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How to keep bureau drawers intact while moving?

How to keep bureau drawers intact while moving?

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Are you planning to move? Thinking of ways to pack your bureau drawers without damaging them? If yes then you are at the right page. Here discussed are some of the tips and the ideal ways in which bureau drawers must be packed and kept safe. Perhaps, moving is an exciting task but it can be challenging if not done in the right manner. Preparing the furniture especially the bureau drawers is the trickiest part of the entire moving process but if you have a proper guide with you then it can be done smoothly.

Read further to know about the tips and tricks to keep the bureau drawer intact while moving-

Tip to pack your bureau drawers

  • Limits of drawers- It is only you who knows the limit of your furniture than the movers. You have a clear idea of how sturdy your furniture is. If the bureau drawers are not that sturdy then there is no point in moving them with stuff inside. A broken or unsteady drawer will get ruined even more when it is moved with the added weight inside. To determine the limit of your furniture, the thumb rule is to check whether it stays stable on the ground or not. If it does not remain sturdy on the floor then it would never remain intact when moved up, downstairs or being moved into the truck. Also, you must keep in mind that furniture made of particle board needs to be moved empty while a drawer made of heavy wood can be moved with clothes stuffed inside.
  • Pack in doubt- If you are having any doubts about the sturdiness of your drawer, you should just keep it empty. Yes, keeping your bureau drawers empty will be good in any case, as it will save it from getting damaged and even the people moving it will remain safer. And if there are any essential clothes about which you are extra concerned, it is better to pack them separately.
  • What and what not to put- It is very important to know what and what not to put in the bureau drawers. The trick here is to keep all what is light and soft including clothes, cushions, linens and other such ideal items. On the other hand, all the heavy and breakable items must be absolutely avoided such as glassware, dishes and others. You should keep your drawers light in weight keeping in mind that you will have to pack them and move in the truck later. Heavier the drawers, more difficult it would be to carry them.
  • Packing the drawers tight- You will have to secure the drawers with a tape, so that they do not fall off while being loaded and unloaded from the moving truck. If you have hired the professional packers and movers then they will secure them with special rubber bands and specialized tapes that are ideal for packing goods. However, if the furniture is painted or has a gloss finish then you will have to avoid using tape, as it can pull off the layer of paint at the time of unwrapping.
  • Remove mirrors- If your bureau drawer has a mirror on the top then you should first remove it and keep it safe. You can pack the mirror in a bubble wrap and secure it with tapes. However, if the drawers have mirror inlays then what you can do is to tape the cardboard over the mirror and then pack it. Also, you should label the padded area where the glass is located, so that the movers move it with extra care without putting any pressure on it.

With this, you must also keep in mind some moving day etiquettes. First and foremost, you should not interfere with the work of the professional movers and packers. They are professionals for a reason and you should leave things on them. Much of nagging and interference will only vex the moving team, which in turn will affect your moving project. In addition to this, you must carry the valuables personally with you such as jewelry, prescribed medicines, cash, debit & credit cards. Carrying these essentials with you will keep you worry-free during the move.

It is always better to label the boxes with its destination room, so that the packers are able to place the right boxes in the right room. And if it is something fragile then also you need to label it to let the movers know about its fragility. The moving companies have experience of years and can be relied upon completely.

Thus, all you need to do is to find the most genuine and reputed movers and packers to carry out the moving project. Go through the customer testimonials, explore the range of services and get the exact price quotes from the moving company before actually hiring it. Happy moving!

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