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Remember the last time when you tried fixing the leaking tap, or installing the air conditioner? No, because some things should better be left to the experts like moving. If you are planning to shift from Allahabad and hunting for the industry’s best packers and movers then you have certainly landed at the right page. At Moving Solutions, we have been offering the services of packers and movers in Allahabad for decades.

Though Allahabad is a city with a comfortable living but you might have to shift to another city for better educational growth of your kids, job opportunities or to improve the lifestyle.  Cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. are mostly preferred to reside in. They have a fresh environment and more chances to develop one’s personality. Our company is here to get you the most premium packers and movers in Allahabad, matching your moving needs and requirements.

Tips to save money on house shifting in Allahabad with us

De-clutter- The foremost tip to save money on house shifting is to de-clutter and donate. It simply means that the things that you do not need anymore should go in the trash-bin. For this, you can take a round of every room and take notice of things that you can get rid of. Remember, lesser clothes or shoes, lesser would be the number of items to carry. In addition to this, you can donate the things that you no longer need. In fact, you can utilize the tax deductions which is available under Section 80G of income tax. Under this deduction, a deduction will be made to your total gross income if you will make a donation to some particular charitable organizations and relief funds. You need to ensure that you donate only to the charitable institutions that are meant for this purpose else, your donation to any other institution will not have an effect on your taxes.

Collect and compare- It is always advised to collect the price quotes from different packers and movers in Allahabad and then compare. After you have approached us, we will refer you the top household shifters in your area keeping in mind your requirements and specifications. After our referrals, the call is entirely yours. You should go through the range of services of these different moving companies and compare the estimates offered by them. The one you think is rendering the maximum services at a highly realistic price, must be chosen. It will help you to choose the most cost-effective local shifting movers in Allahabad.

Pack yourself- If you are on a mission to not make a burning hole in your pocket then it is better to pack your household stuff yourself. It’s not a bad idea to pack your belongings on your own and save the charges and rates of professional packing services. There are many ways in which you can pack things with absolute safety like that of professionals. For instance, keeping a paper plate between every two glass plates to avoid colliding, wrapping the glass frames and other expensive glass items in bed sheets, stuffing newspapers in the vase and other hollow items, keeping all the important documents and readily required things in the essential bag etc. You can browse through the internet to get an insight into more of such tricks and tips of packing.

Cheap packing materials- Yes, you can save your pennies when it comes to the packing materials. Usually, the packing materials are high in cost, which further adds digits to your moving bill. However, you can avoid this expense by arranging the free packing material from your local departmental store, mall or other retail stores. These stores will provide you with cartons, bubble sheets, paper bags and other materials available with them. Usually, these stores do not charge anything but even if they will do, it would be highly nominal.

Check calendar- Note that, packers and movers in Allahabad tend to remain busy on the weekends and on month-ends. As a result, they charge higher due to the high demand for services. This simply hints at the fact that you should plan your move in the weekdays or in the middle of the month. You should check the calendar and decide on a date when the household shifting company does not have much of moving projects in hand and also, the day when you can take off from your work. So, it’s like deciding on a mutual time to move to save a considerable amount of bucks on your moving.

Ask for references- You can always ask for the references of packers and movers from your friends and family who have availed the packing and moving services in Allahabad in the recent past. These references will ensure that you are approaching only the authentic and verified household shifting company. Also, while giving the reference, your friends will also share their experience with that particular moving company. This way, you will get a clear idea about the quality of the services offered and whether that company fulfills the claims made or not.

Types of moving insurance

Moving insurance is something on which you should never compromise. It is inevitable to get your goods insured before they enter into the transit phase. Basically, there are two types of moving insurances that are discussed below-

1. Transit insurance- As the name goes, this type of insurance covers the losses caused during the transportation of goods. Whatever damage is caused to your goods during the transit will be counted under the transit insurance. For instance, if an accident takes place due to the driver’s ill-driving or any other reason, it will be covered under this insurance. It simply means that the company will not be responsible for the damages caused before and after the transportation is done. The insurance will be limited only to the transportation phase.

