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Learn How to Pack Kitchen Breakable Items?

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Learn How to Pack Breakable Kitchen Items

Packing is one of the main phase of relocation process and the most difficult at the same time. The person has to be very careful and attentive while packing the goods, especially the fragile and breakable kitchen items. With all the dishes, appliances, crockery and the other items crammed onto shelves, packing the kitchen breakable items becomes the toughest part of relocation process for the relocator. But, with our packing tips you will be able to pack your breakable kitchen items easily and safely.

What you will need

  • Small and big boxes
  • Tapes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing sheets


  • Prepare the appliances and their original boxes and if you don't have their original boxes then, you will require small-sized boxes that are similar to the original boxes. Make sure the appliances are washed and dry before packing them.
  • Unplug and disassemble the appliances first. Remove the smaller parts or the fragile parts like glass bowls. Now wrap the smaller fragile parts of the appliances with bubble wrap. Tape the user manual on the appliance to easily reassemble the appliances later. Use bubble wrap to wrap the appliances also.
  • Use packing sheets for cushioning the boxes and then, place bubble wrapped appliances in the carton box and stack the smaller and lighter items on the top of the appliance.
  • Now, finally use adequate amount of packing tape to seal the boxes, so that the goods will not fall or spill out from the boxes.


  • Firstly, separate the dinnerware by its types like dishes, bowls, and saucers. Choose a specialty box like the China barrel or the sturdy containers that you can pack with your dinnerware without making it too heavy.
  • Cushioning the boxes is very much important when you are packing dinnerware so, use bubble wrap, rolled packing sheets, linens, small blankets or towels to provide enough cushion to your dinnerware.
  • Use packing sheet to wrap the dishes, glass or bowls and then, cover it by using bubble wrap. Do not use bubble wrap directly on the dishes or bowls as it can stick on the glass and can damage it.
  • Now, stack the dishes into the moving box and place bubble wrap or 3-4 packing sheet after every three dishes to prevent them from damages. For extremely fragile items like glass, wine glass or cups and saucers use your T-shirts or tank tops to protect the items and save on bubble wraps.
  • Fill up the empty spaces in the box by using packing sheets or bubble wrap, so that there will be no movement for the rest of removal process.
  • Secure the boxes with packing tapes and don't forget to label it with a marker as “FRAGILE” in bold letters.

Pots and Jars

  • Pots and jars are also breakable kitchen items that you need to pack with utmost care. Find the right size boxes for your pots and jars. As you know the top of the pots and jars are not flat with their lids so you cannot stack other items in the same box. So, use medium size boxes to pack the pots and jars without making it too heavy.
  • Prepare the boxes securing the bottom of the boxes with an adequate amount of packing tapes. And provide a comfort bed for your fragile pots and jars by cushioning the box with towels, small blankets or linens to save on bubble wrap.
  • Use bubble wrap to pack the pots and jars or you can use 3-4 packing sheets to wrap the pots and jars to prevent them from breakage. Wrap the lids separately with bubble wrap.
  • Put the covered or wrapped pots and jars one by one standing up in the boxes and then, place lid on the top.
  • Secure the box with packing tapes so that the items will fall or spill out from  the box during the rest of removal process.

You may pack your fragile or breakable kitchenware items by using these packing tips but, what you can do it with much perfections as the movers can do it for you. If you don't want to take any risk with your belongings  then, you should hire professional packers and movers to pack the breakable kitchen items to move them safely.

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