Approx. Packers and Movers Charges in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh

Check the below price chart of professional packers and movers in Bhilai before hiring house shifting services.

Shifting Types Truck Needed for Shifting Local Shifting Cost Domestic Shifting Cost
1 RK or Few Items Tempo (Mini Truck) Rs 2,500 - 7,000 Rs 4,000 - 18,000
1 BHK Small Truck Rs 3,000 - 9,000 Rs 6,000 - 24,000
2 BHK 14 Feet Truck Rs 4,500 - 13,000 Rs 8,000 - 28,000
3 BHK 17 Feet Truck Rs 6,000 - 18,000 Rs 10,000 - 34,000
4/5 BHK 19 Feet Truck Rs 8,000 - 25,000 Rs 15,000 - 48,000

Disclaimer: The above price chart shows on only roughly estimated cost of hiring a company of professional packers and movers in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. The final price may differ. There are certain factors which may influence the final cost of house shifting services in Bhilai. If you want to know the more precise packers and movers rates in Bhilai then you need to contact us. Alternatively, you can also use our packers and movers cost calculator to know the approx. movers and packers charges in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

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Hiring Guide for Professional Packers and Movers in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh

Moving from one place to another, no matter, you are moving down the street in Bhilai or want to move from this city to another city of India, moving process can be daunting and stressful. In fact, relocation is considered to be one of the most stressful events of your life. You know well that handling moving process is not a fun chore. It can be difficult and challenging. You may encounter several difficult tasks and a lot of hassles in the process. Additionally, it will consume your precious time and effort. But it does not mean that moving process cannot be made easier and hassle-free. There are certain ways through which you can accomplish a successful and hassle-free home relocation.

Getting organized, early planning, handling the circumstance with positive mind set and getting professional aid are some important considerations to make moving process a whole lot easier and hassle-free. One of the best and most preferred ways to make house moving process easier is hiring services of a reputable company of experienced packers and movers. There are several companies of movers and packers in Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) that can take care of all your relocation requirements. But you will need to figure out a reputable and credible company of movers and packers for handling your specific moving requirements.

If you plan your house move with one of the best and experienced packers and movers in Bhilai then one thing is certain that your will have an extremely hassle-free experience. You will not have to do any task involved in the moving process. In fact, you will be removed from all the obligations of doing different shifting tasks that can time-consuming and difficult for you. Experts will handle your move and do all the shifting tasks efficiently. They will pack all your belongings carefully and transport them all to your destination doorstep on time.

Professional movers use premium quality packing supplies and sturdy boxes to pack things. They use the adequate tools and equipment to pack, load and unload belongings. Additionally, they will also provide you goods transit insurance to cover the risk of damages to goods in transit. Keep in mind, goods transit insurance is offered only in the case of intercity relocation. If you are moving from Bhilai to another city of India, then your movers should offer you goods transit insurance.

It is always advisable that you should be very careful and attentive when you need to hire a company of professional packers and movers in Bhilai. It would be a better decision to conduct research on packers and movers available in your city. In fact, it is one of the most important tasks you should do before finalizing the services of a right and reliable moving company. If you don’t verify the credentials of moving services then you may get trapped in fraud or scam done by movers and packers in Bhilai. You cannot completely ignore the existence of shady moving companies. There are a few shady movers and packers that can cheat you or give you painful experience on your move. Hence, you must be careful.

If for any reason you are not able to figure out a reliable and experienced company of movers and packers in Bhilai, then don’t hesitate to use Moving Solutions. We at Moving Solutions will provide you the significant help in hiring affordable yet quality house relocation services in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. We will provide you free quotes or references of top 3 best-match nearby movers and packers companies from Bhilai so that you can collect different estimates to compare and save money on hiring the best-suited one.

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Why Moving Solutions to Hire Packers and Movers Bhilai, Chhattisgarh?

Why should you hire a company of professional movers and packers in Bhilai through If we are not wrong, you might have this question in your mind. We understand your concerns well. You want to hire only a credible and experienced moving company so that you can indeed accomplish a safe, hassle-free and smooth relocation of your belongings. There are several good reasons that will clearly tell you why you should trust us when you need to hire a company of professional packers and movers in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Our reputation in the industry

We are directly or indirectly associated with relocation industry of India for more than 13 years. Over the year, we have won the hearts of an increasing number of satisfied customers and earned huge reputation in the market. You can also check our google reviews to know what people are saying about this ultimate relocation service booking portal. We have been one of the most preferred and trusted relocation service booking portals for customers from across the country. If you will hire a company of movers and packers from a trusted relocation portal then it is certain that you will be able to receive the legitimate services.

