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Learn How to Pack Lamps for Moving?

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Learn How to Pack Lamps for Moving?

When it comes to pack lamps that are hard to pack because of the their odd shape. This can really be challenging for many to pack and move lamps. Because they are uniquely shaped objects, it is harder to  to find the right size or shaped box for packing and moving. But, as they are the fragile items it is very important to pack them properly using the right packing supplies. One should take utmost care while packing and moving lamps as they are expensive and delicate too. Here's a packing guide for lamp that will help you to pack the lamps in the right way without damaging the bulbs and lamp shades.

You will need these items to get started:

  • Moving boxes/lamp boxes
  • Packing sheets
  • Packing tape
  • Marker
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam or other protective material

Step-by-step instructions

Step 01: Remove the lampshade and harp before wrapping and packing the lamp. Unscrew the finial to remove the lamp shade so that you can pack the lamp shade and bulbs separately. And then, remove the bulb to remove he harp. Now, keep all the parts aside to pack later.

Step 02:  It is not advisable to carry the bulbs while moving to another place as these are extremely fragile and most likely won't make the trip. You can either share this with your neighbors or can leave it on the old house for the other homeowners or renters, if the bulbs are in working condition or still have life.

Step 03:  Use foam to cover the prongs on the cord that can potentially damage the base of the lamp. Just a spare piece of foam will be enough to cover the foam and if you don't have this then, just wrap the prongs in packing sheet or bubble wrap and tape securely.

Step 04: Gather the cord and bundle the cords together to keep it secure during the move.

Step 05: Wrap the base with paper padding. Take a paper padding or just 2-3 padding sheets and then, place the base in a corner of the paper padding and wrap it. Use an adequate amount of packing tape to keep it tight, which is actually not necessary. But, be careful not to tape to the lamp base.

Step 06: Now put the base of the lamp upright into a box lined with packing paper. You can use many packing sheets in the box to provide padding and then, place the lamp base inside the box. If you have taller lamps then, this may require to use a lamp box.

Step 07: You should protect harp and finial and other important pieces of your lamp by wrapping them in packing paper and then, tape the paper to secure it.

Step 08: Pack the parts of the lamp together in the same box but, wrapped separately with packing paper.

Step 09: As you are moving fragile lamp so, you can put many crumbled papers in the moving box  to protect the fragile lamp before, taping it closed.

Step 10: Lamp shades are fragile so you should not pack it together in the same box with other parts of the lamp. Just use a different box specially for shades.

Step 11: Fill any empty space in the moving box with crumbled papers to ensure a tight fit. And tape the box to secure it.

As now you know the right way to pack and move your lamp. You can simply follow the packing methods to move safely with your fragile items.

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