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Moving to Canada from India

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Moving to Canada from India

Shipping Costs from India to Canada

There are so many factors that will affect the costs of international shipping to Canada from India. Your current location in India, and your new destination in Canada will also influence the shipping costs. That’s not all. The medium you choose to ship your household stuff and personal effects will influence the shipping costs. For example, shipping costs of household stuffs via sea will be higher than shipping by air.

Shipping Costs from India to Canada
Move Sizes Shipping by Sea Costs Shipping by Air Costs
1-2 BHK £2,462 - £2,721 £9,845 - £10,882
3  BHK £3,786 - £4,185 NA
5 BHK £5,679 - £6,278 NA

An Overview of Moving from India to Canada

Are you planning to move from India to Canada? Are you looking for India to Canada relocation services? If yes then your search ends here. Relocating to Canada is a breeze now with Moving Solutions. We at Moving Solutions are providing you the best assistance and relocation services when you need to move from India to Canada. Plus, we will provide you the best information on international relocation to make the process a whole lot easier and hassle-free. You will learn all the necessary steps and requirements so that you can relocate from India to Canada safely with your family and loved ones.

We understand well that planning an international move is not something that you should do on your own. Being India’s leading relocation service booking portal, we aim to make your international move truly hassle-free. Furthermore, we understand well that what you may need when you have to relocate from India to Canada. Hence, we provide you all the essential services to help you move from India to Canada easily. If you are truly looking for the best relocation services for your upcoming move to Canada then don't hesitate to contact us. We will provide you the best guidance, total support, best assistance, and all the essential services for your India to Canada relocation. 

Relocating to Canada Guide by Moving Solutions

The process of moving household goods and settling into a new country like Canada is not an easy task at all. When it comes to moving to another country then it is always a big decision of life to make. Hence, you should never take it lightly. There are several things you should take into account when you need to relocate from India to Canada. It is completely different from a local or domestic shifting. You will need to go through several procedures and formalities to make your international move a breeze.

Do you know how many people move to Canada every year? A report says that approximately 2.5 lakh people from different parts of the world move to Canada each year. There are several ways to legally move to Canada, a country in the northern part of North America. The process of India to Canada relocation might seem overwhelming and challenging. But you need to worry no more. Moving Solutions has done thorough research for you. We are driven to provide you the most reliable advice and essential services for moving to Canada.

Top Reasons to Move to Canada

There can be multiple reasons behind relocating to Canada, the second-largest country in the world. If you have been dreaming about moving to this beautiful country in North America then you will get several reasons. You must know the fact that the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has named this beautiful country in 2011 as the second best nation to live in.

That's not all. A strong economy, high human development index, beautiful landscapes, and world-class cities are among the best factors behind relocating to Canada. Moreover, if you are an Indian then you will have some more special reasons to relocate to Canada from India.

Some other features and benefits of moving to Canada include:

  • Canada’s ancient and cultural relation with India
  • Lenient and democratic policies of the Canadian government
  • Quality of life - higher standards of living
  • Exceptional health care system for your family
  • Ease of settling in the country
  • Safety & security
  • Quality education system for your kids at minimum cost
  • High-income Incredible growth opportunities
  • Tons of job opportunities in various sectors
  • A perfect environment to raise family and kids
  • World-class, outstanding infrastructure
  • So many government benefits and services
  • Excellent transportation and daily life facilities

As an Indian, you must have got plenty of reasons to migrate to Canada by now, for sure.

Indeed, Canada is a wonderful country to live in with so many great benefits.  But it does not mean that the process of moving from India to Canada is straightforward. To make your move to Canada a breeze, we at Moving Solutions you the best information on the relocation process, visa & work permits, custom regulations, and documentation. Let’s find out how you can migrate to Canada as an Indian.

Relocation Services for Moving to Canada by Moving Solutions

Organizing an international relocation is not a fun chore at all. Whether you are making an international move for the first time or have relocated multiple times before, the process of an international relocation may make you worried. Our comprehensive international moving solution will ease your move to Canada - from initial preparation to getting the best relocation service.

The process of India to Canada relocation can be anything but straightforward if you choose Moving Solutions. Rest assured that our international relocation guide and services will make your abroad moving a whole lot easier and more manageable. If you are looking for the best essential services with regards to move to Canada then we will never disappoint you. We will assist you in every aspect such as customs clearance, moving, shipping, housing, and household goods storage in Canada. Plus, we will provide you best in class services for shipping your car and large furniture along with other essential household items.

Whether you are looking for household goods storage option for the short-term or long-term, we will assist you to find the best storage solution in your new country. Plus, we will provide you the right information on what you can pack and ship when moving to Canada. Yes, you must know the fact that there are limits to what you can bring to Canada. We will also provide you the best packing services for the items that you want to ship from India to Canada.

