home shifting services in Kanpur at the price starting at just Rs. 3,500. So, what are you thinking more about? Request free quotes today to compare the rates and book the best house shifting service in Kanpur!

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Packers and Movers in Kanpur

Top-Rated Packers and Movers in Kanpur, UP

Tired of endlessly scrolling through packers and movers in Kanpur? Look no further the Moving Solutions. Check the authentic details of the top local packers and movers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. We have partnered with these moving companies and listed them here after verifying their credentials. Our partners have years of experience, offer hassle-free services, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Packers and Movers

RDS Packers and Movers

H.O-1454, Yogendra Vihar, Naubasta, Kanpur - 208021

5 Rated

RDS Packers and Movers is one of the best moving companies in Kanpur offering services for house shifting, office shifting, storage, bike shifting, and car transportation. You can avail of the services of RDS packers and movers for affordable relocation services.

Recent Reviews by Asim

I must say RDS packers and movers is the best mover. I used its services to move my home from Kanpur to Hyderabad.

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International Move

Active Packers & Movers

Ganesh Nagar, Rawatpur, Kanpur - 208019

4.8 Rated Based on 4 Reviews

Active Packers & Movers is one of the best moving companies offering residential as well as commercial shifting services in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. You can avail of Active Packers & Movers for affordable and reliable packing and moving services.

Recent Reviews by Jatin

Super happy wala experience with Active Packers & Movers. Transferred my goods from one home to another within Kanpur.

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Shani Logistics Packers And Movers

Shani Logistics Packers & Movers

Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208024

4.5 Rated Based on 15 Reviews

Shani Logistics Packers & Movers is one of the most reputable and experienced moving firms in Uttar Pradesh. The company offers very affordable packing and moving services in Kanpur, Allahabad, and other nearby cities. Be it a local move or a long-distance move, you can bank on this mover for reliable relocation services.

Recent Reviews by Manohar

A large thank you to Shani Logistics Packers & Movers. Without you, my Kanpur to Bangalore move would not have been successful. You guys safely transferred my goods.

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Best Movers and Packers

Nirvana Packers and Movers

116/651, Ganesh Nagar, Rawatpur, Kanpur - 208019

4 Rated

Nirvana Packers and Movers in Kanpur is a premium packing and moving company that offers an array of services. We aim to make your moving experience smooth, effortless, and stress-free. Share your move details with us to get a free custom quote for your move.

Recent Reviews by Mini

Nirvana Packers and Movers in Kanpur is a good mover. Of course, it took a little bit more time but I transferred my goods safely. I didn’t see any damage which is common in most moves. Thanks for the safe transfer of my goods.

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Kanpur Partner Verification

How to Hire the Best Packers and Movers in Kanpur

Looking for reliable packers and movers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, within your budget? Your solution is here at Moving Solutions. We've partnered with licensed, registered, and experienced moving companies. They can handle your move seamlessly and provide peace of mind.

At Moving Solutions, we understand the importance of finding a trustworthy packer and mover. That's why we've listed Kanpur's top 3 packers and movers with their reviews and ratings from past customers. Trust us to help you find the best packers and movers in Kanpur without any hassle or wasted time. We offer a simple and effective solution to your packers and movers booking needs in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Follow these steps to select Kanpur's best packers and movers and make your move a breeze:

Step 1: Submit a simple online quote form with your move details, name, mobile number, and email address. Your information is secure and used exclusively for processing your request.

Step 2: Receive details of the top three packers and movers via SMS and email, including company name, address, and mobile number.

Step 3: The recommended movers and packers will contact you shortly to provide a quote. Compare their services, rates, and reviews, and select the one that best meets your needs.

Step 4: Congratulations on selecting your packers and movers in Kanpur! Now, sit back, relax, and let them handle the complicated shifting process. Our partners are experienced, reliable, and dedicated to providing excellent service, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Why us to Hire Movers in Kanpur

What Sets Moving Solutions Apart from Others?

Why should you trust Moving Solutions to hire packers and movers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh? What traits distinguish Moving Solutions from other relocation service booking portals? So many valid points make us different from other relocation portals. Hence, trusting Moving Solutions to hire packers and movers in Kanpur can be a sensible choice for several reasons:

Impressive Numbers That Speak Volume

Moving Solutions is a well-established and reputable platform for connecting customers with packers and movers in Kanpur and other Indian cities. We have been in the relocation industry since 2006 and have a track record of serving customers with professionalism and reliability. Till now, we have assisted over one million individuals in relocating their homes. Our reliable relocation services cover more than 500 cities, with the assistance of top-rated packers and movers across the country. Our database boasts over 1000 verified moving companies as our partners. We take pride in having 98% satisfied customers.

