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Plants Moving Services in India

Relocation is a financial, mental and physical transaction. A change is not always accepted in life, sometimes we willingly and sometimes unwillingly need to accept changes. We are humans and can understand well the reason for relocation and the motto behind that and even if we don’t, we can adjust but what about the living beings who are not humans and are also supposed to move. We are designating plants here. Plant moving is a difficult job and not everyone can reach succession in that, reason being the tendency of plants to react for the adverse condition. Not only moving them at the new place during relocation is the motto, the mission is to settle down them completely there.

Well, plants are sensitive hence utter care and attention is required for transporting them or moving them to a new place. Whether it’s a local move or a long distance plants moving it is always complex to handle the process. Yes, in long distance move it is more risky but it really doesn’t mean that short distance plant moving is safe and away from risks. One need to be much cautious about plants during relocation than anything else and it is all because of their sensitivity level.

Most Useful Tips for Plants Moving

Plant moving is going to be one of the complex tasks for a relocator. There are so many precautions and preventions that the plant owner needs to take in order to, transfer the loved vegetations safe to the new place. Here are few of the useful tips.


You should start preparation for plants moving few weeks in advance and this is because to make them resistant to changes. Plant moving is not a thing that you can do at the last moment. There is a long series of event that needs to be followed for the same; hence start preparing for the things beforehand. It would always be great if you move plants in the favorable season. However you may not have control over it, but managing things according to plants acceptance would give you good results. Remove dead leaves and branches from the plants. This would avoid damages and would ensure safety. If the plant can grow with cutting as well then it would be better to carry only the cutting and leave rest of the plant behind. Repotting plants to non-breakable containers would also be favorable for its safety. Terracotta containers are not prone to break but are heavier in weight as well. You can carry terracotta container separately and then transfer plants in it once it reaches safely to the new home. Pests control treatment given to plants prior to move would also ensure their longevity and survival during the move. Place plants in suitable container and protect leaves and branches with paper or foil while packing. Labeling the box of plants would help the movers to handle it with care.

Moving Day

It is a tough time where you need to be extra cautious for your plants. There are many things that you have to take care during the moment and the first amongst them is the time of the move. Considering the season of move while packing and handling plants for relocation, is important. If you are moving in summers then make sure you keep your plants away from direct sunlight. This may damage them and they may not get adjusted to cool environment inside the moving truck too. If the distance of move is long then you should hire plants moving company for the task.

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