How to Start Your Own Packers and Movers Business in India?


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Are you interested in starting and running your own business in India? Do you want to invest in the packers and movers business? If it is so, then go for it without giving it a second thought. The packers and movers industry is rapidly growing in India. The reason is the high demand for local and interstate relocation services.

The business requires less investment and assure high profit with a good margin. Gone are the days when people were born and even died at the same place. But, now people relocate from one city to another in search of good opportunities and betterment of life.

And due to this, packers and movers service in India is now in high demand.

Here in this article, we will let you know how you can start and run your own packers and movers business in India.

But, before discussing the Packers and Movers Industry. And why one should invest in this business. We would like to discuss — What is the packers and movers business?

It is important for those, who want to invest in the relocation industry but, have no idea about the industry.

About Packers and Movers Business

It is part of the logistics and transportation industry in India. Well, it is a broad category so, we will only focus on the packers and movers industry in this article.

As the name says Packers and Movers, this industry provides the facility of packing and moving goods and articles. The facility is available for household and commercial goods shifting. A customer can use this service for shifting within a city or for shifting to a new city/state.

If we talk about the work, then the movers and packers do not work on a daily basis. It is because nobody moves daily.

So, their demands are not being called regularly. They are been called only when the people have to relocate from one city to another or one locality to others within the same city.

It is obvious that nobody moves every day, there are some particular times or seasons when people move. But, the earnings these companies make on one project are really good. Though they have some particular seasons, the costs of their services are high enough to make the business better.

Now, let’s know the different types of services offered by the movers and packers companies.

What are the types of services offered by packers and movers?

Packers and movers work for and provide services to individuals, families, big organizations, and businesses. They offer end-to-end packing and shifting services. A full moving service includes packing of household and commercial goods, loading, transportation, unloading, and rearranging the stuff. The type of services packers and movers offer are as follows: –

  • Local shifting
  • Interstate relocation service
  • Household and office relocation
  • Commercial and industrial goods transportation
  • Packing and unpacking service
  • Car and bike transportation
  • Door-to-door service
  • Warehousing and goods storage service

This means one can avail of complete service from packing to transporting and delivery of the goods at the desired location. And in case, people cannot afford to hire full packers and movers service in India, they can hire packing service and only household goods transportation service.

Who needs packers and movers services?

Any individual, family, corporate houses, and businesses may require packers and movers services. It is not necessary that only families move from one place to another, but sometimes it is the big firms also that relocate from one city to another or the business that shifts their office from one locality to another within a city.

People who are living in a rented apartment can move to their own house may be locally or in any other state. So, basically, there’s not a particular type of customer that requires packers and movers services. From small businesses to corporate houses and individuals to families can be your customer.

You will have to be smart enough to deal with all these types of customers if you really want to get into the business and stay for the long term.

What people can expect from their packers and movers?

Safety of the goods

Of course, your customers would expect the safety and security of your belongings, and this is the reason why they are choosing you. Since you are going to start your own business, you must know that you will have to deliver your customers’ goods in safe and good condition.

On-time delivery

Obviously, people would expect the delivery of their goods on the committed delivery timeline. People who are moving to a new city can do nothing without their belongings.

So, it is really important to deliver their goods on time otherwise they won’t be able to start their life in the new house.

Also, it is very much important to meet the delivery timeline for industrial and commercial shifting.

Best quality service

No customers would hire and recommend you to other potential customers if you fail to provide them with quality services. Every customer would aspect high-quality services from their hired packers and movers agency.

And if you are thinking that how you can provide quality services then you will have to use high-quality packaging materials, trained staff, and a driver, who can handle the packing, loading, unloading, etc. with much perfection.

Terms and conditions should be clearly stated

Customers want their movers to clearly state each and everything so that later they won’t face any kind of problems in the mid of the moving process.

Nobody likes hidden things so, you should be straightforward and let them know all the terms and conditions. You should also train yourself and your team members as well, who can communicate clearly and promptly with the customer.

Apart from all these, there’s one more thing which is very important for any business and that is valuing your commitment and words. You should always stick to your words and do the things you have promised your customer you will do.

Being a packers and movers business owner you should never quote less and then suddenly change the charges during the moving process.

So, this is what everybody should know about the packers and movers industry before knowing the process of starting your own packers and movers company.

Now, when you have a clear-cut understanding of the industry, let’s know the steps and procedures to start a packers and movers business and make a profit.

Getting into the Business of Packers and Movers in India

Now, after discussing all the important things about packers and movers industry and the type of services offered by a mover, if you are really passionate about your business then follow the following tips to start your business. There are actually two ways to start a business.

The easier option is to buy a franchise. If a renowned brand is offering a franchise opportunity then you can simply invest in that business and work by using its brand name. The second option is to start your own brand. And this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Select your city

The location or city you choose plays an important role in the growth of your business or company. All the mega-cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, etc. are already full of packers and movers companies. There are already many packers and movers companies, so it may be a little tough for you to find customers for you.

