25+ Point Inspection

We at Moving Solutions are committed to ensuring a seamless experience of hiring services for our customers. To make it possible we have partnered with top-notch companies and service professionals across the country by conducting a rigorous 25 point inspection. The process of screening top-tier vendors and companies covers every aspect of the service of execution and the professionalism of the partners.

Our commitment to service excellence is not just a checklist but a guarantee of quality and credibility. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, adapting to industry trends, and maintaining a customer-focused approach, Moving Solutions stands out in the service industry. Choose us for a stress-free, reliable, and personalized experience, backed by our extensive network of trustworthy service-providing companies and relevant vendors across the country.

The advantages of our 25 point inspection extend beyond the service execution day. Customers who choose Moving Solutions enjoy long-term benefits, including peace of mind, reduced stress, and the assurance of safety.

Our 25 Point Inspection Inclusions

Our 25 Point Inspection Inclusions encompass various aspects, crucial for ensuring a seamless experience of hiring reliable service providers.

  1. GST Registration: Ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
  2. Business License: Validating legal authorization for services.
  3. Company Registration: Verifying the legitimacy of the service provider.
  4. PAN Card: Confirming the company's permanent account number.
  5. Aadhaar Card: Validating the identity of key individuals in the company.
  6. Reviews and Ratings: Evaluating feedback from previous customers.
  7. Contact Information: Verifying accurate and accessible contact details.
  8. Address Verification: Confirming the physical location of the service provider.
  9. Social Media Handles: Assessing online presence and engagement.
  10. Online History: Reviewing the company's digital footprint.
  11. Background-check: Validating the background of company ownership.
  12. Services & Service Diversification: Assessing the range and quality of services offered.
  13. Value-Added Services: Checking for additional services that enhance customer experience.
  14. Business Hours: Verifying operational hours for accessibility.
  15. Business Images: Ensuring transparency through visual documentation.
  16. Business Logo: Confirming brand identity and professionalism.
  17. Website and Website Standard: Evaluating the company's online platform.
  18. Experience and Professionalism: Gauging the company's industry expertise.
  19. Market Reputation: Assessing the standing of the company in the market.
  20. Awards: Recognizing achievements and industry accolades.
  21. Complaints: Investigating and addressing customer complaints.
  22. Lawsuits: Checking for legal disputes or litigations.
  23. Prices: Ensuring fair and transparent pricing structures.
  24. Insurance Acceptance: Verifying insurance policies for added security.
  25. Staff Professionalism and Behavior: Ensuring courteous and professional interactions.

Moving Solutions' Network of Partners

Our extensive network of reliable service providers is a crucial component of our success. Collaborating with reputable companies ensures that we can offer a wide range of services while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Our partners include:

  1. Packers and movers
  2. Pest control companies
  3. Interior designers
  4. Cleaning experts
  5. Transport companies
  6. Pet movers
  7. International movers
  8. Wedding planners
  9. Storage & warehouse providers
  10. Car towing companies
  11. House painters
  12. Modular kitchen dealers and others

Together, we work towards achieving customer satisfaction.