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How to Pack and Move Your Air Conditioner?

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How to Pack and Move Your Air Conditioner?

Are you shifting to a new city? Worried about the proper packaging of your valuable electrical appliances? If yes then this article is apt for you, as it discusses the right manner in which the air conditioning unit must be packed. Perhaps, the packing is not much detailed but what matters is the way in which it is done. And, it is only a professional moving company that can carry out this task with absolute ease and care.

Steps to pack and move your air conditioner

  • Unplug and drain- The first step towards moving your air conditioner is to first drain it. This is one of the inevitable steps that cannot be overlooked. You will have to unplug the unit and drain the collected water in it. True that not all air conditioners collect water but if yours has a water collecting dish in it, then you better dry it all. In fact, after you have located the water drainage point, it is better to clean the entire unit.
  • Detach and dolly- You must know that AC units are very heavy. It would need expertise and proper knowledge to handle it the right way, which only professionals possess. In this step, the moving experts will unscrew the unit carefully especially if it’s on a window sill. Plus, they have the required tools and devices to detach the unit including grip gloves, screwdrivers, and thick cloth to soak water, dolly to move your AC to be loaded in the truck, a sturdy bag to keep your removable parts stored.  Also, they will take complete care of the hose of the AC or the point from where the hot air escapes.
  • Re-sealing the window- After you have unplugged the AC unit, your window will have a gap, which requires to be filled. If your windows do not have any window openers then they must be made of cardboard, Styrofoam or maybe plastic. What you can do is to keep these parts safely with you and use them at the time of installing the unit at the window of your new home. Thus, makes sure to re-seal the window properly.
  • Packing the unit- When it comes to packing the AC unit, you have to be extra careful. While loading the unit into the truck, you will realize how important it is to drain and clean it. Of course, you would not want to make your other household stuff wet with collected water inside the AC.  The professional packers and movers will pack your AC in a box with a proper padding of Styrofoam and for that matter, they might also use bubble sheets to wrap it. To add on, they will try taping the detachable parts of the AC with it only. Though, sliding it in the box then will be slightly challenging but once it is in, it will keep all the parts safe and at one place.
  • Reinstalling at the destination- After you have moved to your new house successfully, you will have to reinstall the AC unit. Here, you will have to choose the window at which you want to install the unit and also check how to seal the window properly, so that the right temperature within the room is maintained.

After the air conditioner has been packed in the box, it is essential to label the box so that you do not get confused with the other packed various boxes. Note that, packing of such an electrical appliance requires the knowledge of a professional and if you do it yourself, you might end up causing damage to your unit. It is sure that you would not want a serious damage to your expensive machine, isn’t it? Thus, keep no doubts and approach a professional moving and packing company in your city. Have a safe moving!

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