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Moving to Bahrain from India

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Moving to Bahrain from India

Moving and Shipping Services from India to Bahrain

Planning for international relocation from India to Bahrain? If yes then most probably you have made this decision wisely. An international relocation comprises so many things and lots of hassles. It requires so many documents for legally relocating to Bahrain from India.

If you have lots of household items for shipping to Bahrain then you may find yourself in troubled waters. Finding out a reliable international moving company that can assist you in the documentation and shipping of your belongings can be a big challenge in an international relocation.

There are so many professional moving companies (packers and movers) in different Indian cities that are claiming for providing international relocation & shipping services. But figuring out the right one from so many companies can be truly a big challenge. You may find yourself in a difficult and confusing situation when it comes to hiring the best moving company in India for moving to Bahrain.

Choosing a reliable and experienced relocation company requires research. You cannot figure out the right service provider without proper researches. Researching for available relocation options and moving companies will take your precious time for sure. You may commit mistakes in choosing the right relocation company due to a lack of your time. Think yourself, what if you don’t have enough time to research? What if you fail to figure out the right relocation service provider from India to Bahrain despite reaching for several days. You may have a lack of time because you also have to do related tasks such as applying for a visa and passport. You may also need to complete several other documents before moving to Bahrain.

If you find yourself in a difficult and confusing situation when it comes to hiring international relocation and shipping services then you don’t need to worry at all. Now you can quickly hire the highest standard of international packing and moving solutions with the appropriate assistance in documentation and customs clearance.

Count on Moving Solutions for India to Bahrain Relocation

We at Moving Solutions will help you hire the best international packers and movers in India for moving to Bahrain. Yes, you read it correctly. Just a note to say, we are partnered with India’s best international movers that offer unmatched quality relocation and shipping services at affordable and genuine rates. We make a thorough and extensive review of our every partner moving company before making an association with them.

Our partners must be licensed, registered, experienced. We check all documents of our associates carefully. We never make an association with inexperienced and any company that seems fishy. Hence, it makes sense to count on Moving Solutions if you want to hire a reliable and experienced moving company for India to Bahrain relocation.

Finding out the right and perfect India to Bahrain moving company is extremely easy, safe, and hassle-free with us. This portal provides you a quicker and smarter way to book the best international relocation company at an affordable price. We are claiming the best shipping services at genuine prices because we are in the industry for several years.

To help you hire the highest standard of India to Bahrain relocation services, we will provide you free quotations from up to 3 verified vendors. You only need to compare rates for international relocation and shipping services. And you know well that price comparison is the best way to save money on purchasing products or services. So, get the best quotes from this portal and select the right international moving company from India to Bahrain.

India to Bahrain Relocation Guide

Moving to Bahrain from India has been a desire for many people. People move to this Gulf country for better work/job opportunities and increased income. There were 290,000 Indian nationals in Bahrain in 2008. And the majority of Indian nationals were from the south Indian state of Kerala. With a plethora of work opportunities, attractive taxation system, liberal & open mind people, and excellent infrastructure; Bahrain has been one of the most south after expat destinations in the Middle East.

When moving to Bahrain from India then it is more likely that you will have to ship your household and personal belongings. To avoid inconveniences when sending belongings to Bahrain, you need to comply with the shipping regulations when packing for an international relocation. The shipment regulations must be followed religiously.

You must have the appropriate documents for moving to Bahrain. Documents such as passport, visa, flight ticket, credit card, traveler cheque, and valid ID card will be required. So, complete your documentation as early as possible for a smooth international relocation from India to Bahrain.

About Bahrain - Officially the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain is a beautiful island country and one of the top expat destinations in the Persian Gulf region. The 2010 census of the country says that 1.2 million people were living in Bahrain, of which 666,172 were non-nationals. This finding shows the popularity of this beautiful Middle East country among expatriates.

