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Approx. Packers and Movers Charges in Bhagalpur, Bihar

Here is the rate chart for hiring professional packers and movers in Bhagalpur, Bihar. It is advisable that you must have an idea about overall packers and movers charges in Bhagalpur so that you can hire the right and perfect moving company when you need to hire home shifting services in this city

Shifting Types Truck Needed for Shifting Local Shifting Cost Domestic Shifting Cost
1 RK or Few Items Tempo (Mini Truck) Rs 2,500 - 7,000 Rs 4,000 - 18,000
1 BHK Small Truck Rs 3,000 - 9,000 Rs 6,000 - 24,000
2 BHK 14 Feet Truck Rs 4,500 - 13,000 Rs 8,000 - 28,000
3 BHK 17 Feet Truck Rs 6,000 - 18,000 Rs 10,000 - 34,000
4/5 BHK 19 Feet Truck Rs 8,000 - 25,000 Rs 15,000 - 48,000

Disclaimer: The above rate chart of hiring professional packers and movers in Bhagalpur shows only roughly estimated rates and charges. The actual price may vary depending upon certain factors. If you want to know the more precise or accurate cost of movers and packers in Bhagalpur then you need to contact us and share your actual moving requirements. Alternatively, you can use our packers and movers cost calculator to approximate the cost your move by yourself.

Why Do You Need To Hire Packers and Movers in Bhagalpur, Bihar?

You know well that there are several challenging and time-consuming tasks in the process of house shifting, no matter, you are moving down the street or relocating from one city to another. Many reports say that moving process is even more stressful than a breakup or divorce. Some reports also say that moving process yields stress like other top stressors like death, and loss of job. Additionally, it also requires a lot of time and effort. An individual cannot be able to manage all the relocation tasks alone. Most probably you will also not be able to handle all shifting tasks and many arrangements for your move. But you can skip all the hassles and daunting tasks of your move by hiring a company of reliable and experienced packers and movers available in your city. Professional movers and packers are meant for making moving process a whole lot easier and hassle-free.

There will be several benefits of hiring professional movers and packers in Bhagalpur, Bihar. You will be completely removed from obligation of doing time-consuming, challenging and risky shifting tasks. This will help you save a lot of your time and effort. You will have to do nothing. All chore tasks of shifting such as packing up items, furniture disassembly & reassembly, making ready appliances for move, loading the truck, transporting & delivery, unloading the truck, unpacking boxes, furniture reassembly, and rearranging will done by experienced moving crew. Professional handling of items for moving home will result in safe transportation. No damages to goods will happen in transit. You know well that most goods are damaged in transit. But in the case of professional moving there will not be any risk. Additionally, professional movers and packers will also provide you goods insurance coverage to cover the risk. So, hiring a reliable company of professional packers and movers in Bhagalpur would be indeed a wise decision in order to transform moving process into a hassle-free, safe and easygoing affair.

Professional Packers and Movers Bhagalpur Hiring Guide

Everyone wants best things in their life and when it comes to choosing best company of experienced movers and packers then this BEST calls for a lot of homework. Without making some efforts you may not be able to hire a reliable company of the best movers and packers. As there are several companies of professional movers and packers in Bhagalpur, knowing that which company is genuine and which one is fraud is really tough. So, you indeed need to research on movers and packers before hiring the required services. Researching may also take your precious time. What if you don’t have enough time to collect moving quotes from different moving companies? What if you don’t know some names of good moving companies available in your city?

And, what if you are unable to figure out a reliable company of the best match movers and packers in Bhagalpur for your upcoming move? You don’t need to worry at all. You can still figure out a reliable relocation company and hire genuine and affordable moving services. We are here to help you in significant way. We at Moving Solutions are committed to helping you choose the cheap and best packers and movers in Bhagalpur. We will directly connect you with some of the top movers and packers companies of Bhagalpur or provide you free moving quotes from pre-verified and qualified 3 best-match companies. And this way, you will able to compare the rates of different top relocation companies and grab the best deal on hiring services of a genuine company of packers and movers in Bhagalpur.

Different people have different desires with their moving. Few want to shift household goods, few want to move with office items, few want to have local shifting in Bhagalpur whereas few plan for intercity relocation. Whatever your relocation requirement is, we will help you choose the right type of packers and movers in Bhagalpur for your move. In fact, Moving Solutions is a premier one stop solution for all your moving related requirements. And. how we can forget to mention about our partner packers and movers companies.

