Car Transportation Services: 15 Things to Consider to Hire the Best Service

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Are you looking for hiring the best car transportation services in India? If yes, then read this article to know what you should consider beforehand. If you want to hire the best car transportation service at an affordable price, then book the same through this portal. Also, use the above cost calculator to estimate the charges for car transportation from one city to another.

Relocating from one city to another can be hectic. There are some difficult tasks that you need to do. You need to pack and move all your household belongings. It can be a time-consuming task and will some time to become finally settled in your new home. But, the process of household shifting becomes pretty easy if you have one of the best packers and movers with you.

But, what about car transportation from one city to another? How will you bring your car if you are relocating it to another city or state? Will you drive your car for several days? It won’t be a sensible decision at all to drive a car for several days. So, how will you transport your vehicle to your destination?

Nothing to Worry If You Hire Car Transport Service Through Moving Solutions

There is nothing to worry about at all. You will have a professional car transport company in your city that will safely transport it to your desired city. There are numerous relocation companies or independent car transport companies in almost all the metropolitan cities that provide services for transporting a car from one city/state to another. Professional car carriers and transportation services in India will ensure that your car reaches your desired location safely with no scratches and dents on the vehicle body.

If you will hire a legitimate car transport company through Moving Solutions, in your city then they will take the charge of the entire relocating process, from picking up your car to transport to getting delivered to your desired location anywhere in the country.

It is always recommended to hire the right and reliable car transport service provider for safe and hassle-free hauling of the vehicle from one city/state to another. You should never compromise with the quality of car carrier service if you are serious about hauling your vehicle safely.

Nowadays, professional packers and movers in India are also providing services for car transportation from one city to another. It is because people are looking for a single vendor that can transport their household belongings as well as a car when they need to move out of a city or state. In every circumstance, you must go with a vendor that provides you with safe and reliable car transportation services.

Count on Moving Solutions to Hire the Best Car Transportation Service

We at Moving Solutions are partnered with top-notch vehicle transport companies from all across India. We are committed to making easy the process of car transportation even from the remote area of the country. Our associates in different Indian cities are licensed, registered, experienced, and 100% verified. We thoroughly verify the market reputation, background, experience, and other credentials of every partner car transportation service provider beforehand. So, you don’t need to worry at all if you count on Moving Solutions to hire car transportation services. We ensure that you will always get the best experience.

15 Things to Consider When Hiring Car Transport Service

1. Car transport company’s license, registration, and reputation

When you need to transport your car from one city/state to another then you must hire a legitimate car transport company. Your chosen car transport company must be licensed, registered, and reputable.

It is always a wise decision to check the car transporter’s license, transport permit, GST registration certificate, and company registration certificate before hiring the required services.

Please keep in mind, only a legitimate and reliable automobile transport company will ensure safe and hassle-free transportation of your car to your desired location.

2. Broker vs car carrier vs car transport company

One of the very first things you must know about the difference between broker, car carrier, and car transport company. A broker is one that finds a car carrier and schedules transportation of a car.

A car carrier is one that owns the trucks and transports cars from one place to another. And, a car company is one that offers a comprehensive solution for car transportation. They provide complete assistance in the whole episode of car transportation.

For a safe and completely hassle-free experience, you should consider hiring a full-fledged car transportation company. Moving Solutions is the best online platform to hire the most affordable and reliable car transport service in India.

3. Car transport company’s exact services

A professional car transport company provides a variety of services. You understand broker, car carrier, and full-fledged car transport company. And hence you also know what they will offer. But there is no harm in enquiring about the exact services a car transport company will offer you.

Major services provided by a car moving company are open-air carrier service, enclosed car carrier service, single-vehicle transport service, multi-vehicle car shipping, etc.

Also, a different company may offer you different facilities and use a specific type of car carrier or trailer. In addition, they may offer you some value-added services such as insurance coverage service.

So, you must know about the exact services a car moving company may offer you. This will help you hire a reliable and trustworthy car moving company.

4. Restrictions on the type of car you want to transport

When interviewing a car moving company for transportation of your car, ask them this question – Is there any restriction on the type of vehicle you transport. It is likely that some car transporters may have some restrictions in terms of transporting your vehicle from your current city to your desired location.

There can be several reasons behind it. You know well that there are a plethora of relocation companies or independent car moving agencies that offer services for car hauling from one place to another.

Not all vehicle moving companies have the latest technology and equipment for the safer and faster-moving of all types of vehicles. A car relocation agency may not have loading or towing equipment. This may create problems.

Some companies may disagree to transport your car to a specific location. Some companies may disagree to move out a specific type of vehicle. So, it is always a wise decision to clarify the restriction on the type of car you want to transport.

5. Free car transportation quotes

When hiring car transportation services it is likely that you will like to collect quotations from multiple companies. Generally, professional car moving companies provide free quotations for their services. Comparing multiple quotations from different companies will help you hire better car carriers and transportation services at cheaper rates.

But one thing you must know is that collecting quotations from different companies should be free. Usually, most car transport service providing companies offer free quotations. But there is no harm in enquiring about the same before asking them for quotations. You should never go with paid quotations while there are numerous good car shipping companies available to provide you with free quotations.