Known for its oil and gas industry, Bahrain is also popular among people from South Asia. A sizeable number of people from South Asia live in this country. Indian nationals make the single largest expatriate community in Bahrain. You will be surprised to know that the country had 290,000 Indian nationals in 2008. And you will be more surprised to know that majority of Indian nationals in Bahrain hail from the south Indian state of Kerala.

You might be thinking about which cities can be the best for moving to Bahrain from India. Let’s discuss some popular cities to consider. The capital and the largest city of Bahrain is Manama. It is also the most popular city to reside in the country. Other cities in Bahrain are Riffa, Muharraq, Hamad Town, Isa Town, and A'ali.

Economy of Bahrain

Known for its oil industry, Bahrain has a fast-growing economy in the Persian Gulf. It has the freest economy in the Middle East. Although its economy predominantly depends on oil and gas, the country also has heavily invested in the banking and tourism sectors. There are so many large financial structures in the country’s capital, Manama. The World Bank has recognized Bahrain as a high-income economy.

Tourism in Bahrain is also a major part of Bahrain’s economy. The country receives four million tourists annually. There are several tourists attractions that you can explore after moving to Bahrain.

Major tourist attractions to see in Bahrain include the Bahrain National Museum, Beit Al Qur'an, Bahrain Fort (Qal'at al-Bahrain), Tree of Life, Al Areen Wildlife Park, etc. Popular shopping malls in Bahrain include Bahrain City Centre, Dana Mall, Al Enma Mall, and The Avenues.

Things You Should Know for Moving to Bahrain

People from one country to another for several reasons. Here are the top reasons for moving to Bahrain from India.

  • Bahrain has the fastest-growing economy in the Arab World. It also has the freest economy in the Middle East.
  • Most expats move to Bahrain for better work/job opportunities and increased income.
  • Most expats moving to Bahrain are from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Philippines, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Most expats moving to Bahrain make their homes in Manama, the capital of the country.
  • Indian nationals are the single largest expatriate community in Bahrain.
  • Bahrain offers great tourism opportunities, excellent infrastructure, and a simple taxation system.
  • A person who works in Bahrain is required to pay only 6% for tax (1% to the Government + 5% as social security). Hence, expats can take home most of their income.
  • Loving in Bahrain should be easy because people in this country are quite liberal and open-minded.
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited for the locals. However, foreigners are allowed to buy it. You must not drink in public to respect the locals’ sentiments.
  • Bahrain is a Muslim society. For easy life here you must respect location traditions. It should be an important part of work and social life in the country. Paying particular attention to the way you dress, consume alcohol and dating will make your life easier here.
  • Bahrain is a country in the Persian Gulf and has an arid climate. There are two seasons in this country – an extremely hot summer and a relatively mild winter. The average temperature here is between 18 to 30 degrees Celsius. So, if you are moving to Bahrain the be prepared to face the scorching heat.

Cost of Living in Bahrain

The cost of living in Bahrain is reasonable as compared to other regional commercial centers, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here is the cost of living in Bahrain chart.

Accommodation (monthly rent)  
3 bedroom apartment in city center 700 BHD
3 bedroom apartment outside of city center 450 BHD
1 bedroom apartment in city center 350 BHD
1 bedroom apartment outside of city centre 250 BHD
Milk (1 litre) 0.60 BHD
Dozen eggs 0.90 BHD
Chicken breasts (1kg) 2.30 BHD
Rice (1kg) 0.85 BHD
Loaf of white bread 0.40 BHD
Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) 1.80 BHD
Eating out  
Big Mac meal 2.40 BHD
Coca Cola (330ml) 0.20 BHD
Cappuccino 1.80 BHD
Bottle of beer 3.50 BHD
Three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant 15 BHD
Mobile call rate (per minute, mobile to mobile) 0.05 BHD
Internet (uncapped ADSL or cable average per month) 14 BHD
Hourly rate for a domestic cleaner 2.80 BHD
Utilities (average per month for standard household) 40 BHD
Taxi rate per km 0.20 BHD
One-way ticket on public transport 0.30 BHD
Petrol (per litre) 0.20 BHD

* Prices may vary depending on location and service provider.

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