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Packing Guide for Washing Machine

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Washing Machine Packing Tips

Home shifting is a tedious and chaotic task as the relocator has to pack the entire household goods while shifting from one place to another. Packing the appliances is easy task when you have their original boxes and know the right packing techniques. But, do not worry if you don’t have the original box of your washing machine or are not aware of the right packing methodologies. Here is the packing guide we are sharing for you to pack your washing machine, so that you can move it safely while relocating your home.

What you’ll need:

  • Carton box
  • Packing sheets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Padding supplies
  • Adjustable spanner and wrenches
  • Heavy duty packaging tape
  • Zippered plastic bags

Start by finding the manual

With every home appliance you will get a user manual. This helps the owner to assemble the appliance or disassemble it when needed. And every model is different also hence, we recommend people to read the owner’s manual to check what the manufacturer has recommended to assemble and disassemble the washing machine.

Gather supplies

As you know without the packing materials and tools, you cannot disassemble the washing machine so; gather all the necessary packing supplies.


Clean it before you start packing. You can use many techniques to clean your washing machine such as hot water and vinegar mixture would be a fantastic idea to clean it. This will help to remove the soap or detergent very well from the machine. Taken a cotton cloth or towel to clean the interior of the machine and leave it opened to dry out.


Turn off the water supply taps and pump of the machine and then, unplug it property from the power point. Now, take out all the accessories and fittings.

Detach hoses

Now, you should carefully detach the hoses of the machine and put it directly into a sink or a bucket to drain away any leftover water. Then, remove the hoses.

Detach drain hose

Now, repeat the same process with drain hose to remove it from the machine.

Pack the machine

  • Well, there are actually two types of washing machines one is front loading and another is top loading. You will have to secure the machine drum properly to prevent the machine from rotating during the transit. Before putting the machine into the box, prepare the box properly by providing enough padding for the machine. Use furniture blanket, or other padding supplies. If not then, just follow the owner’s or user manual instructions as per the top-loading or front-loading washing machines.
  • If you have top-loading washing machine then, make sure the lids shut properly and if not then, use packing tapes to tape the lids to shut it properly. If the lids are removable then, detach it and use bubble wrap to pack the lid safely and then, place it on the top of the washing machine in the moving box.
  • If you have front-loading machine then, close the door properly and can also use tape to secure the door. Use heavy duty packaging tapes to secure the lid and electrical cords of the washing machine properly.
  • Use bubble wraps and packing sheets to wrap your washing machine before packing it in the moving box. Instead of this you can also use furniture blankets to wrap it around the washing machine. Secure the blankets or bubble wraps with an adequate amount of packing tapes and check once again if the machine is covered properly.
  • You are almost done now, you just have to put the machine into the moving box and secure it with packing tapes. Ask your friends or someone’s help to get the machine into the box. Your machine is ready to move.

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