We have made partnership with only licensed, registered and experienced companies. Before making partnership with some of movers and packers companies in Bhagalpur we have invested a lot in doing research. Each member of our partner companies have undergone through a tight screening in which we check their license, registration, experience and other credentials. We also verified background, market reputation and experience of packers and movers before making associations with them. Thus, hiring a company of packers and movers in Bhagalpur will be completely safe and secure.

Hiring a reliable company of the best packers and movers in Bhagalpur, Bihar is easy and safe with us. You can use this ultimate relocation service booking portal very conveniently. And, book the best company by making a few mouse clicks only. Here is how you can easily and instantly hire the cheap and best movers and packers for your upcoming move.

  1. Tell us your shifting details via the following mediums
    • Online: Enquiry Form
    • Helpline Numbers: 9911918545, 9871635413
    • Toll Free Number: 1800 116 878
    • WhatsApp Number: 9911918545
    • Email ID:
  2. Get free estimates (quotes) from top 3 verified Packers and Movers within few minutes
  3. Compare rates and quality of services to choose the best one at your best price.

How to Save Money on Your Move in/from Bhagalpur, Bihar?

The day of moving is really a crucial moment. It is the time when risk is at its high. Moving is always a nerve wracking experience, no matter how experienced you are, there is always a fear in your minds. For a better shifting experience people can hire packers and movers, but in that as well their attentiveness matters. Whether you are shifting to a new home, office, or moving your business, the experience can be stressful since you need to consider packing, security and safety of all your belongings, and costs. If not done properly, moving can be highly expensive both in time and money, hence, use these tips for saving time on moving day to make your experience faster, convenient, cost effective and hustle free. Here are few of the very effective tips by expert Packers and Movers in Bhagalpur that can help you save time on your move.

Make a Schedule: Planning ahead makes a lot of difference while moving. Preparing a schedule of about two months prior to the move makes you know all the tasks that you need to accomplish and prioritize them one by one. Make a proper schedule of your shifting and accordingly you can go on further on your desires. With a proper schedule you can save your time for sure.

Hire Packers and Movers: They are the professionals behind safe and secure relocation of goods. Packers and movers are professionally competent to deal with requirements of shifting. If they are by your side to pack and move your stuff you need not to do anything. With this you can save your precious time and can utilize it for spending some quality time with neighbors and friends.

Pack like Professionals: It’s always not necessary to hire moving company for packing your things. You can also learn about packing and hence pack like a pro in your own shifting. There are many intelligent ways to pack things; color coding is a great way to avoid last moment confusions. Before you pack your things make sure that all the necessary packing materials are by your side so that you may not rush to buy it in every thirty minutes. Also make sure that one room is packed at a time so that nothing important in a room can be left behind.

So, these are three very important tips implementing what you can save money on your move. Hiring professional Packers and Movers in Bhagalpur for your task is really great but above this if you are going to manage everything by your own make sure you have adequate knowledge. Google and YouTube are few of the places where you can find plenty of ideas in packing and moving things. Apply these tips and for sure you can save your money as well time while you change your location.

Packers and Movers Rates and Charges in Bhagalpur - Approx. Price Estimation

Packers and movers charges in Bhagalpur for local shifting are around Rs 2,500 - 7,000 for few household goods. For a complete household relocation the charges will be approx. Rs 5,000 - 13,000. On the basis of the weight of your goods and the distance, packers and movers estimate their charges. If you are moving with 1BHK household goods within Bhagalpur then, packers and movers charges will be approx. Rs 3,000 - 9,000, for 2BHK household goods charges will approx. Rs 4,500 - 13,000, 3BHK household shifting will be approx. Rs 6,000 - 18,000. These are just the approx. charges of movers and packers in Bhagalpur. The rates and charges may vary due to several factors like the type of the move or the quality of the offered services, etc.

If you are moving any other city in India from Bhagalpur then, the movers will charge you as per kilometer. Packers and movers charges for Bhagalpur to Patna will be approx. Rs 5,000 - 8,000, Bhagalpur to Ranchi packers and movers charges will be approx. Rs 6,000 - 12,000, Bhagalpur to Delhi packers and movers charges will be approx. Rs 7,000 - 15,000. These are just the approximate charges of packers and movers for long distance move with few household goods. If you have bigger home and also have a car or bike to transport then, you will have to pay a large amount to your mover.

