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Book your Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad through Moving Solutions

When you decide to rent or purchase a house, you have to be aware of certain factors that can affect your well-being once you start residing there. The energy within the house we live in has a drastic impact on our physical and mental state. It also affects our financial conditions. This ability of a residence to influence the residents is called Vastu and the study of Vastu is called Vastu Shastra. As you have decided to shift into a new house in Ghaziabad, you need to check if the house is Vastu compliant or not. This is when you need to consult a professional Vastu consultant in Ghaziabad through Moving Solutions.

The proficient Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad can help you get expert advice about the entrance, the living room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the garden of the house. All the rooms should be in the right direction to favour your luck and prosperity. Not only the position of the rooms but also the colours of the walls matter a lot to make a house Vastu compliant. If the position and direction of the rooms or the colour of the walls are not according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, it can cause Vastu dosha. A professional Vastu consultant can help you correct the Vastu dosha of the house. Moving Solutions helps you get the best Vastu consultancy in Ghaziabad at the lowest prices.

Why you should book Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad through Moving Solutions

A random Vastu consultant near your area may fit your budget but you will not be able to judge his competency from the outside. There are plenty of Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad but not all of them are knowledgeable. Since the Vastu of your house has a huge impact on your well-being and fortune, you cannot let an inept person decide what is good for you. Only an experienced Vastu consultant can address your intimate concerns like family, career, health, wealth, and relationships. Moving Solutions helps you to find the most experienced Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad.

Moving Solutions is a prominent online platform that caters to customers by connecting them to proficient and experienced service providers according to their budgets and preferences. We are partnered with the top Vastu consultants all over Ghaziabad. Our vigilant back-end team verifies the authenticity of each of the service providers only after scrutinising their credentials. Therefore, when you book Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad from our platform, you get authentic services of high quality. We also make sure that you get high-quality services at an affordable price.

Why you need to consult a Vastu expert

Vastu Shastra is the study of inviting prosperity and well-being through the correct construction of houses and their interiors. You need knowledge of architecture and mathematics to be an expert Vastu consultant. When the Vastu consultant visits your house in Ghaziabad, he should have an in-depth knowledge of the directions and colours. He should be able to find the Vastu doshas and give you proper remedies to nullify the doshas. Thus, while moving into a new house you need to get Vastu guidance from a capable and experienced Vastu consultant. Hire a professional Vastu consultant from Moving Solution for proper Vastu guidance.

How you can book the best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad through Moving Solutions

When you consider moving into a new house, you need to check if the house is Vastu-compliant or not. If you try to find a good Vastu consultant on your own, you can ask your friends, neighbours, and colleagues for recommendations. You can also search online for the same. But this whole procedure will take a lot of time. If you do not have enough time for conducting this search mission, you can trust the experts in the industry. Once you book the service providers from Moving Solutions, you can save time and effort. Since all the professional Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad are enlisted with us, booking them is a simple task.

To book Vastu experts for guidance and remedial measures to nullify Vastu dosha, log in to the website of Moving Solutions and fill out the enquiry form provided on the homepage. You can also send us an email or call our toll-free number. You will be getting pre-verified details of 3 Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad within minutes. Compare the rates of the 3 best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad and save up to 25%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui the same?

    No, Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui have different origins and connotations. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of dwelling that is based on architecture and mathematics. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese study of dwelling that deals with the flow of living energies positively.

  • The best direction to construct the kitchen is the Southeast. This direction is ruled by the fire element. When we eat food cooked in a kitchen positioned in the Southeast direction, it will be healthy, palatable, and easily digested. Make sure that the kitchen is not in the North, Northeast, or Northwest direction.

  • The best directions for constructing the bathroom in a house are the Northwest and the west. Never construct the bathroom in the Northeast direction. The colours of the rooms depend on which direction it is positioned. The walls of the bathroom should be of light shade like white, cream, or sky blue.

  • Aquariums act as a strong component in determining the Vastu and are often used as a remedial measure to correct the Vastu doshas of a house. Make sure that your aquarium is in the North direction of the house. Incorrect placement of an aquarium can lead to sudden bankruptcy or loss of a job. Don’t keep an aquarium inside the bedroom. Keep it in the drawing room on a high platform.