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Do you recently planned to change your location from Noida to Pune? If yes then you must be looking for the right movers and packers from Noida to Pune.
Relocating from one place to another place can be hassling and a nightmare too. You need so much of time and energy to execute your final move. However, choosing the right movers and packers Noida to Pune can save your whole breath from such a mess.

No one likes to change their place where they have spent so many years of their lives. Yet, there are several outer circumstances which forces you to change your place. Always try to accept these changes and keep a positive attitude that you will soon make new friends and adapt the new surroundings.

If you are worried with the question that how to start with the relocation process then, your search ends here. At Moving Solutions you get the one stop services for all your diverse needs. We are serving our clients and potential customers for more than 10 years which makes us trust worthy and deserved to be hired. We provide the best movers and packers charges from Noida to Pune. Below is a chart to make your decision more clear.

Packers and movers charges from Noida to Pune

Few Home Items: Rs. 6,000 - 12,000
Complete Home Items: Rs. 12,000 - 25,000
1 BHK Home Items: Rs. 10,000 - 20,000
2 BHK Home Items: Rs. 12,000 - 22,000
2-3 BHK Home Items: Rs. 15,000 - 30,000
3 BHK Home Items: Rs. 20,000 - 35,000
4 BHK Home Items: Rs. 25,000 - 42,000
5 BHK / Villa Items: Rs. 28,000 - 45,000
Few Office Items: Rs. 12,000 - 22,000
Complete Office Items: Rs. 20,000 - 35,000
Home + Vehicle: Rs. 14,000 - 26,000
Vehicle Transport: Rs. 3,000 - 5,000

Why you should Get a Professional Movers and packers for Noida to Pune

Pune is undoubtedly the most convenient city to shift and start a new life. Be it the best education institutions or historical places, Pune has everything. But shifting to such a long distance is hell of a task. Even taking help from your family and friends will give you no benefit. Below are some of the points which will assure you in hiring the movers and packers for your long distance move.

  • Planning becomes Convenient: Planning by yourself is a head to toe work. Most of the people don’t know the preliminary steps and gets tangled. Also a rookie can not think other innovative ideas of packing and moving. However hiring a professional saves you from all this drag. They will set the dates and times according to your convenience. You don’t have to worry about the last minute changes and details.
  • Your Assets are Safe:  DIY can give you the higher risk of getting your belongings broken or destroyed. While hiring the professional moving service provider, you will ensure with safe packing and unpacking services. They will also provide you with the right insurance policy to give the coverage in case of any mishap. Therefore, it makes you to rest easy knowing they are in safe hands.
  • Right Equipment for the Right Product: Have you ever thought why different companies have different price quotes for the same quantity of goods. It is simply due to the innovative technologies and equipment they use to lift your items from one place to another. A normal person will never have such equipment because it is not his daily chores. When you hire the packers and movers, you also hire their equipment. You don’t have to rent from other stores. You will get everything in just one package.
  • Curtail the Risk: Why to risk your precious things just to save some bucks. Moving for so long distance can also lead to serious injuries also. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire an expert to recede the risk of getting hurt.
  • Always ready to help you Out: Imagine you are just loading your items on the truck to transport it to your final destination and suddenly you strike another important stuff that also needs accomplishment. A responsible mover will be always ready to help you out even in the last moment.
  • Saves Money: It is a myth that DIY cost nothing. But the actual truth is it can cost more than you can imagine. While hiring the right mover can actually benefit you with the cost effectiveness in the long run. With just booking one package you can curtail extra costs and charges.
  • Saves you from Multiple trips: For a rookie it is bit complicated to book the correct-sized truck for loading his whole household items. It can also happen that it might take several trips to unload your items. When hiring a local mover you save yourself from wasting so much of time and energy. The right professional mover and packers Noida to Pune will make the process as effective as it can be.

10 Things to See Before Hiring the Right Mover and Packer for your Next Move

  1. Is the company you are choosing is licensed under the authorized firm? Ensuring the licensing of the company gives you more credibility and lessens the risk.
  2. Check the years of experience they are holding in the same sector. This will give you a hint that they had actually worked in the field and consists expertise.
  3. Ask for the reference of the previous customers to grab more knowledge about the type of service they strive with.
  4. Ensure that they have their own transportation vehicle or they rent it from other stores.
  5. Check any other extra, hidden or miscellaneous charges.  
  6. Avail their moving and packing documentations or policies to understand them well.
  7. Some movers provide storage facility too. Ask them if they provide the same.
  8. Confirm that they have full pack of necessary equipment which is important while packing or moving the items.
  9. Prefer to have a written contract for the better security. It will save you both the parties from the last moment back out and cancellation.
  10.  Ask them if they pack every sort of items including electronics, heavy machineries and many more.

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