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How to Pack Your Armoires Safely?

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How to Pack Your Armoires Safely?

Armoires are something that not only store your personal belongings but also adorns your room. An armoire is a type of cupboard that is built in an antique fashion to add stars to your home décor. However, when it comes to packing and moving them, many homeowners simply give up, for they are unconfident of doing it the right way. In such a situation, you can approach the professional packers and movers to get your armoires packed.

Below discussed are the instructions that you can follow to pack and move your armoires safely. Go through them now-

Instructions to pack and move the armoires

  • Exploiting the right tools- If you want to get your armoire out of the place then you would require proper tools for that. For this purpose, you will require an appliance truck to make it move easily. Yes, this dolly kind of truck will help you carry the armoire from the stairs too. Further, bubble wraps, duct tapes and blankets would be required to prevent any kind of scratches and dents on the armoire during lifting and transporting.
  • Emptying the armoire - This is an obvious step. Yes, you will have to empty the entire armoire before starting with the packing. If you think that keeping clothes inside will prove to be helpful then you need to give it a second thought. Anything that is left behind in the armoire will only make it heavy and ultimately, will pose a problem for you to lift. Thus, you need to empty it all and pack all the belongings separately. Also, remove even the hangers and other pointed objects from the armoire, else they will keep colliding and making noise while you are lifting it up.
  • Do away with the glass shelves- If your armoire has glass doors or shelves then you should remove them before packing. To do this, you will have to unscrew the hinges and take out the glass. While you remove the screws, make sure that you keep all the screws and other tiny parts in a separate plastic zip pouch. In case, you will lose any of it, it will become a problem at the time of re-installing it at your new home.  When it comes to packing the glass shelves, you can use a blanket or a bed sheet for that purpose. Whatever you use, it has to be thick enough to keep the glass object safe.
  • Securing the drawers- It is always a better idea to take out the drawers and pack them separately. When drawers remain inside the armoire, they tend to make noise and collide, which might not be good for the armoire.
  • Wrapping the legs- While covering the armoire with the blanket or a bed sheet, do not forget to cover the legs of it. If you have not hired professional packers and movers then you can take help of your known-ones and ask them to tilt the armoire while you cover the legs.  It is equally important to protect the legs from scratches.
  • Padding and protecting- Armoires usually have a gloss finish that needs to be kept intact. For this, you must wrap the armoire in the bubble sheet after you have packed it in the blanket. Avoid using plastic sheets, as it is not considered good for wooden surfaces. Also, when you use any tape on the wooden surface, it damages the surface and leaves a mark behind. Thus, you need to keep your armoire properly padded and protected.

After you have packed the armoire properly, it is the time to move it out. Using an appliance truck will surely be of great help but only if you know how to use it properly. If you are unsure of doing this, you must ask the professional Packers And Movers Company to do this. Since you have already done the packing yourself, you just need to hire them for the moving services. This simply means that it will not make a burning hole in your pocket. Thus, choose the right moving experts after doing a through internet research about different moving companies and get your armoire moving with complete care and safety. Have a safe moving!

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