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How to Pack Your CDs, DVDs and Software Discs?

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How to Pack Your CDs, DVDs and Software Discs?

Though in this age of MP3 and MPEG, there are many people who still have the collection of DVDs and CDs of our favorite musics or movies. And if not this then, some of us definitely have the software discs at our home which needs to be move safely without any damages. During home relocation one has to pack all his belongings with safety to relocate them safe and sound. CDs and DVDs are one of the fragile items of your household items that needs be packed with utmost care for moving. Here's a packing guide for packing DVDs, CDs and software discs for moving.

For this you will need:

  • Packing sheets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Small carton
  • Packing tapes

Step-by-step method for packing CDs and DVDs

Step 01: Get 2-cubic-foot or small cartons to pack your CDs and DVDs. If you have many collection then, you may require two or three carton box but, use small cartons and then, you can put them together into a larger box.

Step 02: Prepare the boxes by taping the bottom of the box. The bottom should be taped really well, since these are heavier items. So, closing the bottom of the box with adequate amount of packing tapes will prevent the CDs or DVDs from falling or spilling out of the box while lifting up or moving.

Step 03: Try to use the original packing of your CDs and DVDs to pack them for moving. Pack the CDs or DVDs in their original cases if you have, before packing them in the moving box to relocate. If you don't have their original cases then, you use a tissue to cover the CD and use bubble wrap around the CDs or CDs cases and secure it with packing tapes.

Step 04: Now, stack the CDs and DVDs in a row in the bottom of the box just like you put them on the shelf but, before you stack the items in the box provide enough cushioning by using crumbled papers or bubble wraps. To save on bubble wraps you can use your old clothes, towels or small blankets to provide padding to your CDs and DVDs.

Step 05: Once you are done with stacking the CDs or DVDs now, put another layer of packing sheets or bubble wraps to cover the top of the box. Any empty spaces inside the box should be filled with crushed papers to keep everything from shifting around

Step 06: Secure the moving box with adequate amount of packing tape and finish the packing with labeling the box with its name and the place where it will go.

Moving with entire household goods is one of the most challenging task especially when you are very concern of the safety of your belongings. If you will follow the aforementioned tips then, you will be able to pack your CDs, DVDs and software discs very easily and to move them safely to the desired location you should hire professional packers and movers agency. As you have already packed your belongings then, you just need movers' assistance to transport the goods and this will also help you to save money during home shifting. So, search for a reliable moving company and enjoy safe and smooth move.

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