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How to Safely Pack and Move Your Artwork?

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How to Safely Pack and Move Your Artwork?

Planning to move to a new city? Hunting out the safest ways to pack your artwork? You must be. Artwork is not only a modern piece of art but also has emotions attached to it especially if you yourself have created it. True that, it is easy to pack sturdy or not so fragile items but when it comes to the vulnerable sculptures and paintings, homeowners usually get worried about its safety. This piece of writing talks about the right way to pack your artwork and prevent any kind of damage to them.

Framed painting and prints

To keep your paintings safe and intact, you will have to invest in a flat picture box. It is better to buy a box that is larger than the actual frame. Let’s say, the box should have a margin of at least 3 or 4 inches left from each sides. However, if the box is way bigger than the painting then you will have to stuff the sides with bubble wrap or sheets. A proper padding is necessary in order to prevent any collision of the frame with the edges of the box. On the other hand, if the box is too small then it is likely to cause damage to your artwork. In addition to this, it is suggested to do a marking on the box. You can put an X with the masking tape on the box if the artwork has a glass cover. This way, you will be able to give extra care to it among other goods. However, if there is no glass then a number of layers of plastic wraps would do. Wrap the plastic in a way that it avoids any friction damage to the painting.


It is a challenge to pack the sculptures safely, as the extending parts of it can get damaged during transportation. For instance, if it is a sculpture of a bird then its wings and feet are prone to get snapped off, if not packed properly. To prevent such a damage, you will have to cling-wrap it, so that the gloss and finishing of the sculpture remains in place. Also, it is important to bubble wrap the entire sculpture with more emphasis on the fragile parts. More bubble sheet has to be used on the vulnerable areas and thick padding has to be done. Make sure to leave a sphere, so that you are able to fix the sculpture into the box. For larger sculptures, you can use a big cardboard box. Since the sculptures made from plastic mold are hollow, they are light in weight and can be placed in the box easily.

Quick tips to pack and move your artwork

  • Many a times, the corners of the picture frames tend to get broken even after being firmly placed in the flat picture box. To avoid such a damage, you can invest on cardboard protectors. You might get them online or ask about it from the professional movers and packers that you have hired.
  • When you load the pictures on the truck or the goods carrier, make sure that you find a corner and place the artwork there. Putting the pictures and frames in the corner will avoid any falling or moving of your fragile items over other goods.
  • You can use the drawers of your armoire to keep the small photo frames and then stuff the sides with bubble wrap, to avoid collision.

The bottom line

All your packing worries will go away when you will hire the professional packers and movers in your area. Since the moving experts of these companies has years of experience in the respective field, they will get you the finest of fine packing materials to pack all your fragile items. They have a complete supply of all types of packing sheets, cardboard boxes and other wrapping papers that are required. Also, they have the right knowledge of using the material in the right way and keep the vulnerable items absolutely protected. To find one such best packers and movers and to know about the packing charges and rates, you can browse through the internet. Choose the one that is reputed and holds a list of satisfied customers. All the best!

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