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8 Weeks Moving Checklist by Packers and Movers Ambala

Moving and shifting is a hectic task and also time-consuming. One needs at least 3-4 months’ time to relocate home safely with household goods and other stuff. Relocation involves series of tasks and each of them are time-taking and require enormous efforts. This makes the process much tougher for the relocators. For an easy and safe relocation you need to first plan your move. Planning helps you to know everything about your move. You will get an image of your overall shifting procedure from starting to end that what you will require to do and also how. People generally hire Packers and Movers Ambala to relocate their home but many consider it as unnecessary expenses. Hiring reliable and experienced Movers and Packers in Ambala is the easiest way to relocate from one place to another but that doesn't mean it will not require your involvement.

Whether or not you have hired home relocation company, your involvement to supervise your move is always necessary. You should get involved in planning your move, arranging essentials, packing and moving goods and much more. In fact, for everything you will do for moving your home needs to be planned in advance only then you will be able to relocate you safely and securely at the desired location.

Here in this article we will be discussing about how to plan to move your home in just 8 weeks. If you don't have much time and worrying about it then, these tips will help you to plan your move so that you can enjoy safe and hassle-free relocation.

8 weeks before your move
8 weeks means you have 2 months in your hand to relocate your home. Don't panic, 8 weeks are sufficient for a move if everything done in the right way. The time to leave your home, friends and neighbors is coming closer you may start feeling overwhelmed but should be very focused on the things that you need to complete only in 8 weeks.

You can start planning your move for which you will require to make a list. This list will include all the tasks related to your move that should be completed or you have to do within 8 weeks including hiring Packers and Movers Ambala. Make sure you have included everything from packing to unpacking your stuff at your new home. Take a red markers and start tick off the items you have completed.

6 Weeks before you move
You are getting closer to your moving day only 6 weeks are left to relocate your home. May be you are nervous and stressed but make sure you will not make any mistake in such situation because doing so can cost you a lot. So, just be relaxed and follow this moving guide to make your move easy and simple. We are telling you to do everything as mentioned below but yes the things should be done by you before the moving day no matter in what order.

Now you should find and hire professional home relocation company in India to relocate your home. This way the half of your work will be done for moving your home. But make sure you have checked the company's license and other credentials before finalizing the deal with them. And after that start purging your home.

4 weeks before you move
Only four weeks are left to move your home in a new place. Get rid of the goods that are not useful for you anymore or are broken and outdated. This way you will come to know what the goods are that you will take along with you in your new home.

Sell the unwanted goods to make some money or also can donate them to charity. Now tick off the items on your moving checklist that you have made earlier. And also buy or arrange packing materials for packing your goods.

3 Weeks before your move
Start packing all your stuff as soon as possible but make sure not to pack the goods that you will need till the moving day. First pack the goods that you don't use much. Start from the home décor items as they are delicate in nature that requires utmost care and lots of time to pack. Then move to the room like guest room, store room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. One room at one time and do not mix the goods of other room in one box.

2 Weeks before your move
Try to complete half of the packing task complete within this week otherwise you can be in big trouble. Along with packing there are also other important tasks you need to do that must be completed within this week only like finding new school, transfer bank accounts, change postal address, and much more. Also remind your move about your moving day to confirm they are arriving.

1 Week before your move
7 Days more to go and you will be shifted into your new house. But make sure you have packed the major appliances and furniture. In this week you have to pack your entire household goods and also clear all the dues or bills like telephone bill, cable network bills, newspaper bill, etc. and get ready for the moving day.

Pack an overnight bag for you and your family member that will contain all the essentials that you will require for surviving the first night or few days in your house like clothes and toiletries. And also pack an 'open first' box with the essentials you will require for surviving first night in your new house like sheets, pillow, bedding, medicine, snacks, toiletries, etc.

2 Day before your move
The relocation is hectic and tedious procedure and you are planning and working for it almost 2 months so this is the time to relax and take deep breath. Meet your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Take pictures with them for a beautiful memory. Keep everything arrange before your movers arrive on the moving day.

Moving Day
Finally, it's the moving day for which you have been waiting and planning for since last 8 weeks. Make sure you and every member of the family is ready before the arrival of the mover. Keep your inventory handy so that you can check it while movers will load the boxes into the truck.

If you are moving with your kids and pets then, you have to take extra care of them instead of worrying about your belongings. Professional Packers and Movers in Ambala are there to take care of your possessions so, stay relaxed and enjoy a safe and hassle-free relocation with them.

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