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While making a move we are surrounded with great responsibility of taking each and everything safe and secure to the next destination. Talking about the fragile items that are of high monetary value as well, then it is really a complex task to safely relocate it to the next destination.

We all have that special set of china, family heirloom, or fragile glass figurine that we want to ensure remains safe during our next move. Getting the items in two pieces at the destination is one of the things that people fear most about moving.

Often, these delicate pieces also have sentimental value which makes it even more devastating if they are damaged. While the fragile items in the moving truck they are under the bumpy ride.

We at Movingsolutions.in are mentioning here few tips that would definitely help you in shifting the delicate and highly breakable items safe to the next place.

Learn Tips on How to Pack Fragile Items Effectively While Moving Home

  • Proper Packing: For packing the fragile items effectively, you will need packing paper, bubble wrap, brown paper tape and cushioning materials. The golden rule for safe relocation of fragile items is packing and keeping it properly in moving box and the moving truck too. You’ll want to go above and beyond when packing delicate items. The secret tip for safe packing is first of all wrap the items twice in bubble wrap and once you are done with that then wrap it in wrapping paper. Finally, seal the layers with a little bit of tape. This ensures that your fragile items stay nice and tightly wrapping during the process of moving and don’t break while being loaded, unloaded, or in transit.
  • Cushioning: This is another important aspect of packing fragile items. Add paper to the top and bottom of the box as cushioning. Crinkle up a few pieces of packing paper and add it to the bottom of your box before you add any delicate items and once you finish packing your box. Along with this add another layer of cushioning to the box to ensure the item may not move inside the box and reach to the next destination safe.
  • Label Boxes: Labeling is one of the very important part of packing and especially when there are fragile items included in the move. If packers and movers are loading and unloading your things that are being packed by you, then it is necessary that they must know the content inside the box is fragile. Along with noting that the box is fragile, you should also list the contents on the outside of the box so that you’ll know what’s in it when you start unpacking.
  • Space: You must leave an inch of space in the top of the moving box. It is because, if your fragile items are packed at the top of the box and a heavier box is placed on top of it, your item could be cracked or seriously damaged. If there will be an inch of extra space in moving box then it will prevent your item from damage.

Although these tips are really very simple, but when implemented it can make a huge difference. If you don’t want to see your delicate darlings in two pieces at the destination then these tips must be followed by you.

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