Well, professionals do not recommend you to move your stove by yourself, if yet you have decided to move your stove by yourself then, you should know the right packing tricks and techniques to pack and move the item safely. Due to utility connections, glass or ceramic tops, intricate parts or polished finishes, stoves and ranges are easily damaged in a move. That’s why it is important to pack it in the right way to relocate it safely without any damages. Here’s the right method to pack and move your stove with the tips of special handling it requires.

What you will need to move stove, range, oven or wood stove

  • Someone to help you
  • A dolly
  • Rope
  • Moving blankets
  • Sheets of plywood
  • Screwdriver
  • Work gloves


Before you start packing your item you should perform a heavy-duty cleaning. Take a sponge or washrag with mild detergent to clean your stove so that it will become free of grease and residue.

Remove all the detachable parts such as the knobs, drip pans, plug in coils, oven racks and broiler pans so that you can easily clean these parts and the stove also. After cleaning all the items you can put them separately in a zip lock plastic bag.

As you have already cleaned and packed the detachable items of your stove now, it’s time to clean the stove, for this you can read the instructions in the owner’s manual. Read it carefully and clean your oven or stove as needed.

Ask for help to disconnect the stove or oven

All the high voltage electrical ovens, ranges or gas connections must be handled with expert care. If you are not hiring any professional for this then, you can ask for help to your friends or neighbors who are experienced in this.

Pack the item

Use tape to secure all the cords or gas pipe to body of the gas or stove with packing tapes or tie-up with rope. Shut the doors so that it won’t disturb you while packing and loading the item.

Use bubble wrap

If you have gas with glass top then, it is a fragile item that requires utmost care while packing. Wrap the bubble around the stove or cover the oven or stove with moving blankets to prevent it from damages.

Put it in the dolly

If your gas stove or range is too heavy that cannot be moved by you then, use a dolly to move the gas r you can also use the moving strap to move the item to load into the moving truck. But, as the item is fragile so it can be risky. If you have to encounter stairs then, make sure you have someone to help you to slowly and safely descend with the heavy load.

Though you can pack the item with the help of your family member or friends but, packing and moving heavy and delicate item like gas, oven or stove requires expert’s assistance. So, you should book professional movers and packers to pack and transport your item without any damages.

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