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Tips and tricks To Pack & Move Your Beds

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Tips and tricks To Pack & Move Your Beds

Are you ready to shift? Is your household stuff packed? Thinking to pack and move your beds but facing problems? If yes then you are at the right page. Here discussed are the right ways to get your beds moving without causing any damage to them.

The first step towards moving the bed is to remove the mattresses. Yes, you first need to pack the mattresses safely and then move on to pack the bed frame. Below mentioned are two different types of mattress set and the way in which they should be packed. Read on further-

  1. King size mattress set Packing and moving a king size bed is not as challenging as it sounds. In fact, it is simpler than packing other sized beds. Notice that a king size bed has two box springs that are placed together in a set pattern and has mattresses over them. You will first have to remove all the pillows, as they are to be packed separately. If your bed boxes have fragile items in them then you can put the bed sheet and pillows inside it. The bedding will serve as a padding for your items kept in the box. Using a mattress bag to pack the mattress will be a good idea and the professional movers & packers that you have hired can provide you the same, if you do not have. When it comes to loading the king-size mattress then you should place it flat in the truck or the moving van. Try to avoid folding the mattress, so that the filling inside doesn’t shift.
  2. Queen size mattress set Here, the task of moving a queen size can pose to be difficult, as it has a box spring of one piece. Again, you will first have to remove the pillows and linens before starting with its packing. You can then slide in the mattress in the mattress bag and place it flat in the goods carrier or a moving truck. Keeping it in a standing position or sideways will move is foam inside. Thus, it is better to keep it flat. Also, you must avoid strapping the mattress to the roof of your car because it can cause problem in driving and to others on the road. Thus, whether it is a short distance or long distance, keep the mattress in the moving van only.

How to move a bed frame?

After you have packed the mattresses, it is the time to make the bed frame ready to move. You have to start it by disassembling the bed frame and then taking the pictures of the frame both before and after disassembling. In fact, you can make a video of how the bed frame was disassembled, so that you don’t forget the same at the time of re-assembling it in your new house. All the hardware objects should be placed in a plastic zip pouch and then place the frame in the blanket. You can also use the plastic and bubble sheets to keep the bed frame safe. Also, you must ensure that all the pieces are placed flat in the truck van. The best way to do it is by reading the manual, as it has all the do’s and don’ts. It will even have the information about packing the legs and sides of the bed safely.

Rest, if you want the moving to go perfect then you should hire the professional packers and movers. To hire the one offering packing and moving services at realistic charges and rates, you must explore the internet and first shortlist a few moving companies. Choose the one that offers all the household shifting services including packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Moreover, it should have a skillful team of experts who has experience of resolving the customers’ queries in the minimum possible time. The major benefit of hiring the industry’s best residential relocation company is that it will have the most advanced tools, devices and other equipment to carry out the moving task hassle-free. Thus, make no delays in hiring the professional packers and movers and move smoothly. Have a happy moving!

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