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Are you looking for intercity services in India? If yes then your search ends are at Moving Solutions ( We help you find the best Packers and Movers for moving from one city to another, i.e. intercity relocation aka long-distance relocation. Whether you wish to transport household items, car, bike or office items from one city to another we at Moving Solutions will help you pick the best-quality intercity relocation services at very affordable and genuine rates.

Moving or relocating from one city to another has always been a complicated and stressful affair to deal with. You may need to involve a lot of time efforts in making preparation and arrangement for your intercity move. It is always advisable that you must plan your intercity relocation with a right and reliable moving company that has enough expertise in handling intercity relocation requirements, be it household goods shifting, bike & car transport or office shifting from one city to another.

One thing you must remember that prior planning is key to a successful and straightforward intercity relocation. Hence you should start getting organized earlier. You should also hire professional Packers and Movers for your intercity move well in advance. It is imperative because you will never like to pay high charges on hiring intercity movers and packers in last minutes. If you will hire professional movers and packers ahead of time then you will be able to get the intercity shifting services at cheaper rates. Keep in mind, professional moving companies ask for high charges in last minutes.

If you really have the requirement of intercity shifting service in any city of India, then you can hire the same with us. We would provide you free estimates from top rated credible and experienced intercity movers and packers. Compare the received estimates along with the quality and rates of services. And then make the final decision to choose the one that matches your specific intercity relocation requirements.

Here is how you can hire the best-quality intercity shifting services in your city.

  1. Tell us your shifting details via the following mediums
    • Online: Enquiry Form
    • Helpline Numbers: 9911918545, 9871635413
    • Toll Free Number: 1800 116 878
    • WhatsApp Number: 919911918545
    • Email ID:
  2. Get free estimates (quotes) from top 3 verified Packers and Movers within few minutes
  3. Compare rates and quality of services to choose the best one at your best price.

Why Moving Solutions to Hire Intercity Shifting Services in India?

We at Moving Solutions are committed to providing you the best-quality intercity shifting services at genuine and realistic rates. We are partnered with some of the best packers and movers from different cities and towns of India that specialize in different types of intercity relocation and transportation requirements. Our partner companies are licensed, registered, experienced, dependable and verified. We have also checked their background and market reputation before making association with any intercity moving company. Thus, hiring intercity shifting services in different cities and towns of India would be really a nice and wise decision.

Our partner packers and movers can be hired on several types of intercity shifting and transportation requirements, such as;

  • Residential relocation from one city to another
  • Commercial relocation from one city to another
  • Office shifting or corporate relocation from one city to another
  • Car carriers & car transportation from one city to another
  • Bike carrier & bike shifting from one city to another
  • Home furniture moving from one city to another
  • Office furniture moving from one city to another

We provide you a quicker, easier, safer and smarter way to hire the best Packers and Movers for an intercity move. We will usually provide you 3 quotes from different pre-verified and quality intercity moving companies. This will make you able to compare the best rates and choose the right and reliable relocation services for your intercity move. We provide services for intercity relocation in almost all the major cities and towns of India. Thus, it makes a sense to choose Moving Solution in order to hire the best intercity movers and packers in your city.

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Delhi

Delhi to Ahmedabad Moving Delhi to Bangalore Moving Delhi to Chennai Moving Delhi to Dehradun Moving
Delhi to Gurgaon Moving Delhi to Jaipur Moving Delhi to Kerala Moving Delhi to Kolkata Moving
Delhi to Hyderabad Moving Delhi to Lucknow Moving Delhi to Noida Moving Delhi to Patna Moving
Delhi to Pune Moving Delhi to Ranchi Moving Delhi to Siliguri Moving Delhi to Agra Moving
Delhi to Bhopal Moving Delhi to Chandigarh Moving Delhi to Bareilly Moving Delhi to Bhubaneswar Moving
Delhi to Varanasi Moving Delhi to Kanpur Moving Delhi to Guwahati Moving Delhi to Indore Moving
Delhi to Goa Moving Delhi to Gorakhpur Moving Delhi to Jammu Moving Delhi to Sonipat Moving
Delhi to Rohtak Moving Delhi to Surat Moving Delhi to Panipat Moving Delhi to Jamnagar Moving
Delhi to Aligarh Moving Delhi to Kanpur Moving Delhi to Mumbai Moving  

