Bike Transportation by Train – Charges and Procedure


Bike transportation by train is one of the most preferred ways to transport a bike or two-wheeler vehicle from one city to another. If you want to transport a bike or scooter to a new city then bike parcel in train would be one of the best options you can choose.

There are also other options through which you can transport your motorcycle or any two-wheelers from one city to another. But transportation of bike by Indian railways would be a cheaper option for you. It is because railway charges for bike transportation are much cheaper than the shipping of bikes or two-wheelers via roadways.

Indian Railways is India’s biggest rail network and fourth-largest railway network in the world. That’s not all. It is also one of the biggest modes of transportation of goods and luggage. It also offers services for bike transport by train. When it comes to shipping your two-wheeler vehicle by railways you might have several queries in your mind. Some most common queries are the following.

  • How to transport bike in train?
  • What are the charges to transport bike by train?
  • What is the procedure of bike parcel by train?
  • How to book bike parcel in train?
  • What are the railway charges for bike transport?
  • Is it possible to proceed with bike parcel in train as luggage?
 In this article, I am going to answer these all queries, and hope that you will get helpful insights and great benefits. 

How to Transport by Bike by Train? Here is the Guide.

You are looking for something that can guide you with the procedure of bike transport in train. Here I will provide the complete process of transporting your two-wheeler vehicle by rail.

Indian Railways offers two forms of transporting goods from one place to another. You can transport goods either as luggage or as a parcel. Both are different. Luggage is something that you can carry along with you on the same train you travel.

On the other hand, a parcel is subjected to the transportation of your belongings. You can transport your belongings as a parcel to your desired city through any train or railway wagon as decided by the Rail Authorities.

Hire Bike Transport Service at Best Price Here. All India Service Available.[/su_button][/su_pullquote]So, what is the actual process of bike transport in train? How can you make safe and hassle-free transportation of bike through train?  The process of motorcycle or scooter transfer through Indian railways is quite simple.

You can choose from two options – luggage and parcel booking. To send your motorcycle by train to your desired city you the most preferred way is booking the option for bike parcel service through Railway Authorities.

Two Wheeler Transport by Train has Two Options – Luggage and Parcel


You can transport goods from one place to another using Indian Railways in two forms, either as a luggage or as a parcel. A luggage is something you can take it along with you on the same train you travel.

A parcel is subjected to transportation to your choice of the destination through any train or railway wagon as decided by the Rail Authorities.

Earlier people use both options luggage and parcel when they need to transport a bike from one city to another. But now the procedures have been changed.

Now Rail authorities are preferring to provide parcel booking option for bike transportation in train. They will decide whether you should transport your bike as luggage or parcel.

Plus, they will also make a decision on which train your two-wheeler vehicle should commute. And their decision will be depending upon the slot availability and destination. But still, transportation of bikes by train is available in both options – as luggage and parcel booking.

Bike transportation in train as the luggage

Transferring a bike or scooter as luggage is a faster mode to receive at the destination. You will need to receive your bike as soon as the train arrives at the destination. Plus, you will also need to travel on the same train. For this reason, this option will be costlier. You will need to buy a travel ticket for your own in addition to paying bike transportation charges by train.

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Bike transportation by train as the parcel

If you go with bike parcel in train option then it will be less expensive than transporting your bike through the train as luggage. You will need to book bike parcel service in train well in advance. It will take more time than a luggage option. Your bike will be delivered to the choice of your destination within 5-7 days.

Important Documents Required for Scooter or Two Wheeler Transport by Train

Whether you choose luggage or parcel option as transportation of your bike through railways, certain documents are required. So, before booking the bike parcel or transport service, make sure that you have all the required documents. Here is the list of what documents you may need.

  • Government-issued ID proof.
  • Registration Certification of the bike. RC must bear the same name as the ID proof.
  • Photocopy of bike insurance paper
  • Reservation Ticket (if you choose luggage option)

Keep in mind: You cannot transport bikes by train without insurance & RC of the bike. Plus, you will also need to fill the form for bike transportation by railway. In the form, you will need to fill necessary details such as your details, mobile number, source address, and destination address.

Procedure of Bike Transportation in Train as Parcel

Here I am going to provide you step by step guide to the transportation of bike by train as parcel.