Our partners that are licensed, registered and credible

We are partnered with some of the top-notch credible, licensed, registered and experienced companies of professional movers and packers from all across the country. We also have some good packers and movers in the city of Bhilai that are ready to cater all your relocation requirements. Each member of partner moving companies is completely verified. We have verified their different credentials, such as experience, reputation, background, license, and registration. Thus, it is obvious that we will help you hire the legitimate relocation services only.

Option to choose from multiple pre-verified packers and movers

As you know well that we are partnered with legitimate moving companies from Bangalore. Hence, we will provide you an option to choose from multiple pre-verified and qualified companies of professional movers and packers in Bhilai. Generally, we will provide you free moving price estimates from top 3 relocation companies along with their complete details. After getting initial quotes you can contact them directly and invite them to conduct a pre-move survey or your belongings. After evaluating your belongings, our movers will provide you the final estimates in writing. Only you need to compare the rates and figure out the one that matches your specific requirement at the size of your pocket.

A comprehensive range of relocation and transport services

With the help of our partner packers and movers in Bhilai, we are committed to providing you the highest standard of relocation and transport related services. We are providing a comprehensive range of services matching to your different relocation types and transport related requirements.

Core relocation services may include:

  • Packing and moving services
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Transportation and logistics services
  • Unpacking and rearranging services

Services available for the following needs:

  • Local household goods shifting in Bhilai
  • Local office shifting or corporate relocation in Bhilai
  • Intercity home and office shifting from Bhilai
  • Domestic commercial relocation from Bhilai
  • Intercity bike and car transportation from Bhilai

Value added services may include:

  • Pet animals moving services
  • House plants moving services
  • Fragile & specialty items moving services
  • Goods transit insurance services
  • Storage and warehousing services
  • Bike shifting & transport services
  • Car carrier & transportation services

An Expert Guide on Packers and Movers Bhilai Charges and Rates

People who wants to know about packers and movers Bhilai charges then they can get it right with us. Along with professional movers and packers quotations we also provide you all rate chart or list of packers and movers Bhilai charges. This way you will know about the approximate charges of Bhilai packers and movers. But, the charges can vary from company to company due to several factors also every company has their own parameters to calculate or estimate their charges. So, to know the rates and charges of movers and packers in Bhilai you need to know about the factors affecting packers and movers charges.

Packers and Movers Bhilai Cost Affecting Factors

When you hire a professional movers and packers in Bhilai then, the movers will pack and transport your goods safely to the desired location. But while packing and transporting there are many other things that the movers need to do like lifting the goods, loading, unloading, etc. So, all these are the factors that affect packers and movers charges. But the main factors that affect movers and packers charges are:

Distance: Movers and packer will cost you as per kilometer. The distance between both the destination and the source will be the main factor that will affect packers and movers charges.

Volume of the goods: The volume or quantities of the goods is another primary factor that affect packers and movers charges. The total cost of the move depends on the number of the goods you have. The more items you will carry the more you have to pay.

Packaging materials: Packaging materials cost are also included in packing charges by the movers. It is because the packaging materials are of high-quality and are durable. This will prevent the goods from damages so the movers charges extra for using their own packaging materials.

Manpower: Movers and packers also charges for the number of persons required to pack the stuff. If you have bulky items that requires lots of person and efforts to pack and move then, you will have to pay extra for this.

Apart from the aforementioned factors there can be several other factors such as the floor of buildings, size & type of truck, experience of moving crew, reputation of packers and movers, and season & timing of move.

Cost heads included in Packers and Movers Bhilai charges

There can be different cost heads included in moving price estimate. A typical moving estimate consists the following cost-heads.