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Noida

Noida to Delhi Moving Noida to Mumbai Moving Noida to Pune Moving Noida to Gurgaon Moving
Noida to Chennai Moving Noida to Kolkata Moving Noida to Hyderabad Moving Noida to Ranchi Moving
Noida to Bangalore Moving Noida to Lucknow Moving Noida to Zirakpur Moving Noida to Mohali Moving
Noida to Chandigarh Moving Noida to Ghaziabad Moving Noida to Kochi Moving Noida to Kerala Moving
Noida to Madurai Moving Noida to Mysore Moving Noida to Bhopal Moving Noida to Patna Moving
Noida to Jabalpur Moving Noida to Indore Moving    

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Gurgaon

Gurgaon to Pune Moving Gurgaon to Chennai Moving Gurgaon to Surat Moving Gurgaon to Ranchi Moving
Gurgaon to Noida Moving Gurgaon to Chandigarh Moving Gurgaon to Indore Moving Gurgaon to Panchkula Moving
Gurgaon to Mumbai Moving Gurgaon to Bangalore Moving Gurgaon to Goa Moving Gurgaon to Faridabad Moving
Gurgaon to Kolkata Moving Gurgaon to Ahmedabad Moving Gurgaon to Kanpur Moving Gurgaon to Patiala Moving
Gurgaon to Jaipur Moving Gurgaon to Udaipur Moving Gurgaon to Lucknow Moving Gurgaon to Yavatmal Moving
Gurgaon to Hyderabad Moving Gurgaon to Bharuch Moving Gurgaon to Pondicherry Moving Gurgaon to Raipur Moving
Gurgaon to Delhi Moving Gurgaon to Bhopal Moving Gurgaon to Panvel Moving Gurgaon to Zirakpur Moving
Gurgaon to Coimbatore Moving Gurgaon to Vadodara Moving    

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad to Delhi Moving Ghaziabad to Gurgaon Moving Ghaziabad to Noida Moving Ghaziabad to Faridabad Moving
Ghaziabad to Pune Moving Ghaziabad to Mumbai Moving Ghaziabad to Bangalore Moving Ghaziabad to Hyderabad Moving
Ghaziabad to Chennai Moving Ghaziabad to Cochin/Kochi Moving    

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Chandigarh

Chandigarh to Delhi Moving Chandigarh to Mumbai Moving Chandigarh to Pune Moving Chandigarh to Bangalore Moving
Chandigarh to Hyderabad Moving Chandigarh to Kerala Moving Chandigarh to Chennai Moving Chandigarh to Vizag Moving
Chandigarh to Faridabad Moving Chandigarh to Kolkata Moving Chandigarh to Kochi Moving Chandigarh to Lucknow Moving
Chandigarh to Madurai Moving Chandigarh to Noida Moving Chandigarh to Gurgaon Moving Chandigarh to Patna Moving
Chandigarh to Ranchi Moving Chandigarh to Jaipur Moving Chandigarh to Kanpur Moving Chandigarh to Shimla Moving
Chandigarh to Jammu Moving Chandigarh to Agra Moving Chandigarh to Panipat Moving Chandigarh to Sonipat Moving
Chandigarh to Sirsa Moving Chandigarh to Rohtak Moving Chandigarh to Ghaziabad Moving  

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Mohali

Mohali to Delhi Moving Mohali to Gurgaon Moving Mohali to Noida Moving Mohali to Ghaziabad Moving
Mohali to Pune Moving Mohali to Mumbai Moving Mohali to Hyderabad Moving Mohali to Bangalore Moving
Mohali to Chennai Moving      