If you think in metropolitan cities you would face too many challenges so, you can start your business from any small town which lacks packers and movers companies there. This way you will face less competition and can easily set a good reputation in the market.

Well, while selecting your city, you should give priority to the route, cost of living, office rent, population, manpower, and the possibility of covering more locations.

Choose service area

You must know the difference between the city you will choose to start your business and the service area. When you select the city, it means you will set up your office /head office in that locality, and service areas are the areas where you will provide your services.

For example – if your service areas are Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Dwarka, and Delhi then you can help the people who are relocating in and from these areas.

So, after selecting your city you should select your service area. Most of the renowned moving companies offer their services in all the major cities and towns of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, etc.

Also while selecting a city, give priority to the route, population, overall cost of living and manpower, and feasibility of covering more and more locations. Knowing the local language of the city is going to be a big plus, so keep that in mind as well.

Select a name for your business

If you think you can just select any name for your business then you are mistaken here. Because selecting the name of your startup can be the most important decision you make.

Your startup needs a name, and you should know that your business name has a tremendous impact on how customers see you. So, you will choose a unique name for your packers and movers business that stands out from the crowd.

Know your budget

Like any business, packers and movers business also needs funds or capital to be started. But, the best part of this industry is that it requires less investment. This is a service-oriented business so, you don’t need to infuse a lot of capital. You can start it with minimum investment.

This requires low investment and guarantees a good profit with a good margin. But, still, it is important to consider the finances, because there are few basic business setup expenses that can’t be ignored, like: –

Office rent

Without having an office, you won’t be able to do anything. People would ask you your office’s address so that they can believe you exist in a real and authentic moving company.

For this you can rent any small office, there’s no need to rent a big commercial complex. And to use that place, you will have to pay the monthly rent.

Such small office space comes at INR 3,000 – 10,000 monthly rent.

Furniture expenses

Renting an office space is not just enough, you will have to buy a few more basic things like chairs, sofa, work desk, office stationery, etc.

These will cost you around INR 50,000 – 60,000.

Registration cost

For every business, it is important to create a brand name and for that registering the company is really important. The valuable asset of any business is its brand name and this you can get by registering your company.

The legal registration process involved some costs. Also, you will have to get a license of your business, GST registration, get a PAN card, etc.

So, think of these costs and set your budget.

Tools and equipment

In the packers and movers business, the types of tools and equipment you would require like packing materials, packing tapes, moving equipment, etc. which you can be used by your team for packing and moving the goods.

So, while estimating your budget, consider this expense too.

Miscellaneous expenses

You will require staff, who can assist you in helping the customers. Along with this, you will have to get a website, because in this digital era it is really important to have a website.

Marketing and promotion of your business, telephone connections, broadband connection, computers, etc. are the other expenses, which you must consider.

Register Your Business

You all know that every business requires a few registrations so, you also need to do a few registrations for your packers and movers business in India. Here’s know what type of registrations you are required to do to start your packers and movers business: –

  • If you are starting your business with your partner then you can register it as a partnership or there are other options of registration too like a Limited Liability Company or a private limited company.
  • To operate a business in India it is important to get a shop and establishment license which granted by the respective municipality. What you need to do is fill a form and submit KYC documents to the municipal office and within a couple of weeks, you will get the license.
  • If you are done all the basic registration of your company, you can get a PAN card. With this, you can easily file income tax.
  • Do not forget to get GSTIN as GST registration is also required to start packers and movers business in India. You can get the GSTIN from the Goods and Service Tax website.
  • Well, it is not necessary to get trademark registration but, this can protect your brand. So, not in the beginning but, you must opt for trademark registration to protect your brand.
  • Lastly, you should do the branding and promotion of your business. Get your company’s logo designed by a good designer and also ask them to make a brochure too. Get some custom-made T-shirts for your staff and team members. This will help you leave a good impression on your customers’ minds, but if you don’t have that much fund then you can skip it for initial days.

Book a domain and get a basic website in place

The next important task is to book a domain and create your company’s website, through which your customers can know more about you and your services. Make accounts on different platforms of digital marketing like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc.

You can do it yourself or hire a professional to look after this. In today’s digital era it is important to have a website because you know that most people will search for your service via the Internet.

Find customers to grow your business

Now, when everything is done, it is time to search for the customers and that can be done by advertising and promoting your business. Well, packers and movers is an industry, where you don’t have to go anywhere or search for customers.

If you are visible on organic search engine pages then people will contact you. And if you think it’s difficult for you to rank on SERP then you can register your business in some good and reliable online transport portals through where you can get genuine enquiries from customers on a regular basis.

Final Word

Now, you have seen all the aspects of the packers and movers business in India. So, are you ready to start your own business?

The experts say that the industry is flourishing day by day and rapidly growing because today nobody wants to take a risk with their valuables. Everybody wants to have a safe and damage-free move for which they look for professional and experienced packers and movers company.

If you are willing to start your business and go the extra mile to help the customers in relocating their belongings conveniently then you should start your packers and movers business in India.

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