How to Pack a Big Screen TV For Moving

How to Pack a Big Screen TV For Moving?

It is very important to pack your belongings securely when you are moving with entire household goods from one city to another. There are different types of items in a household and each requires to be packed using different packing materials and methodologies. Similarly, with appliances also you should use the right packing method to pack the appliances to transport. Your TV is a fragile item that requires utmost care and special attention while packing. This is something that offers a unique set of challenges but, with some tips and advices you will be able to pack your big screen TV easily. So, here's the best method to pack your TV, all you need to do is to follow the advices carefully to pack the big screen TV for moving.

What you will need

  • Packing tapes
  • Carton box (right size)
  • Padding or moving blankets
  • Moving straps
  • Colorful tapes
  • Marker


  • Start your preparation to pack your big screen TV by taking pictures of the back side of your TV. The pictures will help you to know which cord will go where while setting up it on the new location. Print the photos and stick it with TV box, so that you can take the help of these pictures to setting up the TV. Also, don't just rely on this print outs, you should keep the backup of the photos in your laptop or tablet just in case you lost the photographs.
  • Label the various cables with the color of input in the TV. Use electrical tapes or painter's tape to label the cords. Just wrap the tape around the cord matching with the input on which the cord will go. 
  • If you don't have the original box then, get a moving box of right size. Measure the height and width of your TV and find such box to pack your TV. Also, packing the cords and remote along with your TV can damage the TV. So, get another box to pack the remote and cords separately.

Get help

As you know your TV is a fragile item which needs utmost care while packing so, you should get help or assistance from your friends or family member. So, ask any of your family member or friend to help you while packing the television.

Use original TV box

The best way to pack your TV is to pack in the original box. The original boxes are already well-cushioned box that prevent the item from breaking. But, if you do not have original boxes then, get the right size box. Take the measure of your TV and get find the most suitable match.

Prepare the box

You don't need to prepare the original box of the television but, if you are using a simple carton box then, make it well-cushioned with paddings and moving blankets. You can also use old towels of small blankets for providing enough cushion for the television.

Start packing

Flat-panel TVs are continue to become light and  thinner but, don't let this part to fool you while packing your TV. You are having an extremely fragile item on your hand to pack and move so, you need to be extra careful while packing it. And when you have 50” TV then, it is becomes even tougher for the owner to handle it. But, with the following tips you will be able to pack your fragile big screen TV easily and can move it safely and securely at your new house.

  • Pack the TV using an appropriate box. If you have the original box with protective foam in it then, you can directly pack the TV in the box which will protect your television from damages and breakages. But, if you don't have the original one then, wrap the television with moving blankets and provide enough cushioning in the box to protect your television.
  • Unplug Unplug the TV and remove the cord from the television if possible and then, remove any accessories attached to the cord like DVD player. Pack the cords and cables separately in different box and do not leave the cords in the TV as it can damage the TV or the cord attachment points.
  • Clean Now as you have removed the cords and cables you should clean your TV. Cleaning your TV before packing it will help you to save time on cleaning when you will unpack and set up your TV in the new place.
  • Put TV in the original packaging Take out the protective packaging inside the box and put it back on your TV to pack it safely again in the box. As it's the original box of your television so, it will fit perfectly.
  • Wrap the TV if you don't have original box Use moving blankets or bubble wrap to cover your LED or big screen TV. Do not use bubble wrap directly on your TV as it can stick on the screen and damage it. Use packing sheets before your wrap the bubble wrap around the television.
  • Put the TV in the box Slid the TV into the box and make sure it is placed correctly. To ensure there will be no movement within the box use some bubble wraps or packaging sheets. You can also cover the top of the box with moving blankets to prevent the TV from damages.
  • Seal the moving box Now, finally seal and secure the box with an adequate amount of packing tape. Your TV is ready to be moved.

Follow the exact instruction that are mentioned above to pack your TV properly and move it safely to the desired location without any damages. But, for this task you can prefer hiring professional movers and packers after all they are professionals who are well aware of the right packing methodologies and can provide you safe and smooth relocation experience.

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