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Mumbai

Mumbai to Delhi Moving Mumbai to Noida Moving Mumbai to Gurgaon Moving Mumbai to Pune Moving
Mumbai to Bangalore Moving Mumbai to Chennai Moving Mumbai to Hyderabad Moving Mumbai to Ahmedabad Moving
Mumbai to Indore Moving Mumbai to Lucknow Moving Mumbai to Vadodara Moving Mumbai to Kerala Moving
Mumbai to Kanpur Moving Mumbai to Jaipur Moving Mumbai to Kolkata Moving Mumbai to Mangalore Moving
Mumbai to Goa Moving Mumbai to Bhubaneswar Moving Mumbai to Visakhapatnam Moving Mumbai to Ujjain Moving
Mumbai to Coimbatore Moving Mumbai to Allahabad Moving Mumbai to Bhopal Moving Mumbai to Pondicherry Moving
Mumbai to Warangal Moving Mumbai to Patna Moving Mumbai to Ranchi Moving Mumbai to Udaipur Moving
Mumbai to Surat Moving Mumbai to Mysore Moving Mumbai to Trivandrum Moving Mumbai to Jabalpur Moving
Mumbai to Jodhpur Moving Mumbai to Cochin Moving Mumbai to Nashik Moving Mumbai to Shimla Moving
Mumbai to Nagpur Moving Mumbai to Chandigarh Moving Mumbai to Jammu Moving  

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai to Pune Moving Navi Mumbai to Hyderabad Moving Navi Mumbai to Kerala Moving Navi Mumbai to Indore Moving
Navi Mumbai to Chennai Moving Navi Mumbai to Delhi Moving Navi Mumbai to Gurgaon Moving Navi Mumbai to Noida Moving
Navi Mumbai to Bangalore Moving      

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Panvel

Panvel to Mumbai Moving Panvel to Bangalore Moving Panvel to Chennai Moving Panvel to Hyderabad Moving
Panvel to Delhi Moving Panvel to Gurgaon Moving Panvel to Noida Moving  

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Thane

Thane to Delhi Moving Thane to Noida Moving Thane to Gurgaon Moving Thane to Pune Moving
Thane to Bangalore Moving Thane to Chennai Moving Thane to Hyderabad Moving Thane to Ahmedabad Moving
Thane to Indore Moving Thane to Lucknow Moving Thane to Vadodara Moving Thane to Kerala Moving
Thane to Kanpur Moving Thane to Jaipur Moving Thane to Kolkata Moving Thane to Mangalore Moving
Thane to Goa Moving Thane to Bhubaneswar Moving Thane to Visakhapatnam Moving  

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Pune

Pune to Bangalore Moving Pune to Chennai Moving Pune to Gurgaon Moving Pune to Mumbai Moving
Pune to Delhi Moving Pune to Hyderabad Moving Pune to Nasik Moving Pune to Nagpur Moving
Pune to Ahmedabad Moving Pune to Kolkata Moving Pune to Noida Moving Pune to Indore Moving
Pune to Visakhapatnam Moving Pune to Thane Moving Pune to Mangalore Moving Pune to Chandigarh Moving
Pune to Vijayawada Moving Pune to Surat Moving Pune to Mysore Moving Pune to Cochin Moving
Pune to Vadodara Moving Pune to Coimbatore Moving Pune to Bhopal Moving Pune to Patna Moving
Pune to Ranchi Moving Pune to Lucknow Moving Pune to Bhubaneswar Moving Pune to Aurangabad Moving
Pune to Goa Moving Pune to Jaipur Moving Pune to Kerala Moving Pune to Kolhapur Moving
Pune to Jabalpur Moving Pune to Kanpur Moving    

