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Quick Clothing Packing Methods

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Quick Clothing Packing Methods

Are you shifting to Pune for a better lifestyle? Thinking of the right ways to pack your clothing? If yes then you are certainly at the right place. This blog has for you the tips and methods in which you can pack & move your clothes safely. Whether it is your new little black dress, tapered jeans, hats, glasses or designer bags, you will be able to ship it all with utmost care after going through the below discussed packing methods.

Types of clothing methods

  • Wardrobe boxes- Packing the clothes on hangers will be challenging if you do not have good quality of wardrobe boxes. These boxes are just perfect for the clothes that tend to wrinkle easily, as you can hang them as it as in the wardrobe box. You can find such special boxes online or ask the moving experts that you have hired for it.
  • Cardboard boxes- These types of boxes are ideal to pack the folded clothes. You can simply place the pile of your folded clothes in the box. The best thing is that the cardboard boxes are very easy to find. You can find them in your nearby departmental store or just any other store that you think might have cardboard boxes. Usually, the grocery stores offer these boxes without charging anything, which means that you are going to save your pennies here.
  • Vacuum bags- Vacuum or compression bags are good to keep the clothes in a condensed form, which actually saves the space. These reusable bags will keep your clothes protected and in perfect state. To buy compression bags, you can visit a departmental store that keeps a good variety of household stuff.
  • Duffel bags- Indeed, you must be having these duffel bags already in your cupboard. You can use them to keep your shoes and folded clothes. It is better to roll the T-shirts, jeans etc. and then keep them in the bag. This way, you will be able to slide in more clothes in less space.
  • Suitcases- Suitcases are that one storage case where you can store any type of clothes except the ones on hangers. Right from your shoes, shirts, top, jeans and makeup products, you can keep anything and everything in a suitcase. Since suitcases come in different sizes, you should buy one keeping the quantity of your goods in mind. Try to avoid using extra-large suitcases, as it will be a problem for you to carry them then.

Besides the above mentioned clothing packing methods, you can try keeping folded clothes in the drawers, make use of old shoe-box, pack the suitcases and other bags with a layer of packing sheet and you can pack your junk and gold/diamond jewelry in small plastic bags. Likewise, you can stuff in the household items wherever think you can, considering the safety of the goods.

De-cluttering and donating the clothes

It is always good to de-clutter your wardrobe and get rid of the clothes that you wear no more. Carrying the worn out clothes will only make your luggage bulkier. Thus, you better dispose the tattered clothes and donate the gently-used clothes. To donate, you can visit any good charitable institutions or just take a walk around a slum area and distribute the clothes there. Also, there is a new concept of ‘charity wall’ in the residential societies wherein, the residents hang the less used clothes on the wall. The wall further allows anybody and everybody who is not well-off, to take home the hanging clothes. So, there are a lot of ways to donate the old clothes and ease down the burden of carrying them with you. In addition to this, you can also think of selling your clothes and make money through it. For this, you can visit your nearest consignment store or conduct a yard sale to get away with the clothes.  

Nonetheless, hiring a professional packers and movers will be the finest solution for you to get your clothes packed. The moving experts have the right knowledge of packing the goods in the right way. Thus, pack your clothes yourself or take the assistance of the household shifting company to relocate hassle-free. Happy moving!

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