  • Go to the railway station parcel office with your bike.
  • Carry the documents as mentioned above. You will be asked to show/submit a copy of the documents.
  • Pack the bike correctly. You can find some agents at the office that will do the packing of your bike.
  • Agents are not official staff of Indian railways. Hence there is no fixed packing charge. On average, they charge Rs 300.
  • Fill the parcel booking form correctly entering engine number and chassis number.
  • Pay the bike parcel charges and collect the booking receipt. Keep the receipt safe.
  • Make an identity mark on your bike for easy identification during the delivery. You can also write the receipt number on your bike.
  • Rail authorities will decide about the train through which they will send your bike/scooter. They will also decide on which date they will transport your bike.
  • Collect the bike from the destination within 48 hours after the bike has been transferred to the warehouse of the destination. You will need to pay additional charges if you pick up your bike after 48 hours of delivery.
  • Make sure to carry the bike parcel booking receipt during delivery.

Bike parcel by train cost and charges

You might like to know about bike transportation charges by Indian Railways (IR). As you know well that Indian Railways is one of the most expedient approaches to transport goods including two-wheelers from one city to another.

That’s not all. It also provides an economical option to send two-wheelers from one place to another. You can use parcel services of Indian railways to ship your all types of two-wheelers such as motorcycles, scooters, scooty, superbikes, etc.

The bike parcel by train charges will vary depending upon the total weight of your two-wheeler and the choice of your destination. Remember, bike transport charges in Indian Railway are always cheaper than other modes of transportation.

If you want to know the exact bike transportation by train cost then you can visit the Indian Railway Website and use the bike parcel service cost calculator.

Check out the below chart related to bike transportation charges by train (Indian Railway).

DescriptionBike Transportation Charges in Train
Packing Cost or Porter ChargesRs 300
Delivery CostIt will depend on bike weight and destination
Insurance CostIt will depend on the value of the bike. This cost head will be included with the bike parcel cost. Bike transport price declaration up to Rs 10,000 does not have extra charges. After that, the insurance charge will be 1% extra of the declared value of your bike.

Procedure of Bike Shipping in Train as Luggage

Here I am going to provide you step by step guide on how you can transport your bike by train as luggage.

  • To transport your motorcycle by train as luggage you need to make luggage booking. You will need to produce a valid reservation ticket.
  • Go to the railway luggage booking office a day or two days prior to the actual day of the journey. It is advisable to make an enquiry a few days before to explore the possibilities of bike transportation as luggage by train on the day when you make your journey.
  • Visit the luggage booking office with your bike, ID proof, registration certificate, and the journey ticket.
  • Fill the luggage booking form providing the relevant required information.
  • Pay the applicable bike transport charges by Indian Railways.
  • Make sure to collect the booking receipt and keep it safe.
  • Also, collect the endorsement of your ticket.
  • Booking receipt and endorsement of your ticket are two important documents that are essential to get the delivery of the bike.
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On the day of bike transportation by train as luggage, keep in mind the following.

  • On the day of travel, arrive at the railway station with your bike early, at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled departure time.
  • Find expert packers and let them pack your bike properly. Proper packing is required to avoid scratches or dents on the bike body.
  • Make sure your bike is carried out to the right platform from which the train is supposed to depart.
  • Once the train arrives at the platform, your bike will be loaded in the luggage carrier of the train you travel.
  • Once you reach the destination station, go to the luggage counter (office).
  • Submit the luggage booking receipt and endorsement of your ticket along with your journey ticket. The office authorities will make the arrangement of bike de-boarding from the train.
  • Remove the packaging of your bike and inspect it for any possible damages.
  • Collect a delivery or dispatch receipt and gate pass provided by the official authorities. Take the bike out of the station.

Indian Railways Rules for Two Wheeler Transport in Train

There are certain rules for bike transport by train that you will need to follow. Some key rules are the following.

Insurance for bike transportation by train

Indian Railways provides insurance cover for all types of transportation in train. In the case of bike transportation through train, the declaration of the value of the bike is a vital factor.

Bike transportation charges in train will include a small fee towards insurance cover. You will need to declare the value of your two-wheeler vehicle. If you declare the cost of the bike at a maximum of Rs 10000 then no extra fee will be charged towards the insurance coverage.

In the case of the value of your two-wheeler is declared more than Rs 10000 then you will need to pay 1% extra charges as insurance. If your bike or scooter is lost because of a train accident or get any damages while transportation in train, then Indian Railways will repay as per the declared value of your bike.

Empty the petrol tank of your motorcycle

Do not fuel your bike during transportation on the train. There will be an inspection of the fuel tank before loading it on the train.  Indian Railways authorities will levy a fine of Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 for bike transportation through the train with fuel (petrol). 

In some cases, you cannot take your bike at the destination place even after paying the fine levied by Indian Railways. Your bike may be taken to the police station. You will have to answer the police why you have transported your bike on the train with fuel or petrol.

Plus, you will need to go through a pathetic procedure to take your motorbike back. So, it is better to not to transport bike in train with petrol.