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad to Delhi Moving Ahmedabad to Noida Moving Ahmedabad to Pune Moving Ahmedabad to Mumbai Moving
Ahmedabad to Nagpur Moving Ahmedabad to Nashik Moving Ahmedabad to Bangalore Moving Ahmedabad to Hyderabad Moving
Ahmedabad to Chennai Moving Ahmedabad to Kolkata Moving Ahmedabad to Jaipur Moving Ahmedabad to Vadodara Moving
Ahmedabad to Madurai Moving Ahmedabad to Patna Moving Ahmedabad to Patiala Moving Ahmedabad to Panchkula Moving
Ahmedabad to Pondicherry Moving Ahmedabad to Panvel Moving Ahmedabad to Rourkela Moving Ahmedabad to Lucknow Moving
Ahmedabad to Kanpur Moving Ahmedabad to Chandigarh Moving Ahmedabad to Mohali Moving Ahmedabad to Dehradun Moving
Ahmedabad to Faridabad Moving Ahmedabad to Ghaziabad Moving Ahmedabad to Gurgaon Moving Ahmedabad to Navi Mumbai Moving

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Surat

Surat to Delhi Moving Surat to Noida Moving Surat to Ghaziabad Moving Surat to Gurgaon Moving
Surat to Pune Moving Surat to Mumbai Moving Surat to Nashik Moving Surat to Ahmedabad Moving
Surat to Gandhinagar Moving Surat to Jamnagar Moving Surat to Vadodara Moving Surat to Chandigarh Moving
Surat to Bangalore Moving Surat to Chennai Moving Surat to Hyderabad Moving Surat to Patna Moving

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Bangalore

Bangalore to Ahmedabad Moving Bangalore to Delhi Moving Bangalore to Gurgaon Moving Bangalore to Noida Moving
Bangalore to Hyderabad Moving Bangalore to Chennai Moving Bangalore to Pune Moving Bangalore to Mumbai Moving
Bangalore to Nagpur Moving Bangalore to Coimbatore Moving Bangalore to Guntur Moving Bangalore to Goa Moving
Bangalore to Indore Moving Bangalore to Kerala Moving Bangalore to Trivandrum Moving Bangalore to Tirupati Moving
Bangalore to Madurai Moving Bangalore to Patna Moving Bangalore to Mysore Moving Bangalore to Nellore Moving
Bangalore to Bhopal Moving Bangalore to Bhubaneswar Moving Bangalore to Calicut Moving Bangalore to Cochin Moving
Bangalore to Guwahati Moving Bangalore to Jamshedpur Moving Bangalore to Kolkata Moving Bangalore to Luckno Moving
Bangalore to Mangalore Moving Bangalore to Ongole Moving Bangalore to Trichy Moving Bangalore to Yamunanagar Moving
Bangalore to Visakhapatnam Moving Bangalore to Pondicherry Moving Bangalore to Ranchi Moving Bangalore to Salem Moving
Bangalore to Thrissur Moving Bangalore to Udupi Moving Bangalore to Warangal Moving Bangalore to Vijayawada Moving
Bangalore to Vellore Moving Bangalore to Bellary Moving Bangalore to Belgaum Moving Bangalore to Anantapur Moving
Bangalore to Gudur Moving Bangalore to Guntur Moving Bangalore to Hubli Moving Bangalore to Kottayam Moving
Bangalore to Kannur Moving Bangalore to Hosur Moving Bangalore to Jaipur Moving Bangalore to Kadapa Moving
Bangalore to Orissa Moving Bangalore to Shimoga Moving Bangalore to Palakkad Moving Bangalore to Namakkal Moving
Bangalore to Erode Moving Bangalore to Dharwad Moving Bangalore to Chittoor Moving Bangalore to Nagercoil Moving
Bangalore to Kakinada Moving Bangalore to Kurnool Moving Bangalore to Tirunelveli Moving  