Estimated Packers and Movers Bhagalpur Rates for Local Shifting

Moving Type Packing Cost Labor Charges Transportation Cost Approx. Total
1 BHK House Rs 1,000 - 2,000 Rs 1,000 - 3,500 Rs 1,000 - 3,500 Rs 3,000 - 9,000
2 BHK House Rs 1,500 - 3,500 Rs 1,500 - 5,500 Rs 1,500 - 4,000 Rs 4,500 - 13,000
3 BHK House Rs 1,500 - 4,500 Rs 1,500 - 7,500 Rs 3,000 - 6,000 Rs 6,000 - 18,000
4/5 BHK House Rs 2,000 - 6,000 Rs 2,000 - 9,000 Rs 4,000 - 10,000 Rs 8,000 - 25,000

Approx. Packers and Movers Bhagalpur Cost for Intercity Shifting

Moving Type/Distance Up to 400 Km 400 - 800 Km 800 - 1300 Km 1300 - 1900Km
Few home items shifting cost Rs 4,000 - 10,000 Rs 6,000 - 12,000 Rs 7,000 - 15,000 Rs 8,500 - 18,000
Complete house shifting cost Rs 11,000 - 22,000 Rs 12,000 - 25,000 Rs 13,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,000 - 30,000
1 BHK house shifting charges Rs 6,000 - 15,000 Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs 10,000 - 22,000 Rs 11,000 - 24,000
2 BHK house shifting cost Rs 8,000 - 18,000 Rs 10,000 - 25,000 Rs 12,000 - 24,000 Rs 14,000 - 28,000
3 BHK house relocation cost Rs 10,000 - 25,000 Rs 11,000 - 30,000 Rs 13,000 - 28,000 Rs 16,000 - 34,000
4 BHK house shifting cost Rs 15,000 - 28,000 Rs 16,000 - 32,000 Rs 18,000 - 34,000 Rs 26,000 - 42,000
5 BHK house shifting charges Rs 18,000 - 30,000 Rs 23,000 - 40,000 Rs 25,000 - 45,000 Rs 34,000 - 48,000
Home shift + car transport cost Rs 12,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,000 - 30,000 Rs 16,000 - 38,000 Rs 19,000 - 42,000
Car transportation charges Rs 3,000 - 5,000 Rs 4,000 - 7,000 Rs 5,000 - 9,000 Rs 6,000 - 10,000
Few office items shifting cost Rs 6,000 - 15,000 Rs 9,000 - 20,000 Rs 10,000 - 24,000 Rs 12,000 - 28,000
Complete office shifting charges Rs 11,000 - 26,000 Rs 14,500 - 30,000 Rs 15,500 - 32,000 Rs 18,000 - 40,000

Packers and movers charges vary from company to company due to many factors and also every company has their own parameters to calculate their charges. Let's see the main factors that affects overall moving cost.

Packers and Movers Bhagalpur Cost Affecting Factors

Distance: The distance between the source and destination is the primary factor that affects packers and movers charges. If you are moving locally within a city then, you will likely pay less than for an intercity relocation.

Volume of the goods: Moving companies estimate their charges basically as per the weight of the goods. They need to pack the goods and transport them therefore the quantities of the goods that they need to pack plays a vital role in calculating their charges. If there will be any goods that are bulky or heavy in weight which requires extra efforts and time then, the movers will charge you extra handling charges for such bulky items.

Manpower required: There are several moving companies that charges as per the number of the persons require to pack and move your stuff.

Packing supplies: For the safety of the goods and to prevent the goods from damages and breakages, the goods are needed to be packed safely using high-quality packaging materials. And if the movers will use high-quality packaging materials which they prefer most of the times so, this will affect packers and movers charges.

Additional services: Along with packing and transporting movers and packers offer many value added services to make your move easier. These additional services like unpacking, rearranging, warehousing and storage, etc. affects packers and movers charges.

Apart from this there are many other factors that affects movers and packers charges like shipment insurance charges, type of the move, quality of the services, etc.

Different cost heads in packers and movers Bhagalpur charges

  • Packing charge inclusive of the cost of packing materials required for packing up items
  • Labor charges inclusive of charges for loading and unloading the trick or transport vehicle
  • Transportation cost including the cost of fuel consumption in transit
  • Unpacking and rearranging charges
  • Charges for value-added and additional services
  • Goods transit insurance charge (optional)
  • Warehousing & storage charge (if required)
  • GST, Toll Tax and Octroi

Here at you will get full information regarding packers and movers rates and charges. But these are only approximate charges that can be changed later due to various factors and also without knowing your moving requirements it is tough to tell you the exact cost of your move. So, if you want to know how much packers and movers Bhagalpur costs then, you can request for free quotes at where you will get quotations from multiple moving companies. Compare packers and movers Bhagalpur charges to hire the best one.

