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How to Pack Sculptures for Safe Relocation?

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How to Pack Sculptures for Safe Relocation?

During home shifting from one city to another, the relocator has to pack all the household items. Every household item is different in shapes and sizes, which requires different methodologies to pack and relocate. Since sculptures vary widely in terms of size, shape, weight and delicacy people find it very difficult to pack and move. But, with a little planning one can be able to pack the sculptures easily and safely. Here we are discussing the general guidelines for packing sculptures for moving.

What you will need

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing sheets
  • Shredded paper
  • Sturdy cardboard boxes
  • Custom wooden crate for sculptures

Step-by-step packing guide for sculptures

Step 01: The first thing that you should do is to wrap the top half of sculptures. Wrap the bubble wrap around the sculpture several times. The layer you will be using to prevent the sculpture from damages depends upon the form and fragility of the item. But, always pay attention while packing the item especially the delicate part of the sculpture. Once you are done, secure the bubble wrap with tape.

Step 02: Now, wrap the bubble wrap all around the sculpture to cover it completely and seal it with packing tape. Sculptures are large in sizes so, it will take several coating of bubble wrap.

Step 03: Again use the bubble wrap and wrap it around the bottom half of the sculpture several times. Make sure the sculpture is covered properly with the bubble wrap. Cut the bubble wrap and secure the cut edge with packing tape.

For the sculptures less than 12” in height and weighs less than 5 lbs, you should use sturdy cardboard boxes. If the sculptures weigh more than 5lbs and height is more than 12” then, you should pack them in a custom wooden crate for their safety. And if you are done with your wooden crate for the sculptures then, proceed to step no.4.

Step 04: Before you place the wrapped sculptures inside the box or crate you need to provide enough cushioning to the items inside the box by placing shredded papers. You can also use moving blankets or towels to provide padding for the sculptures. If you are using cardboard box then, reinforce the bottom of the box with enough packing tapes. And if you are using crate then, make sure the crate is should be larger than the sculpture itself and use shredded paper to fill any gaps inside the box.

Step 05: If you are packing your sculptures in cardboard box then, secure the opening securely with packing tapes. For crates you should use screws to close the lid instead of glue, as removing the screws will be easier for you at the time of opening.

Step 06: Now label the box to know which side is the top and bottom of the box by writing “THIS SIDE UP” or you can also draw an upward pointing arrow. Also mark the box with “Fragile”.

If you are moving your sculptures then, follow the aforementioned instructions appropriate for your work. As we have discussed the packing method of sculptures for both moving box and crate you can follow the right one as per your work. After this what you need to do is to call the professional and experienced movers and packers and enjoy safe and happy relocation.

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