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Are you looking for the best Vastu consultants in Delhi to transform your non-Vastu-compliant home to a Vastu-compliant home? If yes, then you are amongst the ones who need Vastu services on an urgent basis. Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of having a Vastu-compliant home. A Vastu-friendly home brings peace, wealth, and happiness to the inmates of the home. This is the reason why more and more people are inclined to construct their homes based on Vastu rules.

A house, built on Vastu principles always brings positive energy to the home. As a result, the inmates of the house experience mental peace. The Vastu principles, on which the home is constructed, remove all the negative energies from the house and fill each corner with the required positivity. So, you get a healthy and positive atmosphere around you after using the best Vastu tips.

Well, Vastu Shastra is a kind of traditional science that governs the locations as well as the designs of the houses. However, Vastu rules are not just limited to your home as they also improve the atmosphere of offices, buildings, residential houses, etc by filling positivity in these spaces. A Vastu expert in Delhi analyzes the construction of your space and suggests you the best Vastu remedies for that.  The Vastu consultants’ fees are calculated by keeping in mind the size of your space and its location.

Nowadays, just everybody hankers after making his home a Vastu-compliant home. Similarly, office owners want to construct their offices based on Vastu principles. If they have an office setup in Delhi, they type the search queries ‘best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR’, ‘Vastu consultant near me’, Vastu consultant in East Delhi’, ‘Vastu consultant in South Delhi’, etc. Sadly, they can’t find the right Vastu consultants in Delhi for their homes and other places in this way.

So, typing these search queries will be of no help to them. But, now they can easily get the Vastu tips of the top 10 Vastu consultants in Delhi through Moving Solutions. Our partner Vastu experts have an in-depth knowledge of Vastu that enables them in offering the best Vastu remedies for the Vastu doshas of your house.

To book the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR, all you have to do is to provide basic information to us about you and your needs. Our executives will shortlist the top 3 quotes for you as per your needs. All these quotes are free for you so you don’t have to spend a single penny to receive them. These executives will send these quotes to your email. After receiving them, you can choose the best Vastu consultant in Delhi for you after comparing them. But, make sure to pick a consultant that has several years of experience with them. He will certainly be of much help to you.

Tips to Find the Best Vastu Consultants in Delhi

Finding the desired Vastu consultants in Delhi is a herculean task for people. Many people spend a long time searching for reliable Vastu consultants. However, they can’t find the one they are looking for. If you too are having problems finding the right Vastu consultants, it’s beneficial to use the following tips:-


The first thing is to know how much experience your chosen Vastu consultant possesses. Highly experienced Vastu consultants deal with any irregularities in the construction of your home perfectly and suggest the best remedies for these problems. They use the most advanced technologies for the aura screening process. This helps them in identifying the Vastu doshas of your house. Hence, it is good to know their experience before hiring them. If your chosen consultant doesn’t have the right experience, then leave him and look for other Vastu consultants in Delhi.

Know about their Energy Scanners

Another thing you should keep in mind is to ask them about the energy scanners they use to detect any negative energy in your house. Make sure to get the full details of these energy scanners. There are basically 14 types of energies that a Vastu consultant scans. He uses manual as well as automatic scanners to scan these energies.

Remedies they offer

You should also keep in mind the remedies they offer to you after detecting the Vastu Doshas in your house. Just check whether they are suggesting any home remedies to you or some stones, pyramids, crystals, etc. Remember, home remedies are not a solution to any Vastu dosha of your home. So, don’t trust the consultants who are offering home remedies to you in the name of Vastu remedies. Also, look for the Vastu consultants in Delhi who are offering crystals and claim to remove the negative energies of your house by using them.


If your Vastu consultant suggests the demolition of a wall of your house, then it is best to contact them first. In Vastu, there is no need to demolish any part of a structure. So, if your Vastu expert forces you to do so, don’t listen to him and look for other Vastu consultants in Delhi. Remember, nothing can stop the flow of the energies. The energies flow in and around your property i.e. in your home or office. So, you can’t stop the energy by demolishing any wall.

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