Quality Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Packers and Movers Bhagalpur at verified and background checked?

Yes, all our associate packers and movers are background checked. We first verify them and then only refer them to our customers. Only certified and authentic packers and movers will reach you.

Q. What are Packers and Movers charges in Bhagalpur?

The charges and rates of packers and movers in Bhagalpur depend upon the type of relocation service that you are hiring. If you are moving from Bhagalpur to another Indian city then the prices would be much lower as compared to moving from Bhagalpur to an international location. You will get the exact estimate only after you have made us aware of your moving needs.

Q. Why should we trust Moving Solutions to hire Movers and Packers in Bhagalpur?

Because Moving Solutions associates itself only with the registered, licensed and experienced packers and movers in Bhagalpur. We are aimed at providing the premium moving services without any compromises.

Q. What are Packers and Movers cost-affecting factors in Bhagalpur?

Factors affecting the cost of moving include reputation of the moving company, type of shifting service hired, distance between source place to destination place, type of transport (part load or full load), the total volume & weight of items, value added services and various others. After you have reached us, we will tell you about it all.

Q. What is the cost of hiring Packers and Movers from Bhagalpur to another Indian city?

The prices of moving from Bhagalpur to another city depends upon the city to which you are moving. The prices will also depend upon the distance of your destination from your current location and the volume of goods that you are carrying.

Q. What is the cost of hiring Packers and Movers for local shifting in Bhagalpur?

Following are the estimate price quotes- 1 BHK Shifting Cost: Rs 3,000 - 9,000 | 2 BHK Shifting Cost: Rs 4,000 - 14,000 | 3 BHK Shifting Cost: Rs 6,000 - 15,000 | 4 BHK Shifting Cost: Rs 8,000 - 20,000

Q. Who are best Packers and Movers in Bhagalpur?

The best packers and movers is the one who is operating in the industry legally and has no record of doing any fraud or scam. They are licensed and registered completely.

Q. What is Moving Solutions?

Moving Solutions is a licensed company that was established years ago. It offers references of certified packers and movers in all parts of India. You will get leads of only certified movers from us.

Q. How does Moving Solutions work?

Moving Solutions will ask you to fill an online form with our basic details and will then provide you top 3 references of packers and movers in your city. You can then compare the prices and choose the best available packers.

Q. What services does Moving Solutions offer?

Moving Solutions is the one-stop solution to all your moving needs. The different moving services include local shifting services, inter-city shifting, door to door shifting services, plants moving services, loading & unloading services, storage & warehousing services, bike shifting services, loading & unloading services and many more. Our customer support team will make you aware of all the services offered.

Q. Is requesting moving estimates through Moving Solutions paid?

No. we do not charge anything for providing moving estimates to the customers. We do it for free.

Q. What are the different types of available Packers and Movers in Bhagalpur?

The different types of packers and movers include specialty movers, intercity movers, international movers, commercial movers, local moving companies, vehicle transporters and others. You can also hire car transportation services to move your cars safely.

Q. What are the best cities to move from Bhagalpur?

If you wish to relocate from Bhagalpur then Bhagalpur, Bhagalpur, Bhagalpur, Greater Bhagalpur, Bhagalpur and a few other places would be the best option for you.

Q. How can I reduce the relocation cost?

Ways in which you can reduce your relocation costs are-

  • Get rid of unwanted items
  • Arrange free moving boxes from nearby grocery store
  • Unpack the goods yourself upon arrival at the destination
  • Arrange packing materials from friends and family
  • De-clutter all your household/office belongings

Q. How to save money on hiring Packers and Movers in Bhagalpur?

To save money, you should compare the prices of different packers and movers and then hire the one that you think offers the services at the most affordable prices.

Q. What is a pre-move survey?

Here, the representatives of the moving company will come to your place and take a survey of your home and all the items that are to be moved. Accordingly, they will tell you the prices of moving.

Q. Is a pre-move survey a paid service?

No. We provide pre-move survey free of cost.

Q. What is a binding estimate?

Binding estimate is the final price that you will get from the moving company. It is the final written price quote given to you after considering all the factors. No hidden charges are there in it.

Q. What is a non-binding estimate?

Non-binding estimate is a rough price quote that the moving company offers. It is not the final price and can change due to various factors especially if you are also hiring value added services and availing car transportation service as well.

Q. Why should I move with professional Packers and Movers in Bhagalpur?

You should know that it is only a professional company that can make your move successful by using the right packing and loading techniques. It is only a certified company that can move you legally and safely.


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