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How to Pack Small Home Appliances?

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How to Pack Small Home Appliances?

Moving to a new city? Is packing giving you a hell lot worries? If yes then here is the answer for you. This article talks about the right style in which you should pack your small home appliances. Usually, packing doesn’t seem to be a problem but the ideal way to do it is what poses to be a challenge for the homeowners. It is true that there are a number of professional packers and movers available online but you must know that not all are genuine. However, once you have hired the moving experts, you can remain worry-free when it comes to packing the household appliances. They will handle it all!

Though hiring professionals is a good idea but if you wish to save money then you can give DIY packing a try. Discussed below are the ideas to pack some of your important home appliances carefully and hassle-free. Read on further to know more about them.

Packing ideas for small home appliances

  • Silverware- If you have many silverware items then it might be a problem for you to sort them out at the time of packing. Thus, it is better to sort them out during the packing phase only, by putting them into different categories according to their type. You can then tie together each type of silverware with a rubber band and then place them all in a cardboard box. You can make use of shoeboxes for this purpose.
  • Pots & pans- Packing pots and pans can be difficult if you do not have the right size of the box. To find the right box size, what you can do is to place the largest size of pan diagonally and horizontally in the box. If it fits well and the lid is placed right then the box is just perfect for your pans. You can then place all the other smaller pans on it. When it comes to the lids, you will have to wrap them with a plastic sheet first and then place them in the same box or take another box to keep them safely. Since the lids have a glass, you need to put them very carefully.
  • Dinnerware-Dinnerware contains the maximum of breakable plates that are to be kept very sensibly. Here, what you should do is keeping a paper plate between two glass plates to avoid the collision during transit. If you do not have paper plates then plastic sheet or a packing paper will also work. Bubble wraps are also considered to be the best material for packing the paper plates while you may use crop tops and T-shirts to wrap the coffee mugs and other wine glasses.
  • Hair dryer- Hair dryer is one of those electrical home appliance that needs to be packed in a very tidy manner. Do not place the dryer with your other cosmetics especially with the combs. If your comb has any hair stuck in its teeth then it might get entangled in your hair dryer also. It is better to wrap the dryer in any of your T-shirts, pillow cover or any other cotton fabric. Avoid using a towel for this purpose, as the fur of towel is likely to get into the holes of the dryer.
  • Iron- To pack iron, you can simply use a plastic sheet or a bubble wrap so that the ironing surface doesn’t get hit by any other goods.  You can keep the iron with other small appliances like hair dryer, chargers etc.

Besides the above mentioned appliances, you can use the similar kind of packing style to pack other appliances. If you think that packing the appliances yourself is not possible then it is better to not take chances and give a call to the professionals. To get the finest moving company, you need to browse through the internet, shortlist a few companies, check out their range of services and then compare the prices. Comparing the prices will help you in getting the best deal in turn, saving your money. You much read the customer testimonials of that company, which will give you a clear idea of the quality of its services, nature of the team and the fulfillment of claims made by it. Hire the best packers and movers and make your move hassle-free.

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