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How to Pack Hats for Moving?

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How to Pack Hats for Moving?

While packing the fragile items carefully while relocating, we often forget the little items in your house that also requires special care while packing and your hats are one of them. While packing belongings people tend to do many mistakes and one of them is packing your hats in your suitcase or bag with other clothing. This can damage your expensive floppy or derby hats. So, it is important to pack them with care in the right way for moving. Let’s see how can you safely pack and move your hat with your other belongings.

Hats that pack well

Before you start packing your hats, know about the materials of hats that pack well.

  • Raffia
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Paper
  • Soft Straw
  • Soft Felt or Wool

These are the materials of the hats that can be easily packed for moving. But at the same time there are few types of hats that can put you in big troubles as it can consume lots of time and spaces too. So, here are the types of the hats that you should not pack.

Hats that you should not pack

Harder or more brittle straw hats can crack during transit if they are not packed or protected properly and also no steaming or shaping can help them. The hats that you should pack include Panama hats. Well, it is a general rule, if you have rigid or hard-soft straw or felt hats then, you must avoid packing the hats without proper hatbox. Big trim track hats or other expensive fancy hats should be either shipped earlier or must have packed in hatbox.

Methods of packing hats

As we have already discussed that which type of hats are good to pack or which can be damaged while packing and shifting. Now, we will go to the packing method that will help you to pack your hats. Always remember that different types of hats require different packing methods you cannot pack all the types of shapes and materials by using same tricks or techniques.

So, here are the best hat packing methods that will help you to pack your hats correctly and you will move them safely without breaking or damaging them.

Fold in half or taco style

If we talk about raffia hat then, you can fold it into half with the brim up. This way it will be folded in the classing taco shape. You will be able to pack it easily in your suitcase. There will be no damages except some creases as you have folded the hats. But, you can bring back the hat into its original shape by using your finger in few minutes and it will look same good as new.

Stuff the crown with socks and packing around

As you are packing your hats in your suitcase while moving so, you can use the crown of the hat by stuffing it with our socks, underwear or rolled up T-shirts. You can either place the hat brim down or crown down it’s up to you then, packing around it. If you are confused with how to place the hat in the suitcase with brim down or crown down then, you should consider the original shape of the hat.

By following these two methods you can pack your hat in a suitcase and move it safely. As you have packed your belongings what next step you should do is to call the packers and movers agency to transport all your packed items safely and securely to the desired location.

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