6. Car transportation charges

You will have to pay a significant price for hiring a car carrier and transport service in your city. Hence, you must be aware of the price for service that you will get for the transportation of your car. Different car moving companies may offer you different prices for the same.

That’s why you should compare price estimates from multiple vendors. There can be hidden costs in quotations. So, you must make it crystal clear about pricing for transporting cars before hiring the service.

The price of car transportation may vary depending on the distance, type of car, etc. Knowing charges for hiring a car transport service in advance may help you hire the services at cheaper rates. Use our cost calculator to estimate car transportation charges in advance. Also, see the below price chart to know the rough estimate of charges.

Moving Type/DistanceUp to 400 Km400 – 800 Km800 – 1300 Km1300 – 1900 Km
Home shift + car transport cost (Rs.)12,000 – 26,00014,000 – 30,00016,000 – 38,00019,000 – 42,000
Car transportation charges (Rs.)3,000 – 5,0004,000 – 7,0005,000 – 9,0006,000 – 10,000

7. How is the car transport price calculated?

What is the basis of price calculation? How is a car transport price calculated by a car moving company? You must understand the same. A professional auto transport company calculates car transportation charges depending on various factors.

Key factors that may affect the cost are the type of vehicle you want to move out, distance to be covered in transit, insurance, GST, Octroi, warehousing (if needed), value-added services (if opted for), etc.

When a car transport company offers its car shipping estimates, it is your right to ask the basis of this price calculation to get a clear and fair view about their pricing. Though the cost of car relocation depends on the factors like distance, type of car, mode of shipping chosen, condition of the car, etc.

But still, it is better to make things clear at the beginning rather than regretting them later. You should ask them about the charges they will include in the final pricing and then decide which company is the better option for you.

8. Payment options

What are the payment options available? You should also be aware of that. There can be different payment options for hiring car transportation services. Most car moving companies ask their customers to deposit a certain amount at the time of booking or after they pick up your car from your current place.

But, reputable car shipping companies usually take the full payment for their services. So, you must make it clear about the available payment options for hiring car transportation services before you hire the service. In addition, you should know the mode of payments such as cash, card, cheque, or account transfer.

9. Insurance coverage

You must transport your car with a reliable and legitimate car transport company that is insured and offers you insurance coverage. If you will use an insured vehicle shipping company then you will get the safe and secure transportation of your prized vehicle.

In addition, if your car meets any damages or emergencies unfortunately then a reputable and insured car transportation service provider will have enough coverage to offer protection. So, always prefer to go with a reliable, licensed, and insured car shipping company when you need to transport your car to another city.

Car transportation insurance coverage options are complete vehicle insurance coverage and insurance for the parts of the car. Make a decision carefully to choose the correct car shipping insurance.

10. Choice of car carrier (Closed carrier vs Open Carrier)

There are two types of car carriers used by professional packers and movers companies or independent car transport companies. They are open-air car carriers/trailers or enclosed car carriers/trailers. Usually, an enclosed car carrier/trailer is available at higher costs but it is safe and secure than of open-air car carrier/trailer. If you have made your mind to an economical option then go with the open-air car carrier/trailer option. But if you want safe and completely tension-free transportation of your vehicle then go with enclosed car carrier/trailer options. Keep in mind the choice of car carrier/trailer will significantly influence the car transportation charges.

11. Process of car transportation

Once you have selected a reputable, reliable, and insured car transportation company and decided on the car carrier option, it would be a wise decision to ask the company about the process of car transportation. Different car shipping companies may use different methods of car relocation. Hence, you must know about the method of transportation your car carrier company will use. You should also ask the car relocation company about the packing materials & techniques (for car shipping), loading process, stoppage time on the route, unloading process, delivery time, etc.

12. Car shipping timings

Before you make any decision on hiring a car transportation service you must discuss the service provider with the shipping timings. If you want your car to get delivered on a specific date and timing then you must discuss the same with the car relocation company. As it is a type of special and customized service, you might have to pay extra for the services. Most vehicle moving companies charge higher for expedited car transport services. So, make the decision correctly.

13. Customer service & support

A good car carrier and transport service providing company must offer excellent customer service and support. A reputable and trustworthy company will always prioritize their customers and offer you excellent customer support to resolve if any issue. So, when hiring a car transport service makes sure that your chosen car moving company also has good customer service and a support team.

14. Document required for vehicle transportation

What documents you may need to furnish when your vehicle is getting transferred – you must know about this. You might follow some rules and submit copies of certain documents for safer, smoother, and hassle-free car transportation from one city to another. You may need documents like ID Proof, car insurance paper, car registration document, etc. So, when planning to move out your vehicle you must get copies of these documents handy so that you can furnish the same whenever required.

15. Pickup and drop off locations

Whether you need to present at the time of pickup or delivery locations of the car – you must know the same. In my point of view, I will always suggest you be present during the pickup and delivery of your car. If you are a busy person then you should assign a responsible person that can act on behalf of you. In addition, you should tell your car transporter about who will be present at the time of pickup and delivery of your car.

Ending Note…

I hope this article will help you eradicate all your confusion when hiring a car transportation service. So, keep in mind the aforementioned tips and suggestions to hire the best and most trustworthy car transportation company for relocating your vehicle.

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