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House Moving Checklist

Moving home to a new place especially with lots of household belongings can be daunting task. But with proper planning and right decision you can turn the process of home relocation into easygoing and smooth affair. Firstly make the decision whether to hire services of professional packers and movers or do it yourself.

Here is 6 week planning guide for home relocation. Have a look at these important ideas in order to make residential relocation hassle-free.

6 Weeks Before

Collect moving quotes from at least three licensed and insured packers and movers companies of your city so that you can compare price, services and other credentials; and pick the best available one. Don’t forget to ask these questions while interviewing with moving companies.

  • For how many years have you been working in relocation business?
  • Is the company registered and licensed?
  • Do you have your own fleets of trucks for transportation?
  • How is price of moving services determined?
  • Do you offer on-site estimates?
  • Is the estimate binding or nonbinding?
  • What insurance is included in services?
  • What additional costs may arise?
  • Is packing cost included or not?

Five Weeks Before

Conduct room by room analysis for your household belongings. Create an inventory of all your household items. Sort items in to different categories like keep, donate, discard and sell. Get rid of junk items selling them to garbage buyer. You can donate usable items to a charitable organization. You can also arrange a garage sale to sell items you don’t want to carry. Make another fresh inventory of items you really want to carry with you.

Four Weeks Before

If you want to pack items on your own then start collection packing supplies such as:

  • Boxes/cartons of various sizes - large, medium and small
  • Wardrobe boxes, Dish-pack boxes and custom crates
  • Box cutters, knife and scissors
  • Packaging tapes and tape dispensers
  • Wrapping materials - bubble wraps, plastic sheets, tissue paper
  • Padding/cushioning materials - old newspapers, cotton clothes, etc
  • Labeling stickers and permanent markers

Three Weeks Before

  • Start packing of your household belongings with a proper packing plan.
  • Start packing items of the less used areas such as garage, attic and storage.
  • Start packing items which you very often; such as off-season garments, holiday decorations, etc.
  • Pack things on the room by room basis.
  • Wrap items properly before placing it in the box.
  • Don’t mix items of different rooms in a box.
  • Don’t mix items of different nature in a box.
  • Fill box in full; and don’t leave empty space.
  • Fill the empty space with wadded old newspaper or other padding materials.
  • Don’t overweight the box. Maximum 20kg is recommended.
  • Seal the box with heavy duty packaging tape.
  • Label each box properly with appropriate tag; like FRAGILE, BEDROOM, etc.
  • Keep a master inventory list with contents of each box.
  • Make disconnection of phone/internet services at your old home.
  • Make new connection of phone/internet services at your new home.
  • Update your binder with all move-related paperwork, checklists, receipts and important documents.

Two Weeks Before

  • Begin packing of bulky items like furniture.
  • Disassemble furniture into pieces; if possible.
  • Pack kitchen appliances properly; if possible use original packing supplies.
  • Notify banks, credit card companies and other organizations for change of address.
  • Notify your friends and relatives about your move; and new address.
  • Start consuming perishable items like dairy products and other food items as well.

One Week Before

  • Take print of an information sheet for the packers and movers including old/new addresses and your phone number.
  • Defrost the refrigerator and clean it well before 24 hours of your move.
  • Keep small valuables and important documents in a bag safely and carry with you only on moving day.
  • Pack box with some essential items which you will need instantly after reaching at your new home.

On the Moving Day

  • Walk through every room of your old home before packers and movers arrive to make sure everything is packed and labeled correctly.
  • Check each and every room and make sure there are not items left behind.
  • Arrange a person that will direct movers and packers at your new home; if possible.
  • Supervise works as they are unloaded items at your new place.
  • Check with inventory and inspect for damages.

We wish you for Tension-free home relocation!

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