Stringent Screening of Packers and Movers

At Moving Solutions, we have strict criteria for our partner packers and movers. We require them to be experienced, licensed, registered, competent, and reliable. We have a zero-tolerance policy for illegitimate moving companies. To ensure these qualities in our partners, we rigorously verify their credentials. We check their experience, background, reputation, and feedback from past customers. Additionally, we meticulously review their essential documents for proof, such as GST registration, trade license, PAN, and Aadhaar.

Privacy Protection

Your name, address, email, and mobile number are essential for us to provide quotes from our partner packers and movers. We highly value your privacy and guarantee the safety and security of your information. Rest assured, your data will only be used for processing your request, and it will remain completely secure with us.

Choice and Transparency

We at Moving Solutions are committed to excellence and provide you with multiple quotes from different pre-screened packers and movers. By having multiple quotes from different potential moving companies, you can compare prices and services. This transparency empowers you to make an informed decision to select a mover that best suits your needs.

User Friendly Platform

We at Moving Solutions understand how it feels when someone tries hard to find something but fails. That’s why we have developed this user-friendly portal. The portal is so easy to use that even a child can use this and hire the required relocation services. By using this distinctive relocation portal, you can conveniently request quotes, review offers, check reviews and ratings, and communicate with our partner packers and movers available in your city.

Genuine Customer Reviews

At Moving Solutions, you will find genuine customer reviews and ratings. We have developed a unique system to get genuine reviews and feedback. Only genuine users (customers) can write reviews because our portal requires Mobile OTP Verification. This means you will have fewer chances of fake reviews and ratings. By exploring reviews and ratings, you will have insights into the reputation, experience, and service quality of each moving company. For complete satisfaction, you can also check their reviews and ratings on Google Business.

Time and Cost Savings

Shortlisting local packers and movers in Kanpur, making several phone calls to them, and requesting a free quote from each moving company will consume your precious time. By using Moving Solutions, you can save a considerable amount of time that you would spend searching for legitimate packers and movers near you in Kanpur and comparing their quotes. If you use this portal, you can effortlessly book the right service provider within a few minutes. With the help of our easy-to-use platform, you will find competitive rates and grab the best deal.

Exclusive Customer Support

Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond just providing a service to book packers and movers. We are proud of our excellent customer support that you can access by chat, WhatsApp, email, toll-free, and mobile numbers. With our exclusive customer support, you can meet your relocation goals faster. Our customer support executive will quickly and correctly answer all your questions or concerns. With our exclusive customer support team by your side, you will experience a seamless and tension-free relocation. That’s not all. We also offer post-move support. We care most about your peace of mind.

How to Check the Genuineness and Professionalism of Packers and Movers in Kanpur

Here are some tips to help you check the genuineness and professionalism of packers and movers in Kanpur:

  • Obtain references from Moving Solutions: Get references of the top 3 companies from Moving Solutions. They provide pre-verified and qualified relocation companies in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, along with their contact details.
  • Visit the office in person: To verify the company's genuineness, personally visit their office. Confirm if the office is located at the given address and check for a valid company name on the signboard. Observe the behavior of the staff and how they treat you.
  • Conduct a thorough interview: When visiting the offices, ask the packers and movers various questions. Inquire about their license, transport permit, GST registration, and other certifications that establish their legitimacy. Request to see their vehicles and ask for references from past customers.
  • Schedule a pre-move survey: Ask the packers and movers to conduct a pre-move survey at your current location. This survey will help evaluate your relocation requirements, including the volume and weight of your belongings. A genuine company will provide written estimates, while a questionable company may hesitate to put their commitment on paper.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you are entrusting your move to genuine and professional packers and movers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Estimates of Packers and Movers Charges in Kanpur

How much it costs to hire packers and movers in Kanpur is not set in stone. The final bill you will receive for packing and moving services depends on many factors. The top factors are the distance, packing materials, transport type, move type, move size, timing, workforce, and the number of items that you want to move.

