Moving to Dubai from India

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Shipping Costs from India to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Moving to Dubai from India? Want to ship your household belongings from India to Dubai? If yes then it is likely that you will be also interested in knowing the approx. shipping costs of items from India to Dubai. In addition, you will also like to hire one of the best international packers and movers for moving to Dubai from India. Moving Solutions, India’s trusted and leading relocation service booking portal will give you the best assistance in your international shifting. We will help you know the approx. shipping charges, so that you can plan your move and budget accordingly.

There are so many factors which can influence the cost of shipping items from India to Dubai. One of the main factors is total volume and weight of items. Your goods will be shipped from India to Dubai in container. Your cost will also depend on which type of container you will need. Moreover, the mode of shipping will also affect the cost. There will be different prices for air freight and sea freight. Here, we are providing you approx. charges of hiring movers and packers for moving to Dubai from India.

Move Sizes Shipping by Sea Costs Shipping by Air Costs
1-2 BHK £750 - £829 £3,000 - £3,315
3  BHK £1,154 - £1,275 NA
5 BHK £1,731 - £1,913 NA

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Moving to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from India? Hire the Best Movers and Packers

If you are planning to move from India to Dubai then it is likely that you have taken this decision carefully. We hope you will enjoy quality and comfortable life in Dubai, one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Dubai has become one of the most preferred expat destinations especially among Indian skilled workers and professionals. In addition, this beautiful and ultramodern UAE’s city is home to some of the amazing attractions in the world that always lure expats.

You might be very excited for your move to Dubai, one of cities and emirates of United States of Emirates. There are innumerable reasons for that. From the world’s tallest building and largest shopping malls to countless other things, you can enjoy after moving to Dubai from India.

But there are several things you need to on your part before moving there. For example, documentation, passport, visa and other paper works. These tasks should be finished as earlier as possible. Because applying for visa and preparing other documents for moving to Dubai from India may take a lot of your time. In addition, you also need to hire one of international moving companies that can ship your belongings from India to Dubai safely. There are so many professional packers and movers companies in different Indian cities that are providing services for international shipping. But you should always hire that one that is licensed, reputable and knowledgeable.

Finding out the right and perfect company of international shipping service providers can be a tricky and challenging task for you. When it comes to move internationally, you will never like compromise with the quality of services. Plus, you will never take a risk of hiring an experience or lesser known moving company. You must plan your India to Dubai move with a licensed and reliable packers and movers company so that you cannot face any glitches and problems in the process.

If you are for any reason facing problems in hiring one of the best company of international moving company for move to Dubai then you don’t need to worry at all. If you are using Moving Solutions then everything will be fine. We are here to give you the best assistance and total supporting in relocation from India to Dubai, a city in United States of Emirates. We will help you hire the highest standard of international shipping services from one of the best Indian companies that deals international relocation requirements. Plus, we will also help you in documentations and paper works. Through this portal, you can hire the best and knowledgeable moving company at very reasonable cost.

If you use Moving Solutions to hire India to Dubai shipping services then we will provide you free quotations from top 3 pre-verified and licensed international movers. You only need to comparing the estimates and then making the final decision to choose the best suited one. We are partnered with some of the best and leading companies offering international relocation services. Our partner companies are licensed, registered, experienced and knowledgeable. So, you don’t need to worry at all. We have already verified their different credentials. We always make thorough reviews movers and packers before making association with them.

There are several benefits of choosing Moving Solutions to book the essential relocating services for India to Dubai move. One of the main benefits is we will give you free quotes from multiple pre-verified companies. In addition, we will also provide you the best information obtaining visas for Dubai and paper works and documentations for the same. So, if you truly want to hire India to Dubai shipping services from a reliable and legitimate moving company then trust us and book the same through this portal only.

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Household Shipping form India to Dubai

Are you thinking about shipping your household belongings from India to Dubai? If yes then your search ends here. Find here the best information about Dubai and mode of shipping before you move there and ship your belongings.

Dubai is expat paradise with several good reasons including infrastructure, tremendous carrier growth opportunities, and tons of job opportunities. In addition, the city offers pleasant climate, great lifestyle, and plenty of tourist spots to its residents. You will never get bored living in Dubai as it home to some of the best attractions and shipping malls in the world.

