How to Safely Pack Plates

How to Safely Pack Plates, Saucer and Flat China for Moving?

Packing your stuff during home shifting makes you aware of just how many fragile items you have in your house. While packing the fragile items one has to be very careful and attentive otherwise even a single mistake can cost a lot. Fragile goods are mostly expensive and delicate too hence, you should take care of your fragile items especially the kitchen items like dishes, plates, saucer or flat china. If you are planning to pack your belongings by yourself then, here's step-by-step packing guide for fragile kitchen items which will help you to pack your plates, saucer or flat china properly for a safe relocation.

Gather right supplies

As you know you will be packing different items that differs from each other in shapes and sizes so you will need different moving boxes and other packing supplies. Before you start packing the fragile items you should gather all the packing supplies like carton boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, packing tapes, bubble wraps, moving blankets, disposable plates (not mandatory), and packing sheets.

Prepare the moving boxes

As you know that dishes, plates or flat chinas are heavy in weight so, you need to prepare the box to make it sturdy enough to load the items. Before you start putting the items in the new box or old one, reinforce the bottom with packing tape. Put some layers of packing tapes and test it by pushing the bottom with your hand.

This way, you will gather all the essentials to pack your kitchen fragile items now let's see how to pack every kitchen items separately.


  1. You should use dishpack to pack the dishes and plates for moving. Dishpacks are a bit sturdy than moving boxes.
  2. Take 2-3 packing sheets and then, place the dish or plate on the corner of the packing sheet and start wrapping the plate.
  3. After this, cover the plates with bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape. Do not directly use bubble wraps on your plates and it can stick on it and can damage the coating of the plates.
  4. Now, put the plates into the box with enough cushion in it. Use moving blankets or bubble wraps to provide padding for the plates or dishes.
  5. Start wrapping the plates and stacking it inside the box. While stacking the plates you can also use disposable plates in between each dishes to prevent it from damages.
  6. If there is any empty space in the box fill it up with linens, towels of bubble wraps.
  7. Secure the box using packing tape and mark it as “FRAGILE” with bold letters.


  1. Like your plates or dishes you need to wrap your saucers and pack it safely in the moving box
  2. Place the saucers on the corner of packing sheets and start raping it. Secure it with packing tape.
  3. Use a small-sized moving box to pack your saucers.
  4. Put a layer of crumbled papers or rolled up packing sheets in the moving box and then, place and stack the saucer in the moving box. 
  5. Fill up any spaces with bubble wraps or crumbled papers so that there will be no movements inside the box.
  6. Secure the box with an adequate amount of packing tape.

Flat/Fine China

  1. Place your flat china in the packing paper, make sure the packing sheet should be large enough to completely cover the item.
  2. Wrap the packing sheet around your flat china and then cover it with bubble wrap for extra caution.
  3. Choose the right size cardboard boxes for your flat china and make sure the box is big enough for the plates to fit snugly.
  4. Roll up packing sheets and layer it on the box and wall/sides of the box before placing the items in the box.
  5. Provide enough padding inside the box with moving blankets or bubble wrap.
  6. Place the items inside the box one by one and fill up any empty space within the box with packing sheets or bubble wraps.
  7. Secure the box with packing tapes.

By following the aforementioned packing methods and tips you will be able to pack all your plates/dishes, flat china or saucers properly and move them safely without any damages. And if you think packing such fragile items has risk then, you can hire professional packers and movers who can not only help you to pack your household items but, will provide you safe and hassle-free relocation experience.

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