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Car Transport Services in Dehradun

Looking for professional car transport services in Dehradun as you need to send your vehicle to another Indian city? If so, you have made the best decision. Hiring a professional car transporter in Dehradun will transport your car safely, ensuring timely delivery and peace of mind. If you do not have clarity about which car transport company in Dehradun you should book, rely on Moving Solutions. We will provide you with free quotes from the top three nearby car moving companies in Dehradun. The recommended movers will shortly call you and give you quotes. All you need to do is compare the car transportation charges in Dehradun considering other aspects of the quotes. By comparing the rates with the top car transporters in Dehradun, you can save up to 25% on overall car transportation costs.

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Car Transport in Dehradun

Top Car Transport Services Companies in Dehradun

Gati Xpress Cargo Packers & Movers

Gati Xpress Cargo Packers & Movers

Chandrabani Choila, Near Mohbewala Post Office, Dehradun, Uttarakhand - 248002

4.6 Rated Based on 89 Reviews

About Company

Gati Xpress Cargo Packers And Movers is one of the best car relocation companies in Dehradun. It utilizes modernized equipment to make the vehicle moving from Dehradun to other cities successful. The company guarantees smooth and affordable moving of the cars.

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I had the best car relocation experience from Dehradun to Kanpur. It was safe as well as affordable. Thank you, Gati Xpress Cargo Packers And Movers for the amazing services.

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Trusted and Affordable Car Transport Services in Dehradun

Moving Solutions helps you accomplish all your car transport requirements in Dehradun. We are associated with the top transporters who provide the best car carrier services in Dehradun at affordable rates. They are genuine professionals, who leave no stone unturned to make car transport in Dehradun easy for you. You will have peace of mind with their assistance. Using specialized technologies and apt trucks, they transport vehicles from one place to another.

Car transport companies enlisted on Moving Solutions are fully screened and background checked. We only register the companies that meet our elite standards. They go through rigorous quality checks to be enlisted here. Thus, you will find only certified and licensed transporters at Moving Solutions. You can entrust your four-wheeler to them for safe transportation. Our partners are well-equipped with a fleet of trucks & carriers, trained drivers, and staff. They efficiently transport your vehicle and deliver it on the committed timeline. Experienced car transporters guarantee trouble-free delivery of your four-wheeler.

Guide to Book the Best Car Transport Services in Dehradun

Moving your car becomes easy with trained and professional movers. Hence, choosing experienced car transporters near you in Dehradun is crucial. There are tons of auto transport companies in Dehradun that offer car carrier services. But choosing the right one that suits your budget and exact requirements is quite tough.

Here is your guide to hire the best car transport company in Dehradun:

Do online research

Today you can find everything on the internet. When searching for the “best car transport services near me” on a search engine, you get a list of the best service providers. Browse their websites and see their specialization and experience. Make a list of the companies that meet your requirements. Do not only rely on Google, but several other search engines are also available where you can find the best car transport companies.

Get recommendations

The easiest way to find the most reliable and trustworthy car carrier companies near you in Dehradun is to get recommendations. Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors if they know any professional car transporters in the area. They can recommend the best companies based on their experience. Apart from this, get recommendations from trusted web portals like Moving Solutions.

Read reviews and check ratings

Before making the final call, check the company’s ratings and customer reviews. People who have already used their services let you know about the agency. You can know what to expect from the service providers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring them? It also indicates which companies to avoid. So, check reviews and ratings before hiring.

Check accreditation and experience

Ensure the company is legitimate and experienced. Check its licenses and certifications. Besides, hire a company that has a proven track record of experience. A company working in the domain for several years has more knowledge and expertise in managing car transportation from Dehradun to other cities effectively.

Ask important questions

If it is a local company, then you must visit the office and talk to a representative to know more about them. Ask important questions from the representative to know if you are hiring the right company.

  • Are you licensed?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Are there any hidden charges?
  • Why should I choose your service?
  • Do you have different types of transport options?
  • Do you provide insurance?
  • What services do you offer and what specialization do you hold?
  • What are your charges and what payment mode do you accept?

Hire the Best Car Transport Services in Dehradun through Moving Solutions

Doing research and finding the best auto transport company in Dehradun consumes time. And people who have time constraints may not be able to do their research and find genuine service providers. In such a situation, trusting a portal where you find a list of only certified and licensed companies is the best solution. Moving Solutions is one of the leading aggregators of packers and movers in Dehradun who specialize in car transport, bike shifting, household shifting, and commercial shifting. We have categorized them based on their specialization.

