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Moving to China from India

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Moving to China from India

Moving to China? Get the Best Deal on India to China Shipping Services

If you are really planning for moving to China from India then it is likely that you have taken this decision sensibly. Perhaps it would be one of the biggest decisions and events of your life. There are so many complications in an international shifting that you may face when you need to move from India to China. Moving internationally is not about shifting household stuff from one place to another in a city.

When it comes to make a move to an international destination then you need to comply with your destination country’s rules and regulations. There are several things that you will need to finish before the day of moving to China from India. Before the day of moving you should complete all paper and documentation work such as visa, passport, and other documents. For this reason, it is always advisable that you should plan your move with one of the best and knowledgeable Indian packers and movers that specialize in international shifting requirements.

If you are for any reason facing problems in choosing the right and perfect company of India to China packers and movers then you don’t need to worry at all. We at Moving Solutions will help you choose the best service provider to make your move a whole lot easier and hassle-free. To give you the highest standard of international shipping services, we have made associations with some top-notch and prestigious companies that specialize in international moving requirements. Every member company is verified, licensed and knowledgeable. So, you don’t need to worry at all. We will take care of the rest.

When you need to make decision on choosing the right packing and moving company for international shifting then we will provide you free quotations from top 3 our pre-verified and qualified vendors. Only tasks you need to do is comparing the quotes and making the correct decision on hiring services for shipping household stuff from India to China.

Moving to China - Shipping Goods to China from India

Are you planning to move from India to China? Do you have to ship your household stuff from India to China? Are you looking for a reliable international moving company that can ship your belongings from India to China? Do you thinking of approximate shipping costs for India to China relocation? If yes then your search ends here at, India leading and trusted relocation service booking portal. It would be always a good decision to know about approximate shipping costs so that you can plan your India to China relocation budget accordingly.

As you know well that price of anything very depending upon various factors. Similarly, the costs of shipping items from India to China will also vary on the basis of numerous factors. The costs of international relocation type depend on the factors like the total volume & weight of items, size & type of shipping container and the mode of shipping. If you want to ship your belongings via sea then cost will different than the cost of shipping items by air. Air freight shipping is generally more expensive than sea freight shipping. So you must consider the right option between air freight and sea freight.

Here we are going to provide you the approx. charges of hiring packers and movers for shipping goods from India to China.

Shipping Container Costs to China from India

Move Sizes Shipping by Sea Costs Shipping by Air Costs
1-2 BHK £1,074 - £1,186 £4,295 - £4,745
3  BHK £1,652 - £1,825 NA
5 BHK £2,478 - £2,738 NA

Mode of Shipping Goods from India to China

There are two ways to ship household stuff or other items from India to China. Most Indian international shipping companies provide these two essential services for shipping goods from India to anywhere else in the world.

Air freight shipping:

Air freight shipping is one of the fastest ways to ship items from one country to another. In this option, your belongings will be carried in cargo plane. Entire process will be handled by skilled and knowledgeable professionals. So you don’t need to worry at all. Your service provider will also assist you customs clearance once your goods reach at the land of China. The only drawback of this option is it is very expensive. This option is certain not for you, if you are looking for affordable option.

Pro of Air Freight Shipping: Fast
Con of Air Freight Shipping: Expensive

Sea freight shipping:

Sea freight shipping is a cheaper alternative of shipping goods from India to China. You will save a considerable amount of money if you choose sea freight shipping rather than choosing air freight shipping. But the drawback of this option is it will take time of several weeks. Generally, shipping time taken by sea for India to China is 9 to 11 days.

Pro of Sea Freight Shipping: Cheaper Option
Con of Sea Freight Shipping: Time Consuming

Shipping Container Options for Sea Freight

You choose sea freight service to ship your household stuff then there are three shipping container options to choose from.

  • 20 Feet Container
  • 40 Feet Container
  • LCL - Less Than Container Load (Shared Container)

Your belongings will be placed inside either a 20 feet container or a 40 feet container for shipping via sea depending upon the total volume of your belongings. If you have less items then your belongings will be shipped into a shared container. This option is called LCL or Shared Container.

Major Shipping Container Ports in China

China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), has a vast coastline (14,500 kilometers) along the Pacific Ocean. The coastline is bounded by the Bohai, Yellow, East China and South China seas. China’s coastline has a lot of shipping container ports. The county is home to some of world’s busiest container ports.

  • Port of Shanghai
  • Port of Tianjin (for moving to Beijing, China’s capital)
  • Port of Shenzhen - the main entry point in the south of China

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