Moving to Sri Lanka from India

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Moving to Sri Lanka from India? Hire the Best Shipping Company at Affordable Rates

Are you planning to Sri Lanka in future? It is likely that you will have some good reasons to move to Sri Lanka from India. If you are relocating to Sri Lanka and want to get settled in that country then you will also have the requirement of household goods shipping to Sri Lanka from India.

There are several shipping companies in Indian major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. Finding out the right and reliable international shipping company can be a very trick and challenging core. You may face difficulties when you need to hire the right service provider. An international relocating process is also an expensive affair. So, you need to choose the right and reliable company that can give you value for money services with assurance for safe transfer of your belongings. The process of finding the good service for shipping to Sri Lanka from India may also consume your precious time.

So, how will you pick the best and reliable shipping company for your shipping goods from India to Sri Lanka? Worry not anymore. You don’t need to think more. You can completely rely on this relocation service booking portal when you need to hire the best shipping company for household shipping from India to Sri Lanka.

We at Moving Solutions are India’s leading aggregator of local, domestic and international relocation service providers. Every member of our partner companies are licensed, registered, experienced and background checked. We understand will that customers use this portal to book packers and movers with a trust. And we will never like break that trust. We are driven to providing you the highest standard of relocation services at very competitive and genuine rates. We will always assist you pick the best shipping company in India, no matter, whether you wish to move from India to Colombo or Kandy in Sri Lanka.

When you need to relocate to Sri Lanka and ship your belongings there, then you can conveniently hire the best and reliable company of international movers and packers. You can hire the right and reliable service by making a few mouse clicks only.

To hire the services for household shipping to Sri Lanka from India, you need to tell us your actual requirements. Depending upon your container size requirements (depend on total volume of items), our movers will give you the best rates. We will generally provide you quotations from top 3 pre-verified and qualified shipping companies. Only you need to compare the prices and hire the best suited one. 

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Shipping Times and Costs from India to Sri Lanka

The cost of shipping will depend upon various factors. Some major factors are volumes of goods, mode of shipping and destination. You can ship your household items to Sri Lanka from India in two ways.

  1. Air freight (shipping via cargo plane)
  2. Sea cargo or freight shipping

Air freight shipping option is very expensive. It will approximately cost around £1,807 - £1,997 only for 1 bedroom flat. But if you choose sea freight shipping option then cost you around £452 - £499. So, it would be always a wise decision to ship goods via sea.

See the below given chart for shipping time and costs from India to Sri Lanka.

Move Sizes Shipping by Sea Costs Shipping by Air Costs
1 BHK £452 - £499 £1,807 - £1,997
3  BHK £695 - £768 NA
5 BHK £1,043 - £1,152 NA

Shipping container options and their charges

There are container options to choose from when you have the requirements of shipping to Sri Lanka from India.

Container Type Capacity Charges
20 Feet Shipping Container 33 Cubic Meters £695 - £768
40 Feet Shipping Container 67 Cubic Meters Price: £1,321 - £1,459
LCL (Less Than Container Load Shared Container £452 - £499
Car Shipping Container 5.75m x 2.2m x 2.2m £1,695 - £3,268

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of car shipping form India to Sri Lanka?

The price will depend on various factors. Standard charges for car shipping to Sri Lanka from India will be around £1,695 - £3,268.

Q. What are the charges for household stuff from India to Sri Lanka?

The price will mainly vary on container size – LCL, 20 Feet Container, and 40 Feet Shipping Container. The price will range £452 - £1,459.

Q. Which cities of Sri Lanka are good for living?

There are so many beautiful cities in Sri Lanka. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka. Apart from Colombo, other cities of Sri Lanka are Dehiwala -Mount Lavinia, Moratuwa, Kandy, Kalmunai, Ratanpura, and Batticaloa.

Q. Which are the major shipping ports or container terminals of Sri Lanka?

There two main shipping ports (container terminals) in Sri Lanka.

  1. The Port of Colombo (the largest container terminal in Sri Lanka)
  2. The Port of Hambantota

Q. Will I get assistance in customs clearance in Sri Lanka when I hire one of reputable shipping companies?

Yes, you will get full assistance in customs process one your container reaches Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s customs official will inspect your container thoroughly. The customs process seems to be complicated and challenging. But you don’t need to worry at all. Your chosen shipping will help you in faster and hassle-free customs clearance in Sri Lanka.

Q. What are restricted items in shipping to Sri Lanka from India?

Some restricted items are the goods for commercial use, drugs, banned medicine, narcotic, weapons, arms, bullets, guns, ammunition, printed media, Indian & Pakistani currencies and cultural artefacts.

Q. What is the currency of Sri Lanka?

The currency of Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan rupee also known as LKR.

Q. Which is the largest city in Sri Lanka?

The largest city in Sri Lanka is Colombo. It is also the capital of the country.

Q. What religions are followed in Sri Lanka?

  • 70.2% Buddhism
  • 12.6% Hinduism
  • 9.7% Islam
  • 7.4% Christianity
  • 0.1% Other/None

Q. What is the total area and population of Sri Lanka?

The total area of Sri Lanka is approximately 65,610 square kilometers. And the total population of this country is 20,277,597 (2012 census).