Planning to move? Don’t want to leave your lovely plants behind? Here is the solution for you. You can pack your plants and flowers without much hassles. Plants not only beautify your garden or balcony but fill positivity to the entire environment. There are all the reasons for you to carry these soulful plants along with you to your new apartment.

Since plants are highly fragile especially if they are flower bearing plants, they are to be moved with utmost care and safety. This blog discusses the appropriate way in which the plants must be packed and transported onto the truck. However, experts suggest that you should also calculate the value of the plants and analyze whether it will be worth it to take them along or not. If you are moving abroad then moving with plants does not seem to be a feasible option, as the plants will lose their health in that long journey. On the other hand, carrying them in the shorter moves still make sense. Thus, be wise and take your decision smartly.

Tips to pack plants for moving

  • While talking about the clay pots, you need to wrap them in a damp newspaper first and then cover them up with a dry paper. You will have to secure these layers of sheets with a tape, so that the sheets do not come out during transit. These wrapped up plants should be kept in the cardboard boxes and a hole should be made outside the box, to let the fresh air go inside. Yes, plants do asphyxiate. Thus, it is important to let them breathe while they are kept inside the box.
  • If you have plants with large flowers then extra care is to be taken while preparing them for moving. You should use a wooden piece to tie the tall foliage of the plant, so that it does not fall off. If you do not have wooden pieces at home, you can make use of hard paper to cover the large flowers.
  • When it comes to transporting the leafy plants then you are advised to use blankets to cover them up. After you have loaded these plants onto the truck, it is better to provide them a layer of extra insulation with a few thin blankets over them.
  • It is very important to provide good padding to the cardboard boxes and keep gaps between the plants. The padding should be such that no two plants collide with each other, as it can damage them absolutely.

After you have reached the destination, you should unload the weak plants first and place them in your new home. However, you should not take out the other healthy plants right after the moment of reaching, instead you should open the lids of those boxes and keep them there as it is. You should give plants time to adjust in the new climate. Also, you should realize the responsibility of looking after the plants after you have moved. Like, for the next few weeks after moving, you should monitor all your plants.

While choosing the best professional Packers and Movers Company, you should consider their experience in plant moving. A reputed moving company will move your plants safely, as they have right kind of packing material and right size of containers to pack and transport the plants respectively. To get on with such professional packers and movers, you can go through the internet and do your own research. The companies having years of experience and with positive customer testimonials should be chosen with no second thoughts in mind. All the best!

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