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Learn How to Pack Food When Moving?

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Learn How to Pack Food When Moving

When shifting from one home to another or moving from one city to another then, one has to pack the entire household. And when it comes to packing then, kitchen is considered to be the last and most challenging part of the move. If you are moving and packing your kitchen then, food items are the goods that should be packed at the last moment as till the last of your move you will require food items to cook.

Before you start throwing everything in the moving boxes to pack your kitchen you should know that how you will pack your food items. Here is a complete packing guide for you to pack your food when you are moving, which will let you know the items you should pack and what to donate, etc.

Let’s see how you will pack your food items when moving:

Check on the near-expired foods
You should not waste valuable space on those food items that are about expire in just few days or a month after you get to your new place. Check such food items in your house and give away to some needy persons.

Start cooking
If you have frozen foods life meat then, start eating the foods before your move as you cannot take it along with you. Don’t replenish your frozen stock.

Cover Salt shakers
If you have salt, pepper and other spice shakers in your home then, you should cover the shakers before putting them into the moving box. You can cover the sliding top with masking tape, so that nothing will spill out during the rest of removal process.

Select medium-sized boxes
When you are planning to pack all your food items then, you should consider the weight of the bottles, packets, jars or cans while selecting the box for packing. If you have a lot of canned goods then, you should choose small to medium sized boxes so that the box will not get too heavy.

Pack like a grocer
Once you have decided what you will take with you in your new home, you should gather the stuff to pack like a grocer. Categorize the food items, the heavier items like jars of peanut butters and canned foods etc. All the heavy items should be packed on the bottom of the moving boxes and then, layer your lighter items on the top like the biscuit or crackers.

Label your dry and boxed items
Just like the any other moving boxes, you should label these boxes too. Be sure too clearly label your food items box. You can label the box by categories, food types, spices, liquid items or fragile jars, etc. This will help you to prioritize the perishable first and you can easily identify everything you will require without opening all of your kitchen boxes in the new house.

Share the leftovers
There are many NGOs and food banks also available in many cities where you can donate food for the needy persons. If you have foods that are going to be expired soon then, you can either donate it or can also ask your neighbors, they may have a hankering for your leftover refried beans. It’s actually the good way to use the leftover foods.

Though professional packers and movers will help you to pack your entire household items but, the food items should be packed by yourself and that too before your moving day.

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