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Are you planning to relocate your location and stuck between how you should start the procedure? If yes, then stop freezing your brain. There are several movers and packers Noida to Mumbai companies ready to help you out.

Nobody likes enjoying moving process. Packing, unpacking, moving equipment and shifting furniture can irk anyone. Therefore, the smart people hire professionals to curtail their work and mind stress.

Different Types of Services Provided by the Packers and Movers from Noida to Mumbai

  1. Full Service: Availing this service means purchasing all the benefits of packing and moving companies. From packing, lifting to unpacking all your household items, the moving company will provide everything you demand. It is obviously a little expensive but there is nothing bad in investing the money which will get much in return. Without flicking a single finger, you will receive all you work done by the deadline.
  2. Self Service: Do not amalgamate DIY with the self-service. It simply means that you too have to get involved in the relocating process. Don’t worry you don’t have to work with the heavy items, furniture, equipment and electronic appliances. They will be handled by the experts safely. Due to division of work between you and your service provider, it automatically recede the packers and movers Noida to Mumbai Charges/rates.
  3. DIY Truck Rental: Availing this service means that you want to DIY everything. Be it packing, transporting or unpacking your household items, you will deal everything by your own. The company will only provide you the truck or lorry. Even you have to drive by your own. The company will be not responsible for any sort of destruction or damage. It will be your headache to relocate your items from one place to another.
  4. Specialized Services: As the name is very special, likewise the service is also distinctive. When you avail specialized relocating services, you are benefitted by hauling precious or special items safe and soundly to your new location. The relocating company also provides the insurance packages for the coverage of any kind of destruction.

However, you will face some problems in finding the right company which will provide all the above types of services. At Moving Solutions, you will get all the above services right at your door steps just under one roof. We proudly claim us to be the most trustable service provider in the relocating market by holding the experience of more than 10 years. We have set our landmark in the customer satisfaction by providing them the best moving services without any complaints. We assure you with the best relocating packers and movers charges from Noida to Mumbai.

Below is an approximate estimate of our packers and movers charges from Noida to Mumbai. Prices may vary in various circumstances and standards.

1 BHK Household Items- Rs. 17000 - Rs 21000
2 BHK Household Items- Rs. 30000 - Rs 37000
3 BHK Household Items- Rs. 44000 - Rs 53000
4 BHK Household Items- Rs. 57000 - Rs 69000
Bike Moving- 5000
Car Moving- 11000

Questions to be asked before Finalizing a Company

Money does not grow on money plant. You work minimum 9 hours daily to get your monthly payment. Therefore, making the right decision is very important. There are several new companies which are commenced every year. It is not necessary that every new company is expert in the relocation work. This can lead you into severe trouble.

  1. Is your Company licenced? A licence is a recognizable and clear proof verification of the company. It is the identity of every company. No company can stand legally in the market without getting the licence from an authorized organization. It is the most ideal and right technique to find the real and efficient moving company. Never consider a company which hasn’t issued any licence.
  2. Company’s Permanent Address: Who would prefer to be in a circumstance where you cannot find the physical address. Most of the people make mistakes by falling for the well-maintained and lavishing company’s website. What if the website is just a mugger? Therefore, it is very important to visit the company before you finalize the deal.
  3. Agreement: Days are long gone when the vocal commitment was everything. For making everything on time and finalized, genuine. Movers and packers from Noida to Mumbai will be happy to hear that you want an agreement. This will give surety to both the parties because as they say “paper talks louder than vocal words”.
  4. Insurance Policies: A recognized moving company will always provide you with the insurance policies along with the services. In India, there are two types of protection, travel and full obligation. Clearly ask your movers the type of insurance they are into and several steps they will take in case of any mishap.
  5.  Payment Terms and Conditions:  Every company has its own diverse payment terms and procedures. Always prefer a company which can offer you the best rates for the best services. Also, do not forget to ask about the hidden charges if there are any.
  6. Do you Rent Equipment and Conveyance: it is not necessary that every company has its own equipment and conveyance service. Ask your service provider whether they outsource the necessary equipment or not. Later decide what you want or do you have any obligation if they don’t have their own machines.
  7. Temporary Storage: Many of us think that moving just means packing, lifting, transporting and unpacking. However, we might be wrong somewhere. Some moving companies also provide temporary storage services. When you cover a long distance, it nearly becomes impossible to prepare your new home to unpack your household items on the same day. Having a storage service will act as cherry on the cake. You don’t have to run in a new city after tiresome day to keep your household items just for one day.

Domestic Packers and Movers from Noida to Other Cities

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We Have Pre-screened the Best and Trusted Packers and Movers in Noida Locals

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Noida Sector 77 Noida Sector 66 Noida Sector 61 Noida Sector 78
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Noida Sector 153 Noida Ambedkar City Noida Yamuna Expressway Noida Sector 4
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