We can understand that you also want to have an idea of packers and movers charges in Kanpur so that you can make more informed decisions when comparing quotes from different companies. We can understand your concern. No worry! To help you we have designed some price charts that might help you know the approximate packers and movers rates in Kanpur for different services. Please refer to the following price tables to learn the price range of local shifting, intercity shifting, and warehousing services in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Standard Rates for Local House Shifting

Standard Rates for Local House Shifting Services in Kanpur

Move Size Labour Charge Packing Cost Transport Cost Total Cost
1 RK Rs. 600 - 700 Rs. 1160 - 2920 Rs. 1740 - 4380 Rs. 3500 - 8000
1 BHK Rs. 1200 - 1400 Rs. 1320 - 4240 Rs. 1980 - 6360 Rs. 4500 - 12000
2 BHK Rs. 2400 - 2800 Rs. 1840 - 5680 Rs. 2760 - 8520 Rs. 7000 - 17000
3 BHK Rs. 3000 - 3500 Rs. 3000 - 7000 Rs. 4500 - 10500 Rs. 10500 - 21000
4 BHK Rs. 3600 - 4200 Rs. 3560 - 8720 Rs. 5340 - 13080 Rs. 12500 - 26000
Standard Rates for Intercity Relocation Services

Standard Rates for Intercity Relocation Services in Kanpur

Move Type 100 - 350 km 350 - 750 km 750 - 1200 km 1200 - 1700 km 1700 - 2300 km 2300 - 3000 km
1 BHK Rs. 12000 - 22000 Rs. 14500 - 23500 Rs. 16000 - 26000 Rs. 19500 - 28000 Rs. 22000 - 31000 Rs. 24500 - 37500
2 BHK Rs. 16000 - 26000 Rs. 18500 - 29500 Rs. 21000 - 32000 Rs. 24000 - 37000 Rs. 28000 - 41000 Rs. 30000 - 47000
3 BHK Rs. 19000 - 30000 Rs. 22000 - 35000 Rs. 24500 - 39000 Rs. 28500 - 43000 Rs. 33000 - 49000 Rs. 36000 - 56500
4+ BHK/Villa Rs. 23500 - 35500 Rs. 27000 - 40000 Rs. 30000 - 46000 Rs. 35000 - 48500 Rs. 39000 - 56000 Rs. 42000 - 61000
Bike Transport Rs. 2500 - 5800 Rs. 3500 - 7000 Rs. 4500 - 9000 Rs. 6500 - 12000 Rs. 7000 - 12500 Rs. 8000 - 15000
Car Transport Rs. 5500 - 11000 Rs. 7500 - 14000 Rs. 9000 - 17000 Rs. 11000 - 20000 Rs. 13000 - 23000 Rs. 15000 - 26000

Storage and Warehousing Rates in Kanpur

Warehousing & Storage Storage Charges Approx. No. of Boxes
1 BHK Household Items Rs. 3,000 per month 20
2 BHK Household Items Rs. 4,000 per month 30
3 BHK Household Items Rs. 5,500 per month 40
4 BHK Household Items Rs. 6,500 per month 50
Small Box Rs. 300 per month NA
Medium Box Rs. 500 per month NA
Large Box Rs. 600 per month NA
Scooter/Bike storage Rs. 800 - 1,500 per month NA
Car storage (Hatchback) Rs. 2,500 - 3,200 per month NA
Car storage (Sedan) Rs. 3,200 - 4,000 per month. NA
Car storage (SUV) Rs. 4,200 - 5,200 per month NA

Please Note: To make sure your move goes smoothly and stays within your budget, you must get quotes from multiple moving companies. Get detailed discussions with movers about your unique moving needs, compare shifting charges, and make a correct decision. Select a mover that not only meets your needs but also offers a pricing structure that works best for you.

Packers and Movers Cost Affecting Factors

The cost of hiring a professional packers and movers company depends on many factors, including:

  • Distance: The distance between the current location and the destination is a major factor. Longer distances result in higher expenses due to fuel costs, tolls, and extra time required for transportation.
  • Packing Materials: The type and quantity of packing materials needed for the move can affect the overall cost. This includes boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and protective covers. Fragile or valuable items may require specialized packing materials, which can increase the cost.
  • Volume of Goods: The total volume or weight of the items you want to move also influences the cost. More goods will require larger vehicles or multiple trips, leading to higher charges.
  • Move Size: The size of the move, whether it is a small studio apartment or a large house, affects the cost. Larger moves generally require more manpower and resources, leading to higher charges.
  • Number of Items: The total number of items you want to move also plays a role in deciding the cost. If you have a small number of items to move, some moving companies may offer special packages or rates for such moves.
  • Moving Season: The time of the year can affect the cost of hiring packers and movers. The peak season, typically during the summer months or holidays, can be more expensive due to high demand.
  • Time of the Year: The specific time of year can also affect the cost. Moving during busy periods or on peak days, such as weekends or at the end of the month, may result in higher rates.
  • Transport Type: The type of transport used for the move, such as a small van or a larger truck, can affect the cost. Larger vehicles may require special permits or extra charges for tolls and parking.
  • Workforce: The number of workers needed for the move can influence the cost. More workers may be needed for larger moves or if there are unique requirements, such as disassembling and reassembling furniture.
  • Insurance: The cost of insurance coverage for the move can vary. Some companies include basic coverage in their package, while others may offer additional insurance options for valuable or fragile items.
  • Additional Services: Any extra services you need, such as unpacking, furniture assembly, vehicle transportation, or storage, can increase the overall cost of the move. These services require extra time, materials, or manpower.

