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Learn How to Pack Non-Breakable Kitchen Items

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Learn How to Pack Non-Breakable Kitchen Items

When packing our home to relocate, we often take care of the fragile items as they are easily breakable even with a minor mistake. But, the non-breakable items require equal importance. Though they are non-breakable yet, one should take utmost care while the items as they can also get damage.

Apart from the crockery or glassware, there are many other kitchen items that one should pack and move to relocate from one place to another. Here’s a complete guide for you to pack kitchen non-breakable items and prepare them for the rest of the moving process to relocate safely.

What you’ll need

  • Packing tapes
  • Medium and large moving boxes
  • Kitchen towels and linens
  • Packing sheets or blank newsprint

Stainless steel utensils

  • When you are packing your stainless steel utensils then, separate the items like bowls, glass, plates and cutlery set. This will help you to pack the goods easily and you will also be able to find them easily at the time of unpacking and rearranging.
  • Use your kitchen towels or linens to provide extra protection to the goods by padding the box. You can also use rolled packing sheets for cushioning.
  • Though stainless steel utensils are unbreakable yet, you never want to damage them. You will take care of the things just like the professional movers and packers. So, use packing sheets to pack the utensils.
  • Now, put the utensils into the box and fill up the empty spaces with packing sheets or bubble wrap, so that there will be no movement within the box during transporting. And secure the moving box with packing tapes.


  • Silverware is of course not silver but, the stainless steel. The daily-use flatware can be bundled and packed in a single tray.
  • Wrap all the items of silverware in bundles. If you have real silver then, wrap each piece individually in a tissue.
  • Use 2-3 packing sheet for spoons, forks and spatulas and pack them separately in bundle, also pack the knives separately with utmost care.
  • Place the bundles in silverware tray.
  • Wrap the tray with packing sheets and tape it tightly.
  • Don’t forget to mark the top of the tray to prevent the items from falling out when unwrapped.
  • As now it’s done, pack the wrapped silver tray with other kitchen items in the moving box.


You must use cautions when you are packing knives, because improperly packed knives can pose a safety risk to your family, mover and the goods as well. Hence, follow these tips to pack knives:
  • Wrap the knife with at least 2-3 packing sheets.
  • Place one knife on the packing paper and then, fold the paper over. Place another knife, alternate direction of blades.
  • Once you are done with all the knives using the same strategy label the bundle as Knives.
  • Now, pack it in silverware tray with other silverware items or directly in the moving box with other kitchen items.

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