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Hyderabad

Hyderabad to Pune Moving Hyderabad to Noida Moving Hyderabad to Vijayawada Moving Hyderabad to Nellore Moving
Hyderabad to Mumbai Moving Hyderabad to Kolkata Moving Hyderabad to Gurgaon Moving Hyderabad to Guntur Moving
Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar Moving Hyderabad to Delhi Moving Hyderabad to Chennai Moving Hyderabad to Bangalore Moving
Hyderabad to Kakinada Moving Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam Moving Hyderabad to Ongole Moving Hyderabad to Kadapa Moving
Hyderabad to Vizianagaram Moving      

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Chennai

Chennai to Bangalore Moving Chennai to Kochi Moving Chennai to Trivandrum Moving Chennai to Mumbai Moving
Chennai to Gurgaon Moving Chennai to Kolkata Moving Chennai to Trichy Moving Chennai to Madurai Moving
Chennai to Hyderabad Moving Chennai to Pune Moving Chennai to Pollachi Moving Chennai to Noida Moving
Chennai to Kerala Moving Chennai to Vijayawada Moving Chennai to Nellore Moving Chennai to Delhi Moving
Chennai to Bhubaneswar Moving Chennai to Coimbatore Moving Chennai to Ahmedabad Moving Chennai to Madurai Moving
Chennai to Calicut Moving Chennai to Salem Moving Chennai to Erode Moving Chennai to Dindigul Moving
Chennai to Guntur Moving Chennai to Karur Moving Chennai to Hosur Moving Chennai to Kumbakonam Moving
Chennai to Karaikudi Moving Chennai to Mannargudi Moving Chennai to Kadapa Moving Chennai to Kolkata Moving
Chennai to Vellore Moving Chennai to Kollam Moving Chennai to Vishakhapatnam Moving Chennai to Ongole Moving
Chennai to Virudhunagar Moving Chennai to Kovilpatti Moving Chennai to Jaipur Moving Chennai to Mysore Moving
Chennai to Nagercoil Moving Chennai to Srivillithur Moving Chennai to Pondicherry Moving Chennai to Kakinada Moving
Chennai to Sattur Moving      

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Kolkata

Kolkata to Delhi Moving Kolkata to Patna Moving Kolkata to Faridabad Moving Kolkata to Ahmedabad Moving
Kolkata to Noida Moving Kolkata to Ranchi Moving Kolkata to Indore Moving Kolkata to Warangal Moving
Kolkata to Gurgaon Moving Kolkata to Mumbai Moving Kolkata to Bhopal Moving Kolkata to Vijayawada Moving
Kolkata to Pune Moving Kolkata to Guwahati Moving Kolkata to Jammu Moving Kolkata to Raipur Moving
Kolkata to Bangalore Moving Kolkata to Jamshedpur Moving Kolkata to Lucknow Moving Kolkata to Bhilai Moving
Kolkata to Hyderabad Moving Kolkata to Chennai Moving Kolkata to Nagpur Moving Kolkata to Kanpur Moving
Kolkata to Siliguri Moving Kolkata to Chandigarh Moving Kolkata to Mangalore Moving Kolkata to Kochi (Cochin) Moving
Kolkata to Bhubaneswar Moving Kolkata to Ghaziabad Moving Kolkata to Surat Moving Kolkata to Lucknow Moving

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Allahabad

Allahabad to Delhi Moving Allahabad to Gurgaon Moving Allahabad to Lucknow Moving Allahabad to Varanasi Moving
Allahabad to Noida Moving Allahabad to Patna Moving Allahabad to Gorakhpur Moving Allahabad to Ghaziabad Moving
Allahabad to Kanpur Moving      

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Varanasi

Varanasi to Delhi Moving Varanasi to Gurgaon Moving Varanasi to Noida Moving Varanasi to Lucknow Moving
Varanasi to Gorakhpur Moving Varanasi to Ghaziabad Moving Varanasi to Patna Moving Varanasi to Kanpur Moving