So, relocating to Dubai can be one of the biggest decisions of an individual’s life. Hence, this must be planned properly and executed meticulously. One a reliable packers and movers company can handle international moving to Dubai carefully. Here are we are not talking about mode of shipping goods from India to Dubai.

India to Dubai Shipping Options - Air Freight and Sea Freight

There are two main modes of shipping goods from India to Dubai - Air Freight and Sea Freight. There will be different prices for these two different modes. Air freight shipping will be faster but costlier. On the other hands, the sea freight shipping will be cheaper than air freight but will take times of several weeks. So, make the correct decision correctly.

Air Freight: If budget does not bother you then go with air freight shipping option. It is because it is the fastest way to ship goods from one country to another. A cargo plane will your belongings. This option will take just two or three days to ship your belongings. But if you choose this option then you must be prepared with heavy charges. If you want to ship your belongings at budget then this is certainly not the best option for you. You must choose sea freight shipping to save money.

Sea Freight: If you have a very tight budget and looking for an affordable option to ship your belongings from India to Dubai then sea freight shipping will be the cheaper option. But this service will take time for several days to ship your cargo.

Shipping Container Options for Sea Freight

There are mainly three shipping container options to ship your items from India to the Dubai.

  • 20 Feet Container
  • 40 Feet Container
  • LCL - Less Than Container Load (Shared Container)

Your belongings will go in either a 20 feet container or a 40 feet container depending upon the total volume of your possessions. Another option is LCL - Less Than Container Load. As the name suggests, this option can be opted if your cargo is less than 15 cubic meters. In this option you will share container with other people moving to the Dubai from India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the different ways for household items shipping from India to Dubai?

There are two options to ship items to Dubai from India. Air Freight and Sea Freight. Air Freight is a quick but expensive option. Sea Freight is a cheap option but will take time of several weeks.

Q. What are options for shipping containers for shipping cargo from India to the Dubai?

There are three shipping container options - 20 Feet Container, 40 Feet Container and Shared Container/LCL (Less than container load)

Q. What is the approx. cost of 1 BHK items shipping to Dubai from India?

The approx. cost of 1 BHK items shipping from India to Dubai will be around £3,000 - £3,315 by air, and £750 - £829 by sea.

Q. What is the approx. cost of 3 BHK items shipping to Dubai from India?

The approx. cost of 3 BHK items shipping to Dubai from India will be around £ 1,154 - £1,275 by sea.

Q. I want to ship items of my 5 bedroom house to Dubai. What will be the approx. shipping cost for the same?

The approx. cost for shipping items of 5 bedroom house from India to the Dubai will be around £ 1,731 - £1,913 by sea.

Q. Which are major shipping routes for shipping to Dubai from India?

Dubai’s Port of Jebel Ali and Khalifa Port beside Abu Dhabi are two major shipping ports in the United Arab Emirates.

Q. Which is the largest shipping portal in the Dubai?

The largest shipping port in the Dubai is Dubai’s Port of Jebel Ali.

Q. What about clearing customers in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates offers fairly straightforward customs process. You need to do these things. Create inventory of items that you want to ship to the Dubai. Customs official will physically inspect the container. So, make sure you don’t include non-allowable items in the shipping container.

Q. What are non-allowable items in India to Dubai shipping?

Non-allowable items are non-Islamic religious pamphlets, products from protected species (Crude Ivory and Rhinoceros horn), amounts in excess of AED 100,000, controlled medicines & drugs, items from Israeli origin, and cooked & homemade foods.

Q. What are the major benefits of living in the Dubai?

There are so many reasons to live in Dubai. Top reasons are the following.

  • Tons of employment opportunities
  • Tax-free lifestyle and quality living
  • Outstanding infrastructure and amenities
  • Endless restaurants (a great place for foodies)
  • Perfect balance between sea and city
  • Great cultural experience
  • Excellent education, healthcare and transport system

Q. What are documents required for the Dubai visa?

Major documents are a valid passport, passport size photo, means of payment, and confirmed air ticket. The DUBAI immigration authorities may ask for the additional documents. For more information about DUBAI residence visa you can visit