So, here you get a list of the top car transport companies in Dehradun. They are listed with their companies’ names, addresses, customer reviews, and ratings. Select the one from the list and move your four-wheeler under their supervision. Another way to book car transport services in Dehradun through Moving Solutions is to follow the three simple steps as follows:

Fill up the inquiry form

The first step is to share all your details with us. We can help you to select the most relevant company only after knowing your specific requirements. So, fill up the form and enter all the details – name, contact number, type of service, pickup location, and drop location. Submit the form online and wait for a few minutes to get our recommendations for the top companies.

Get online price estimates  

Just after submitting the form, you will get the contact details of the top three companies recommended by us. We recommend only relevant companies to you. They will contact you soon to provide their price estimates. Based on the size or model of your vehicle and transportation mode, you will get online estimates from all three selected companies.

Compare rates, ratings, and reviews

Use these price estimates to compare car transport charges in Dehradun. Every moving company has a different parameter to determine the price. Also, they charge for their specialization, experience, and knowledge. So, the charges vary from company to company. Compare their rates, services, ratings, and reviews to select the best service provider.

How Much Does Car Transport in Dehradun Cost?

Car transport rates in Dehradun range from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 26000. The cost depends on several factors such as the distance, pickup location, delivery location, mode or size of the car, and transportation mode. Considering these all, movers estimate car transportation charges from Dehradun. However, the actual cost may vary depending on the moving agency, season, and your specific demands. So, schedule a pre-move survey and get an accurate price quote from your movers.

The following rate charts help in estimating car transportation charges from Dehradun to other cities according to the distance and car model. Check out the price chart to set your budget:

Approximate Car Transport Charges in Dehradun

Distance Car Transport Charges
100 - 350 km Rs. 5,500 - 11,000
350 - 750 km Rs. 7,500 - 14,000
750 - 1200 km Rs. 9,000 - 17,000
1200 - 1700 km Rs. 11,000 – 20,000
1700 - 2300 km Rs. 13,000 - 23,000
2300 - 3000 km Rs. 15,000 - 26,000

Common Factors Affecting Car Transport Charges

While estimating the cost, movers consider a lot of things. Let us see the most common factors that affect car shifting costs from Dehradun to other cities:

  • Size or model of the car: The weight of the shipment plays an important role in determining the cost. So, movers will consider the total weight of your car. Some determine the price based on the vehicle’s model. If your four-wheeler is luxury and brand new, this may cost you more than moving an ordinary vehicle.
  • Pickup and drop location: The location from where movers will pick up your four-wheeler and the drop location affect the cost. Suppose you want your car to be delivered to a remote location, then movers will have to cover a bit more distance to reach your location. This inflates the shifting cost. Door-to-door car transport services in Dehradun cost more.
  • Transportation mode: Auto transport companies have different types of trucks and carriers to transport your four-wheeler. Considering the type of your vehicle they use open and enclosed trucks. It also depends on what you need. You can transport your car through a containerized truck or open trailer. Both modes cost differently and affect the car transportation charges.
  • Season: The date and time of the year affect car shipping costs. Moving during the peak season costs you enormously.

Why Choose Moving Solutions for Car Transport Services in Dehradun

Moving Solutions is the leading aggregator for packers and movers in Dehradun. All the transport companies specializing in vehicle transportation in Dehradun are associated with us. We have thoroughly screened all the agencies before associating with them. So, stay calm and hire professional car transport service providers in Dehradun.

Here are the top reasons you must choose us for car transport in Dehradun:

  • Quick price estimates
  • List of verified transport companies
  • Affordable services
  • Prompt and efficient delivery
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Post-move resolutions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Happy clientele worldwide
  • Value-added shifting services

Advantages of Using an Auto Transport Company in Dehradun

When it comes to transporting a car from one city to another, people prefer to drive it to reach their destination. Undoubtedly, it is the best way to transport your car but when you are supposed to relocate it to a distant place. Well, transporting your car when you are moving consumes time and money. To save you from unexpected expenses and dangers, professional auto transport companies provide safe car transport services in Dehradun. You must hire one to transport your four-wheeler. There are loads of advantages to hiring an auto transport company near you in Dehradun. Some of them are listed below:

