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Don’t confuse corporate relocation with office shifting. A corporate relocation usually refers to the process of transferring an employee from one city to another or another country. Thus, this can also be termed as an employee relocation. Corporate relocation may also include shifting office goods or relocation of a large corporation from one city to another. Whatever your corporate relocation requirements, you need to hire the best corporate relocation services so that you don’t face trouble with the process. If you want to hire the best corporate relocation services near you at an affordable price, we can help you. We will provide you with free quotes from the top 3 best corporate moving companies near you. All you need to do is compare the quotes and select the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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Corporate Relocation Services in India

Reliable and Affordable Corporate Shifting Services in India

Moving commercial goods from a location to another is difficult. To get the best aid in corporate moving of goods one needs to have a good planning and other than this, a better implementation of everything. Corporate moving is a time taking process and complex too. There are many things that have to be managed during the process. It’s not household move that will include only handful of things but it is a type of move that has all the complexities of shifting. The first most important thing in consideration to corporate moving is that, it cannot be handled singly. Yes, a person cannot manage the process of corporate relocation by own but he would need aid of professionals or other relevant helps that would simplify the complexities included in commercial moving and shifting of goods.

Corporate moving can be classified into many forms. No doubt the complexity level in corporate move is high and it is because of the number of goods and other sensitive items and documents included in that. Corporate moving is a shifting process that includes the relocation of a big office or corporate house. We are here mentioning few of the biggest impediments of corporate moving. Understanding the impediments well would help relocators to manage the process in better ways.

Major Complexities in Corporate Moving

Large Number of Goods: Corporate move is considered to be one of the toughest move types and it is because of the large number of goods that are included in it. Large number of goods here means that there are big machineries, office furniture, electronic items, systems, servers, and other such relevant things that are the inclusions of the corporate house and need to be moved. Taking each of them to the next level is tough and needs a proper management.

Lengthy Process: Corporate move is not a process that would be handled in a single day. For completing the task one is required to have adequate time frame depending on the distance and the number of goods. Being a lengthy process is one of the biggest complexities of corporate moving and this makes the relocators worried about it more.

Highly Sensitive Data and Files: Running a big corporate house is not easy and it is because of the sensitivity of each of the items that are included in the same. To manage the things perfectly well in a corporate move, one is supposed to appoint a staff to take a note of the sensitive items. It is because of the sensitive items that the move becomes even tougher to manage.

Big Financial Involvement: Now, the biggest impediment in corporate moving is the big financial involvement in the same. As the process is much lengthier hence one need to invest money for it accordingly. Managing the financial part of the move is again a big impediment for people.

What are the Possible Problems that May Rise during Corporate Moving

Corporate moving is tough and so as the problems that could rise during the complete process. We are here highlighting few of the common problems that a person can face while he is relocating his corporate goods from a place to another.

  • Delay in Process: Corporate moving is a big and lengthy process; hence there are high chances that one may face delay in process. This is something much common too but not a favorable situation for the business houses. As there is value of every micro second in business, hence delay in the delivery and settlement of goods at the next destination can bring big monetary loss.
  • Mismanagement of Important Document: Corporate move is one of the sensitive move types and this is because of the important credentials that are involved in the process. The important documents are always at a risk during the corporate moving. Due to the large number of sensitive documents being transported from a place to another, there are high chances of loss and mismanagement of the documents. A single loss can result to a big one at the end.
  • Loss and Damage of Items: The third problem that arises during corporate moving is loss and damage of items. Corporate move is a big move in itself, in which the whole business house needs to be relocated from a place to another. In the complex task when everything is at risk, a single loss and damage can cost more by the end.
  • Lack of Coordination in Between Employees and Clients: Corporate move is a typical business moving. In this type of move one is supposed to have a good coordination with employees as well as clients. Not informing clients about address change can hamper a lot in the business and on the other hand, lack of coordination with employees can delay the process of settlement.

Corporate shifting is tough. To get the best experience of corporate moving and shifting of the goods, the business house need to have a good plan and should implement it in the better way as well. Assigning a project manager who could coordinate well with the staff and moving company would also give good outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide employee relocation services?

    Yes, our moving associates that are expert in handling corporate relocations offer employee relocation service as well. You can choose to manage your employee move directly through this portal.

  • The cost of employee relocation varies from company to company and also the weight of the shipment. Sometimes the employee’s requirements also affect the cost.

  • Yes! Corporate relocation is expensive than household relocation because corporate shifting is considered the toughest move because of the large goods involved in it. Well, employee relocation is an expensive affair although it depends on each of the employer’s relocation benefits package. Relocating an employee than hiring a new one is expensive. Also, moving a homeowner than a person who rents is expensive.

  • Yes, sure! With the associates of Moving Solutions, you can easily arrange international corporate moves or employee relocation without any hassles. Our associates are trained and expert in handling international moves as well.

  • We provide you a list of the moving agencies that deal in corporate and employee relocations. These movers are experienced, trained, professionals, and experts. They work hard in customizing corporate relocation policies to meet the individual’s expectations during transportation. From packing to unpacking, disassembling to reassembling PCs, furniture, etc., they provide full and partial relocation services to meet the requirements of the employees you are helping to move.

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