What Our Customers Say

Priya Varma

Trust relocation portal

Moving Solutions is the name of the trust. Yes, I hired packers and movers through this portal many times and my experience was just the best. Even the team of Moving Solutions didn’t disappoint me when I shifted from Kanpur to Delhi as well. I got the best recommendation and support to make my move perfect. Thanks a ton!

Alena Barodawala

Shifting perfectly

Moving from Kanpur to Pune was not easy. I was not able to hire the packers and movers to make the shifting perfect. At that time, I got to know about Moving Solutions. Contacted them and asked for a suggestion. I didn’t even imagine how perfect and quick the team was. I experienced the best move and Moving Solutions made it for me. Thanks a lot!

Abhishek Agarwal

Experience shifting

I can’t even imagine planning my move without Moving Solutions. Really, finding the best packers and movers without their assistance was not possible. You people showed me how to be good to better with time. My last move within Kanpur was successful just because of you. It was not easy as I had bigger furniture, lots of paintings and more. But your recommended packers and movers made it the best. Thank you team to be there always for me!

Vivek Singh

Appreciable job

My move from Kanpur to Chennai was awesome. I gave the full credit to Moving Solutions for it. I got the best recommendations of packers and movers from them. Also, when I asked anything, the team answered that immediately. The customer support was really appreciable. I love to take their services for my future moves as well.

Kunal Kumar

I loved their services

I shifted my office within Kanpur. It was the best experience for me. I just contacted Moving Solutions for the recommendation. I got it and didn’t need to think about anything. The moving company was professional and took care of everything. I loved their services. Thank you, Moving Solutions for suggesting the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I trust Moving Solutions to hire packers and movers in Kanpur?

    You should trust Moving Solutions to hire packers and movers in Kanpur because of many reasons. The top reasons are a list of verified packers and movers, an easy-to-use platform, bespoke relocation services, exceptional customer support, post-move support, and assistance in resolving any issues with our partner moving companies.

  • The average cost of hiring packers and movers in Kanpur is Rs. 6000 for a local move and Rs. 32,000 for an intercity move.

  • Our partner moving companies in Kanpur offer many additional services apart from the core relocation services. Some value-added services include furniture assembly, furniture disassembly, utility installation, utility uninstallation, luggage transportation, pet relocation, single-item moving, customs clearance on international moves, and transit insurance coverage.

  • Moving is expensive. However, you can make it affordable by taking certain steps to minimize the overall relocation cost. Some ways are as follows:

    • Get rid of anything that you no longer need
    • Consider DIY packing or partial packing
    • Arrange free moving boxes from the nearby grocery store
    • Unpack the goods yourself upon arrival at the destination
    • Arrange packing materials from friends and family
    • De-clutter all your household/office belongings
  • Some non-transportable items include hazardous materials, perishable foods, open liquids, important documents, medications, jewelry, valuables, collectibles, firearms, household cleaners, flammable items, and gas cylinders. Ask your movers for a better idea of the items that you should not pack or they will not transport.

  • Not hiring packers and movers in Kanpur will lead to many disadvantages and challenges. Potential drawbacks of not hiring moving services include risk of damage, time consumption, logistical challenges, no insurance coverage, stress, anxiety, hidden expenses, packing difficulty, unorganized move, damage to property, risk of injury, and several unpredictable challenges.

  • You will have many benefits from the top packers and movers in Kanpur. The major benefits are efficient packing, time-saving, proper packing materials, no heavy lifting, customized services, reliability, less stress, well-equipped vehicles, minimal risk of damage to goods, insurance coverage, and several value-added services.

  • Some red flags to watch out for when hiring packers and movers in Kanpur are lack of proper documentation, no physical address, unprofessional communication, no in-person assessment of your belongings, asking for a large upfront payment, unrealistic low estimates, not providing receipts, unclear or vague contracts, no insurance coverage, no vehicle identification, excessive negative reviews and complaints, multiple name changes, and unmarked trucks.

  • Yes, our packers and movers in Kanpur also offer warehousing or storage facilities for household and commercial goods. Some of our partners also offer storage facilities for boxes, documents, bikes, and cars.

  • In general cases, professional packers and movers in Kanpur levy 3% of the total value of the declared items in transit.

  • The GST rate on packers and movers in Kanpur is 18% for the complete shifting service and 5% for the transport-only service.