Before you hire packing services to get packed your belongings or you start packing your bags, you need to make sure that you have enough understanding of customs laws and rules. You need to know that there are certain items and things that you cannot bring in Canada. There are limits on certain things and items.

Hiring International Movers through Moving Solutions to Move to Canada

To make your move to Canada a breeze, we have tied up with some of the renowned international moving companies of India from different cities. Our partner moving companies are licensed and knowledgeable. They are offering the highest standard of international moving services along with assistance in customs clearance and documentation. We have done thorough research on our partner international movers before making an association with them. For example, we have verified their license, company registration, background, and market reputation. So, you don't need to worry at all when you need to hire an international moving company through this portal.

When you need to hire moving to Canada services then we will provide you free quotations from the top 3 verified and licensed moving companies. The only task you need to do is comparing their price estimates and finalize the one that matches your needs and budget. Rest assured. You will get the best deal on the relocation package for moving from India to Canada.

So, before you book that ticket to the beautiful country of Canada, let us know. We will arrange for you the best international moving solution to make your India to Canada moving a breeze.

Process and Requirements of Moving to Canada from India

If you have to move to Canada from India then you will need to get through the Canadian Immigration System. There is a point-based visa and immigration system in Canada that provides several immigration programs and visa types. QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program), Express Entry System, and PNPs (Provincial Nominee Program) are the most popular immigration programs in Canada. You will need to apply for any of the key Canadian immigration programs to become eligible for moving to Canada. There are various other programs that will depend upon your specific requirements, type of visit, age, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you will need to include certain documents such as valid visa & passport, credential assessment, travel document, sufficient funds to support your stay and language proficiency certification. It is advisable that you must consult a local Canadian immigration consultant that will provide you the desired support to get these things done correctly. 

Three Types of Canadian Immigration Programs

AS mentioned above there are three most common immigration programs for moving to Canada from India. Know little more about these three immigration programs.

Express Entry System

First of all create an online profile on the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) website and submit an EOI (Expression of Interest). Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) is your first step to immigration to Canada from India. The IRCC website will review your profile and allocate it a definite score. You will then receive an ITA (invitation to apply for PR (permanent residence) Visa if your profile score is found as per the periodic draw requirement.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

QSWP is the immigration program that is run by Quebec Province in Canada. Directly apply in the QSWP online or offline to get the Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC). The QSWP will review your profile before providing you the Quebec Selection Certificate. If your profile is select for the QSC then you will become eligible for applying for Canadian permanent residence (PR) visa.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Different Canadian provinces the PNPs immigration programs. Through these programs, you can apply to immigrate to their respective provinces. Before applying for a PNP immigration program you will also need to register on Express Entry System. If your application in the PNP program is selected for nomination then your profile in Express Entry System will get additional 600 points. This will ensure your Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the easy way to apply for a Canadian Visa?

    If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to move to Canada from India then we recommend you to go through the Express Entry System and QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program). The Express Entry System is the fastest way and may provide you a visa within a period of six months to one year. The processing time may delay depending upon various other factors. The QSWP program offers you the Canadian permanent residence visa without the Canadian job offer or the Express Entry pool requirement. So, if you are planning to move from India to Canada then we recommend you to go with EE or QSWP immigration programs.

  • You will need the following documents when you need to move from India to Canada.

    • Valid Visa (Xerox Copy and Original) for each family member traveling with you
    • Residence proof of Canada for each family member traveling with you
    • Valid passport for each family member traveling with you
    • 2 detailed copies of inventory of all the personal or household items to be shipped (in English or French)
    • Receipts for new items that you want to ship
    • Air Waybill (AWB) or Original Bill of Lading (OBL)
    • All Immigration papers, if applicable
    • Obligation for Privilege from the Canadian Ministry of External Affairs (Diplomats)
  • Yes, you must get in touch with an expert immigration consultant. A dependable immigration consultant will help multiple ways in your immigration to Canada. We at Moving Solutions provide you services for packing and moving of your household and personal items to Canada.

  • YES, you can definitely move to Canada if you hold a valid passport with a valid visa. Plus, you will also need to have the right skills, language proficiency, education, and experience to easily get chosen by Canadian immigration programs. Express Entry and QSWP are the easiest ways to get a Canadian PR visa.

  • Yes, it can be moderately expensive to live in Canada. The cost of living in this country will depend on the region and city you choose to live in. So, you must think about this factor before planning to move to Canada.

  • Toronto is the most expensive city to live in the beautiful country of Canada in terms of the average cost of living. Vancouver is also an expensive city to live in the country.

  • The cheapest cities to live in Canada are Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario), Rimouski (Quebec), Saint-Georges (Quebec), Timmins (Ontario), Cornwall (Ontario), Quesnel (British Columbia), Bécancour (Quebec), and Sept-Îles (Quebec). The cost of living in these cities in Canada is cheaper than in Toronto and Vancouver.

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