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Learn How to Pack TV with Less Than 30” Screen

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Learn How to Pack TV with Less Than 30” Screen

TV is one of the last items people pack while moving because, it's a great way to relax during the tedious process of packing and stress of moving. So, packing TV becomes a rush job as you do it in the last moment.   TV is one of the big fragile items to pack for moving and one should be very careful and attentive while packing and moving TV. No matter whether you have big screen TV or small screen TV, you should pack this fragile item with utmost care to relocate it safely. With just little plan you can avoid mistakes while packing your TV and prevent it from damages. Here's the best packing guide for TV, just follow the tips as per the screen inches and pack your TV.

24 Inches

It is one of the smallest size of TV. This is light in weight, but let that make you feel as TVs are always fragile and needs extra care. So, you should pack it providing proper padding and using the right size box. Just follow step-by-step packing method and packing tips to pack and move your TV without any damages.

  • Unplug and remove the cord.
  • Bundle the cord together.
  • If there are any other accessories like DVD player then, remove it.
  • Pack the cords and remote of the TV in another box as it can damage your TV during transit.
  • Cover the flat screen TV using moving packing sheets and bubble wrap.
  • Use the original box with protective foams inside. If you have original box of your TV then, you don't need to wrap or cover the flat screen TV. You can directly put the TV inside the box.
  • If you don't have the original box then, find the right size box. Search for a carton box in which your 24” screen TV will fit perfectly.
  • Use rolled up packing sheets, bubble wrap or moving blankets to provide enough padding to the TV inside the box. Before placing the TV into the box make a comfort bed for the TV to prevent it from damages.
  • If there is any gap inside the box then, fill the empty spaces with some more bubble wraps and  seal and secure the TV box with an adequate amount of packing tapes.
  • While loading the TV box into the truck be sure to keep it upright. Experts recommend to place it to next to your mattress or dresser. 

28 Inches

28 inches screen TV is also one of the common TV people have in their house primarily used for living room. Well, while packing 28” screen TV you need to follow the same method as for the 24” TV.

  • Start with taking picture of the backside of the TV. This will help you while setting up the TV in your new home to know which cord will go where.
  • Unplug TV and remove the cords.
  • Wrap the remote and cords or any other accessories of the TV in bubble wrap and pack it in another box.
  • Use the original box with protective foams inside to pack your 28” screen TV and if you don't have its original box then, find the right size carton box, in which your TV will fit properly.
  • Wrap the TV with packing sheets and then, cover it with bubble wrap or a moving blanket.
  • Roll up packing sheets and place it inside the box now use moving blankets to provide enough cushioning to your TV.
  • Now, put the TV inside the box and fill up any empty spaces inside the box with bubble wrap or packing sheets, so that there will be no movement of the TV during transit.
  • Close the box and secure it with packing tapes.
  • Always be sure to keep the TV box upright in the moving truck.

32 Inches

It is a decent size TV for living room but, when it comes to pack 32” screen TV then, it becomes the indecent size to pack and carry while relocating. But, with these tips you will be able to easily pack and move your 32” screen TV safely without any damages.

Use original box

As the size of your flat TV is big so, always use the original box with the protective foam walls inside. This way you can directly pack your TV in the box and relocate it safely.

Gather supplies

When you don't have the original box then, you should gather all the packing supplies like carton box (right size), paddings, bubble wrap, packing sheets, packing tapes, and moving blankets.

Disconnect the cords

Carefully unplug the TV and bundle the cord using a rubber band or zip tie. But, before unplugging or removing the cords, take a picture of the cords. This will be a big help while putting them back to where they belong. You can keep the cords with

Wrap the TV

Take Packing sheets and wrap it around the TV and then, use bubble wrap to cover the TV. Do not use bubble wrap directly on the screen of your TV as it can stick into it and make damages. Use moving blankets to cover your TV before placing it on the moving box.

Prepare the box

Roll up 2-3 packing sheets together and put it inside the box and then, layer moving blanket to provide enough padding to your TV inside the box to prevent it from damages.

Put the TV into the box

Slide the TV into the box and then, fill up the empty gaps with bubble wrap or packing sheets.

Secure the box

Use packing tapes to secure the box.

You can also hire professional movers and packers to help you to pack all your household items safely and securely to provide you hassle-free relocation experience. And if you are moving by yourself then, use the tips and methods to pack and move your TV without any damages.

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