  • Packing charge inclusive of the cost of packing materials required for packing up items
  • Labor charges inclusive of charges for loading and unloading the trick or transport vehicle
  • Transportation cost including the cost of fuel consumption in transit
  • Unpacking and rearranging charges
  • Charges for value-added and additional services
  • Goods transit insurance charge (optional)
  • Warehousing & storage charge (if required)
  • GST, Toll Tax and Octroi

Estimated Packers and Movers Bhilai, Chhattisgarh Rates for Local Shifting

Moving Type Packing Cost Labor Charges Transportation Cost Approx. Total
1 BHK House Rs 1,000 - 2,000 Rs 1,000 - 3,500 Rs 1,000 - 3,500 Rs 3,000 - 9,000
2 BHK House Rs 1,500 - 3,500 Rs 1,500 - 5,500 Rs 1,500 - 4,000 Rs 4,500 - 13,000
3 BHK House Rs 1,500 - 4,500 Rs 1,500 - 7,500 Rs 3,000 - 6,000 Rs 6,000 - 18,000
4/5 BHK House Rs 2,000 - 6,000 Rs 2,000 - 9,000 Rs 4,000 - 10,000 Rs 8,000 - 25,000

Approx. Packers and Movers Bhilai, Chhattisgarh Cost for Intercity Shifting

Moving Type/Distance Up to 400 Km 400 - 800 Km 800 - 1300 Km 1300 - 1900Km
Few home items shifting cost Rs 4,000 - 10,000 Rs 6,000 - 12,000 Rs 7,000 - 15,000 Rs 8,500 - 18,000
Complete house shifting cost Rs 11,000 - 22,000 Rs 12,000 - 25,000 Rs 13,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,000 - 30,000
1 BHK house shifting charges Rs 6,000 - 15,000 Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs 10,000 - 22,000 Rs 11,000 - 24,000
2 BHK house shifting cost Rs 8,000 - 18,000 Rs 10,000 - 25,000 Rs 12,000 - 24,000 Rs 14,000 - 28,000
3 BHK house relocation cost Rs 10,000 - 25,000 Rs 11,000 - 30,000 Rs 13,000 - 28,000 Rs 16,000 - 34,000
4 BHK house shifting cost Rs 15,000 - 28,000 Rs 16,000 - 32,000 Rs 18,000 - 34,000 Rs 26,000 - 42,000
5 BHK house shifting charges Rs 18,000 - 30,000 Rs 23,000 - 40,000 Rs 25,000 - 45,000 Rs 34,000 - 48,000
Home shift + car transport cost Rs 12,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,000 - 30,000 Rs 16,000 - 38,000 Rs 19,000 - 42,000
Car transportation charges Rs 3,000 - 5,000 Rs 4,000 - 7,000 Rs 5,000 - 9,000 Rs 6,000 - 10,000
Few office items shifting cost Rs 6,000 - 15,000 Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs 10,000 - 24,000 Rs 12,000 - 28,000
Complete office shifting charges Rs 11,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,500 - 30,000 Rs 15,500 - 32,000 Rs 18,000 - 40,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Packers and Movers Bhilai at verified and background checked?

Yes, all our associate packers and movers are background checked. We first verify them and then only refer them to our customers. Only certified and authentic packers and movers will reach you.

Q. What are Packers and Movers charges in Bhilai?

The charges and rates of packers and movers in Bhilai depend upon the type of relocation service that you are hiring. If you are moving from Bhilai to another Indian city then the prices would be much lower as compared to moving from Bhilai to an international location. You will get the exact estimate only after you have made us aware of your moving needs.

Q. Why should we trust Moving Solutions to hire Movers and Packers in Bhilai?

Because Moving Solutions associates itself only with the registered, licensed and experienced packers and movers in Bhilai. We are aimed at providing the premium moving services without any compromises.

Q. What are Packers and Movers cost-affecting factors in Bhilai?

Factors affecting the cost of moving include reputation of the moving company, type of shifting service hired, distance between source place to destination place, type of transport (part load or full load), the total volume & weight of items, value added services and various others. After you have reached us, we will tell you about it all.

Q. What is the cost of hiring Packers and Movers from Bhilai to another Indian city?

The prices of moving from Bhilai to another city depends upon the city to which you are moving. The prices will also depend upon the distance of your destination from your current location and the volume of goods that you are carrying.

Q. What is the cost of hiring Packers and Movers for local shifting in Bhilai?

Following are the estimate price quotes- 1 BHK Shifting Cost: Rs 3,000 - 9,000 | 2 BHK Shifting Cost: Rs 4,000 - 14,000 | 3 BHK Shifting Cost: Rs 6,000 - 15,000 | 4 BHK Shifting Cost: Rs 8,000 - 20,000

Q. Who are best Packers and Movers in Bhilai?

The best packers and movers is the one who is operating in the industry legally and has no record of doing any fraud or scam. They are licensed and registered completely.

Q. Why should I move with professional Packers and Movers in Bhilai?

You should know that it is only a professional company that can make your move successful by using the right packing and loading techniques. It is only a certified company that can move you legally and safely.