Ranchi City Information
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Ranchi City Information

Ranchi is the capital of the state Jharkhand. This is a fairly new city which was formed on 15 November 2000 when it was cut from Chhota Nagpur and Santhal Pargana divisions from the present-day Bihar. Ranchi is also one of the oldest cities of Jharkhand. This is also called “The city of waterfalls” as it’s filled with beautiful scenic lush greens and serene waterfalls.

Ranchi has undergone rapid developments in recent years and now is also counted under the Government’s mission of making hundred smart cities in India.

The city is dominant with tribal population and has preserved some of their most beautiful heritage and lifestyle practises which the fast-moving world is ignorantly leaving behind.

State Jharkhand
District Ranchi
Metropolis 1,073,427
Metro 1,456,528
Language Hindi
PIN Code 8340xx

Climate & Weather of Ranchi, Jharkhand

The city has a subtropical climate mixed with a year-long pleasant breeze thanks to the forest cap in the area. The summer temperatures in Ranchi range from 20 to 42 °C. In winters temperatures range from 0 to 25 °C. December and January are the coldest of all months with steep depreciation in the temperatures to almost zero degrees. The annual rainfall is about 1430 mm (56.34 inches). From June to September the rainfall is about 1,100 mm.

Economy in Ranchi

The place being plentiful in natural resources provides an optimum environment to thrive for a large number of engineering and mining industries.
Industries like construction, furniture, matchbox manufacturing, paper, rayon, railway slippers, wooden poles, etc. are flourishing in Ranchi.

Even various forest produce like medicinal herbs and flowers, textile and food are also on a rise in the area. As the place is home to a big chunk of the tribal population, rural industries which have always existed in this geography, like agriculture, sericulture, handloom and various handicrafts are also becoming more regularised and in demand.

With rapid urbanization more and more opportunities for new businesses and ventures starting in the city has a high probability. Hence, the manpower from the city in construction and development is also a key factor in the upliftment of the economy.

Education in Ranchi

Ranchi boasts of the highest literacy rate in Jharkhand with an amazing 77.13%. The male literacy rate in Ranchi is 85.63% whereas the female literacy rate is 68.2%.

As the city is still evolving and developing, you will find some good educational institutions and can expect more diversification in the field shortly.
Some acclaimed educational institutions in Ranchi-

  • Research Center, Ranchi - ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute (Ranchi Campus)
  • Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Ranchi
  • The Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums

National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), one of the 38 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) labs.

  • Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (a constituent lab. of CSIR), Dhanbad
  • Dr Ram Dayal Munda Tribal Welfare Research Institute, Ranchi
  • Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Ranchi
  • Bihar Institute of Mining and Mine Surveying, Ranchi
  • St. Xavier's College, Ranchi
  • Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research
  • Central Institute of Psychiatry, and many more.

Businesses in Ranchi

With the rise of more and more opportunities in the city, the businesses have a huge potential of flourishing and the graph is expected to be on a steady high in the coming days.

The common folk in the city is thriving on daily need shops, medical stores, ready-made garments to even high end branded stores and malls, premium brands, fast-food chains etc.

With the onset of urbanisation, a number of multinational companies and startups have also shown interest and have even set up their branches there, which has opened up a lot of employment opportunities for the youth of the city.

The industry sector has employed many labour and general manpower of the city.

Points of Interest in Ranchi

Kanke Dam

This is one of the most visited places in Ranchi. Situated on the famed Gonda hill of Ranchi, the Kanke Dam lake originated many hundred years ago. One can go here to unwind in the evenings and during the weekends.

Sun Temple

The grandiose figurines of the seven beloved horses of the Sun God, carved on the front of this divine temple magnets tourists from all around the country. It is situated on the top of the Gonda hill and holds the idols of many other Hindu Gods and Goddesses apart from the Sun God.

Dassam Falls

This one is a little far away from the main city, about 40km away but is still a favourite tourist spot. Thanks to the natural beauty it carries within itself. We all are stressed these days, this beautiful waterfall lends a serene calm to the visitor. Photography enthusiasts also love this spot.

Jagannath Temple

Originating in the 17th century, this temple attracts many devotees on a daily basis. If you’ve ever had a chance of visiting the Jagannath temple in Puri, then you’re most likely to find many commonalities between the two and this is also one of its major attractions. The best time to visit the temple is during the Ratha Yatra which is held every year in the months of June-July.

Ranchi Lake

Located on the foothills of Gonda Hill in the heart of the town, this lake is one place you shouldn’t miss at all. The lake was excavated back in 1842 by the British Colonel Onsley and today attracts families for casual picnics and people to enjoy its breeze for a nice walk.

Nakshatra Van

Situated right in front of the Governor house, this one uniquely represents the different elements of the solar system, the planets, constellations etc. Exploring the park according to your star sign is an experience unlike any other so you certainly don’t want to miss it. The musical fountain and the scenic pathways surrounding it add to the beauty of the park. Evenings are typically the best time to visit!

How to Reach Ranchi

The connectivity in the city has improved manifolds in the past few decades and it's now very well connected to the major parts of the country.


Ranchi railway station is connected to most major cities in the country. Ranchi has trains running frequently to Delhi, Kolkata and Patna. The city is a major railway hub and has four major stations: Ranchi Junction, Hatia, Tatisilwai and Namkon. It is one of the top hundred booking stations.


The airport of Ranchi is called Birsa Munda Airport and is the primary airport serving all of Jharkhand. It's well connected to almost all the major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Patna, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar and Lucknow.

By road

The roads in the city and connecting to the city are well made. National Highway 33 and 23 connect the city to the rest of the Jharkhand. Other cities are also connected with well with Ranchi. You can choose to travel by bus or by your own car.

Moving to Ranchi

Moving to Ranchi can be a very good option as the city is evolving, you can get exposed to a lot of opportunities that are opening up. As the connectivity in the city is quite good and is getting better each passing day, shifting in the city would most likely not be a problem.

You can plan your shift around two months prior to your preferred day of arrival in Ranchi and contact the packers and movers company to shift in Ranchi for a smooth moving experience.

If you're worried about which mode of transport will be the best for you, the packer and mover will guide you with the most suitable mode of transport for your shifting needs. The best packers and movers in Ranchi can be found on the web, where you can make a list of a few and get quotes to get the idea of the basic market rate. You can proceed further with the one who gives you the most genuine services at reasonable needs.

But, before you finalise with the packer and mover, be sure to have a contract with him so that all the terms that you’ve mutually decided on are on paper to avoid any confusion. You must also check for his credentials like company registration number and GST number, this will assure you of the genuineness of the packer and mover company.

We recommend you get all your goods covered under insurance, especially if the distance between your present location and Ranchi is long. This will give you a cover and hold the packer and mover responsible in case of any loss or damage.

We hope you have a safe and sound move in Ranchi and may this city unravel in the most beautiful way for you.

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