  • You don’t have to plan a trip for transporting your vehicle: Whether you want it or not, it becomes a compulsion to plan a trip to transport your four-wheeler to a distant location. You will have to take leave at the office and drive your vehicle. Hiring a professional car transporter saves you from planning and worrying over trip planning to move your car.
  • It saves you time: Driving your car from one place to another takes too much time. Also, if something happens to your car, you will have to spend even more time and money to get it fixed. When you book a car transport company, you don’t face such problems. They save you time. While movers will take care of your four-wheeler, you can focus on other important tasks.
  • You save on road trip costs: Time is not the only concern when moving your car on your own, fuel costs can be very pricey. If you are moving across the country, you will have to consider the fuel cost, meals, snacks, and hotel stays. This makes the entire process more expensive than hiring professional car transport services in Dehradun. By hiring them you save money.
  • You can transport multiple vehicles at once: If you have two cars or more to transport at the same time, you can do it effortlessly with the help of an auto transport company in Dehradun. They have various trucks and carriers using which they transport your vehicle in one go.
  • You can transport your vehicle anywhere: No matter where in the country, you can transport your vehicle, expert car transporters will move it safely. They have nationwide networks and branches through which they help you transport your four-wheeler anywhere in the country. Regardless of the size and model of your car and the distance to cover, car transport companies in Dehradun ship your car efficiently.
  • It is affordable: You might think car transport services in Dehradun are expensive but when you see their advantages that it saves you time and other costs, you will see how cost-effective it is. Car transportation charges start at Rs. 5000 only. Movers sometimes provide discounts to their customers, making it an affordable process for them. Also, think about the peace of mind you will get by hiring professionals.

Tips to Prepare Your Car for Transport

Car transport from Dehradun is not merely hiring professionals and handing over your car to them. Before handing over your car, you need to do a lot of preparations to move it safely. Preparing your car makes the process of car transport in Dehradun easy and simple. So, here is a guide for you to prep your four-wheeler before transporting to a new city:

  • Wash your car: Washing your car before transportation is important because it reveals any dents and scratches hidden under dirt or grime. The carriers can see and note the dents on the car which will save them from any penalty.
  • Inspect your car and take pictures: After washing the car have a thorough inspection. Look at your car from every side and check the dents your car already has. Also, take pictures of your four-wheeler from every angle to show your movers. This also works as proof to show your movers in case they damage the car during transportation.
  • Remove valuables and secure loose parts: Check all the accessories and other parts of the car, if they are loose, either remove them or get them fixed. Make sure you do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle. Take out all your documents, spare mobile, charger, or any other thing.
  • Check the level of fuel: Car transporters will let you know the level of fuel in your car is allowed during transportation. They will only drive the car from your home to the depot where they will load the car. Also, a full fuel tank will increase the weight of your vehicle which will eventually impact car transportation charges. So, keep the fuel level as instructed by your car carrier.
  • Perform a maintenance check before shipment: Check for mechanical issues with your car before movers pick it up. You must let your movers know about any specific issue your car has. If it cannot be driven, movers will have to arrange special tools to get it loaded and transported. Check the tire, battery, and fuel tank. If you see any leakage problem, get it fixed before transporting.

These things help you prepare your car for shipping. Double-check all the preparations to ensure your car is ready to be moved.

Car Transport in Dehradun Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get door-to-door car pickup and delivery services from car transporters in Dehradun?

    Yes, reliable car transport companies in Dehradun provide complete door-to-door car pickup and delivery services at affordable rates. They will send trained executives to pick up your vehicle from your doorstep and load it into the truck in the assembly plant. After transporting the vehicle, they deliver each car to its designated address.

  • Professional packers and movers provide both open and enclosed trucks to transport cars. But the type of transportation mode they will choose depends on your budget and preference. They will suggest the best option considering the distance, the car model, and your budget. For domestic moves, car transport by an enclosed truck is the safest option.

  • Yes, our partners transport all types of cars and four-wheelers regardless of their sizes and models. Just show them the type of vehicle you have so that they can make the arrangements to transport it safely.

  • Only the companies that possess proper licenses and certifications are the best. To help you find the best car transporters in Dehradun, we have registered the renowned companies on our portal. These companies are background-checked and thoroughly screened. They are accredited, reliable, and professional with extensive experience in the domain. So, car transporters listed on Moving Solutions are the best to hire.

  • The time movers take to deliver cars depends on how far you want to transport your vehicle. Long-distance moves take time. Also, the transportation mode impacts the delivery duration. Transporters wait for the required number of vehicles to accommodate the truck. Once it is full, movers transport your vehicle. The entire process can take two weeks or more.

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