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How to Pack Your Child's Toys and Books?

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Tips to Pack Your Child's Toys

Relocation is a tough and stressful task for the entire family but, especially for kids. Although, people don't always think about them first but, children often feel anxious or insecure about the move. That's why you should involve your kids in packing their rooms.

Children’s sometimes feel tough to understand the packing concept. They think that if their toys or belongings will get pack they will never going to see them again. So, you should involve your children too in the packing process. Let them understand that is important to pack their toys and other belongings in order to keep the safe from damages or breakages. Make them a part of the fun family project by asking them to help you in packing process.

Here's a simple guide for packing kid's toys, books and other belongings

Sort the toys or books

You should start the packing process with sorting session. Try to get rid of the old toys and also books that your kids have probably collected throughout their childhood. They might have no idea about these toys that they are still having them.

These are goods that can be donated to charity the toys and the books that your children don't use anymore, you can donate the story books, alphabet books, etc.

So, sort the belongings of your kids to know what are the essential goods that you will take along with you in your home and what you should donate to charity.

Choose the right boxes

It is always advisable to choose the right box for packing the goods. It is easy to pack all the toys in a large box and throw it on the moving truck to relocate but, you may want to use the smaller box to pack the toys so that they will be packed tightly together.

There are some toys that have fragile items or many parts so, such goods needs to be packed separately in a small box using bubble wrap. If you think you have toys with fragile parts then, use bubble wrap for padding and prevent them from breakage.

Prepare the boxes

Prepare the boxes first, before placing the toys in the box. Use rolled up packing sheets for cushioning and you can also use towels or bubble wrap. You should provide extra cushioning for the toys like action figures, dolls or any other items that no longer have boxes.

Pack soft toys in bag

You don't need to pack the teddy bears or any other soft toys in a carton box as they are not fragile. You can simply use traveling bags or a sturdy garbage bag will be a good option for packing soft toys.

Tape-down the boxed items

The toys that have their original boxes are need to be taped down securely before putting them in the large box, so that the goods will not fall down or lost in transit. You should use masking tape instead of packing tapes for easy removal, because packing tapes are difficult to remove and this may damage the toys.

Pack hardcover books

When you are packing hardcover books in a box make sure the box are sturdy enough to bear the loads of the books. Place the hardcover books standing up on the spine of the box's side just like the way you place it on a bookshelf.

Secure the boxes

Pack the toys and books separately in other boxes. Secure the boxes by sealing it with packing tapes. Use an adequate amount of packing tapes to secure the boxes from top, bottom and sides so that the goods will not fall or spill out from the box during the move.

Label the boxes

Lastly, don't forget to mark or label the boxes. You can use a colorful or black marker to mark the box that what does it contain. You can mark the box by writing kid's room or toys and books, etc.

Relocation is also one of the best times to get rid of old goods by helping others. You can donate the toys that your kids no longer play with and rest of his belongings should be packed by following the aforementioned packing tips to relocate safely and securely at the new destination.

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