2. Comprehensive insurance- Here, any kind of damage occurred at any time will be covered under comprehensive insurance. It is also known as all-inclusive policy, as it covers both manmade caused damages and the natural calamities. It will include losses made due to earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami, floods, hurricanes and other natural tragedies. Also, damage caused due to mishandling during loading, unloading, packing or packing will also be included under the comprehensive type of insurance. To know more about the insurance rates and charges, you can reach the packers and movers in Allahabad that you have hired.

Household shifting and office relocation services

The types of shifting that we will help you with, include house shifting and office relocation. When it comes to the household shifting in Allahabad, our name is on the top. The moving experts of the moving companies will handle your goods keeping in mind that they are not just assets but a reflection of your emotions. We know, how hard is to leave the current home where you weaved a number of dreams and then shifting to a new house. Do not worry! We will make it all a cakewalk for you.

If you are shifting from a 1 BHK house then total costs including the packing, labour and transport will reach to somewhere around INR3,000- 9,000 while relocating from a 2 BHK house will cost you INR 4,500-13,000 approximately. Moving further to the 3 BHK house, the total cost will be around INR 6,000-18,000 and the charges and rates of a 4/5 BHK house will reach around INR 8,000-25,000.  The cost will vary on the services that you have chosen.

While talking about the office relocation services, our referred movers and packers will do it with ease. We know how crucial and challenging is to shift your office, as it affects the routine working of the business. Considering this very fact, we make the office relocation as quickly as we can. All our partner moving companies carry out the office shifting task swiftly in order to save your time and to get your office rolling again. All your office belongings including the furniture and the important documents will be moved safely with us. We will be the best custodian for it all.

An array of our shifting services in Allahabad

  • Packing and unpacking- Our moving services include packing of all the household items at your current location and then unpacking it all, once we have reached the destination. We pack goods with the most durable packing materials like sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, plastic sheets and other necessary materials in order to keep your goods absolutely safe at the time of transportation. In addition to this, our moving experts will unpack the goods at your new house with the utmost care.
  • Loading and unloading- You must know that professionals are professionals for a reason. If you think that you can load the goods on your own just to cut on the moving charges and rates then you must give it a second thought. Loading of goods into the trucks and other carriers can only be done with professional equipment, tools and other devices, which you would not be having access to at your home.  We will bring with us the latest gears to make the loading and unloading task smoother and hassle-free. You must know that if loading and unloading are not done in the right manner, it might put your life in danger. This simply means that you will have to hire only the professional packers and movers in Allahabad to carry out this task.
  • Warehousing and storage- Many times, homeowners are worried about storing their goods at a safe place until they have comfortably settled in their new home. But, you do not have to worry anymore, as packers and movers in Allahabad are here to help you out. The moving companies that we refer to our esteemed customers possess a fine warehouse to store the goods. These warehouses have cameras installed in them to ensure complete security of goods while pest control is done at regular intervals in order to prevent moths, rats, termite and other creatures that might cause damage to your goods. You can keep your goods stored for both short and long term, as per the need of the hour.
  • Transportation of goods- If you are looking for only goods transport service, we offer that too. Many homeowners do not prefer taking packing, unpacking, loading and unloading services but want only the shipment service. When you will reach us, we will not insist you to get the full package of our moving services but will render only the service that you want. We have with us GPS installed trucks and goods carriers that guarantee the absolute safety of the goods. All our partnered movers and packers are highly trained in transporting goods with utmost care.
  • Vehicle transporting- If you are worried to move your much-loved vehicle to a new city then reach us. We have the right vehicle carriers to move your cars and bikes safely to the new place. These carriers have ample space for the vehicle that keeps it safe during the transit. Your vehicles will not be just stuffed into the transporting vehicle but will be loaded and unloaded with absolute care. To know about the packers and movers charges in Allahabad, you can give us a call.

In addition to our finest moving services, we also house the finest set of moving experts. Right from the time, you will call us to the moment you have safely relocated to the new place, our team will assist you throughout. They are equipped with the right solutions to solve the queries of the customers in the least possible time. Yeah, the team will listen to all your issues patiently and will then respond wisely. You can rely on us with no doubts in mind.

Therefore, you are advised not to wander anywhere else to hire the services of packers and movers in Allahabad. You can approach us through an email, call or live chat and we will be right there at your doorstep to serve you. Good luck!


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