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar to Delhi Moving Bhubaneswar to Gurgaon Moving Bhubaneswar to Noida Moving Bhubaneswar to Hyderabad Moving
Bhubaneswar to Bangalore Moving Bhubaneswar to Pune Moving Bhubaneswar to Mumbai Moving Bhubaneswar to Kolkata Moving
Bhubaneswar to Chennai Moving Bhubaneswar to Patna Moving Bhubaneswar to Ahmedabad Moving Bhubaneswar to Jaipur Moving
Bhubaneswar to Chandigarh Moving      

Intercity Shifting Packers and Movers from Bhopal

Intercity Packers and Movers from Vadodara

Vadodara to Chennai Moving Vadodara to Bangalore Moving Vadodara to Noida Moving Vadodara to Delhi Moving
Vadodara to Gurgaon Moving Vadodara to Hyderabad Moving Vadodara to Ahmedabad Moving Vadodara to Chandigarh Moving
Vadodara to Mumbai Moving Vadodara to Udaipur Moving Vadodara to Zirakpur Moving Vadodara to Kanpur Moving
Vadodara to Ujjain Moving Vadodara to Lucknow Moving    
Quality Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is intercity relocation or intercity shifting?

Moving or relocating from one city to another is termed as intercity relocation aka intercity shifting or intercity move. Sometimes it is also referred as domestic relocation or domestic shifting. It can be residential relocation, office relocation, commercial shifting or bike car transportation.

Q: What is the average cost of intercity shifting in India?

According to recent trends and market analysis, the average cost of hiring intercity relocation service is approx. Rs 35,000. But intercity relocation charges and rates may vary depending upon the various factors. The distance between your current city and destination city would be the prime cost-affecting factors. The total volume and weight of items will also affect the cost your intercity moving.

Q: What is the standard rates and charges for intercity relocation services in different Indian cities?

You can have an idea about intercity relocation charges by seeing the below-mentioned rate chart.

Moving Type/Distance Up to 400 Km 400 - 800 Km 800 - 1300 Km 1300 - 1900Km
Few home items shifting Rs 4,000 - 10,000 Rs 6,000 - 12,000 Rs 7,000 - 15,000 Rs 8,500 - 18,000
Complete house shifting Rs 11,000 - 22,000 Rs 12,000 - 25,000 Rs 13,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,000 - 30,000
1 BHK house shifting Rs 6,000 - 15,000 Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs 10,000 - 22,000 Rs 11,000 - 24,000
2 BHK house shifting Rs 8,000 - 18,000 Rs 10,000 - 25,000 Rs 12,000 - 24,000 Rs 14,000 - 28,000
3 BHK house relocation Rs 10,000 - 25,000 Rs 11,000 - 30,000 Rs 13,000 - 28,000 Rs 16,000 - 34,000
4 BHK house shifting Rs 15,000 - 28,000 Rs 16,000 - 32,000 Rs 18,000 - 34,000 Rs 26,000 - 42,000
5 BHK house shifting Rs 18,000 - 30,000 Rs 23,000 - 40,000 Rs 25,000 - 45,000 Rs 34,000 - 48,000
Home shift + car transport Rs 12,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,000 - 30,000 Rs 16,000 - 38,000 Rs 19,000 - 42,000
Car transportation Rs 3,000 - 5,000 Rs 4,000 - 7,000 Rs 5,000 - 9,000 Rs 6,000 - 10,000
Few office items shifting Rs 6,000 - 15,000 Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs 10,000 - 24,000 Rs 12,000 - 28,000
Complete office shifting Rs 11,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,500 - 30,000 Rs 15,500 - 32,000 Rs 18,000 - 40,000

Q: What are the top Indian cities which are popular among people who want to relocate from city to another?

There are many popular cities of India which are preferred among folks who want to relocate from one city to India. Major cities are Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Surat, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mohali, Bhopal, Jaipur and Indore.

Q: What is the best way to hire intercity shifting movers and packers in India?

The best way to hire packers and movers on an intercity relocation requirement is comparing the multiple quotes from different service providers. This will help you hire the best intercity shifting services at very affordable and genuine rates.


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