Key Points to Remember on Motorcycle Transport by Train

  • Choose the from two options – bike transport as luggage and bike transport as parcel in train
  • Make an early booking to avoid last-minute hassles. Carry the required documents.
  • Collect booking receipt and keep it safe.
  • Also, make a travel reservation as early and keep the journey ticket safe.
  • Don’t transport a bike on the train with petrol to avoid a heavy fine or other punishment.
  • Bike parcel booking timing is from 10 AM to 5 PM. The booking facility is available on all days the year.

Drawbacks of Bike/Scooter Transportation by Train

Of course, bike transportation by train is an economical way to transport a bike from one city to another. But, you may face some problems with it. You know well that Indian Railways does not allow the transportation of bikes in trains with fuel or petrol.

At your destination after delivery of your bike, if you will not have petrol in the fuel tank then how you will take the bike to your home. You will have to make an arrangement of petrol at the destination which can pester you badly.

If you have chosen bike transport in train as luggage then you will need to travel on the same train. At the destination, you will need to go through a time-consuming process to take your bike back. If you choose bike transportation in train as a parcel then it will take a longer time – 5 to 7 days.

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Plus, you will also go through the time-consuming process at the destination in completing formalities to take your vehicle back.

So, what is the solution? Another option to transport your two-wheeler vehicle is hiring professional bike transportation service for door to door shipping.

Scooter/Bike Transportation Services in Indian Cities

There are several independent logistics and transport companies in different Indian cities that provide door to door bike shifting services. They will provide you complete assistance in on time and faster transportation of your bikes such as scooters, scooty, motorcycles and superbikes from one place to another.

These local bike transporters provide pickup and doorstep delivery for two-wheeler vehicles such as  Royal Enfield, Honda Bikes & Scooters, TVS Bikes & Scooters, Scooty, Yamaha FZ, Bullet, Mopeds, Sports Bikes, and Vespa Scooters. 

They will pack your bike correctly, safely and efficiently saving you a lot of time. Thereafter, they will safely transport your bike through their own truck or bike carrier to your destination. You will receive your bike at your new home at a destination like a courier or a letter.  Professional bike transportation services will cost you more than bike transportation by train but you will get hassle-free experience and peace of mind. 

You can book bike transportation services in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, and other major Indian cities online. is the best portal to book bike transport services in different Indian cities.  Plus, you can also book services for house shifting and other shifting requirements through Moving Solutions. 


I hope the information provided above will be helpful for those who are looking for the right option to transport a bike from one city to another. The choice is yours – whether you pick bike transportation by train or hire professional bike transporter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to parcel bike in train?

Go to the railway station parcel booking option with your bike and mandatory documents such as ID proof, RC and Xerox of insurance paper. Fill the parcel booking form and collect the receipt. Get your bike packed by expert packers. Take your bike from the destination.

Q. How much does it cost for bike parcel in train?

Bike parcel rates in Indian railways will depend on two total weight of your bike and the choice of your destination. Packing charge and delivery charge are two main cost heads. Packing charges will be approximately Rs 300. Insurance charge will be also levied if the declared value of your bike is more than Rs 10000.

Q. How much does it cost to transport bike in train?

There are two ways to transport bike by train. They are bike transport in train as luggage and bike transport in train as parcel. Bike parcel option is cheaper than the luggage option. Furthermore, the cost of bike transportation through train will depend on the weight of your bike, and the choice of your destination. You can calculate charges using Indian Railway Official Parcel Cost Calculator.

Q. What are other modes to transport bike from one city to another?

If you don’t like bike transport in train then there are other convenient ways to transport bikes and two-wheelers from one city to another. You can hire bike transportation services from one of your local bike transport companies. There are several logistics and transport companies including packers & movers that provide bike transport services in different cities and towns of India. If you are looking for door to door bike shifting services then hiring professional bike transport company would be the best option for you.

Q. Which is economical way to transport bike – train or transport company?

Obviously, bike transportation by railway (train) is the cheaper option. But if you are looking for door to door assistance on your bike shifting then you should go with independent bike transporter.

Q. Can I transport my bike with petrol in fuel tank?

No, you cannot transport your bike with petrol in tank. Indian Rail Authorities will never allow for sending bike by train with fuel. There is a provision of fine of Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 if your bike is found loaded in truck with petrol. So, empty your bike fuel tank before you transport by train.

Q. Which is the best portal to book bike transport company of bike transport service in India? is the best and most trusted relocation & transport related service booking portal in India. Through this portal, you can easily book the best bike transport service in almost all major Indian cities at affordable rates. You can compare rates from multiple vendors and choose the right one that matches your budget.

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