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Moving to Muscat Oman from India

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Moving to Muscat Oman from India

Moving and Shipping to Muscat Oman from India? Hire the Best Shipping Services

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If you have decided to move to Muscat from India then it is likely that you have taken this decision carefully and thoughtfully. Muscat is the capital and largest city of Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman. Termed as a Global City, the metropolis of Muscat in Oman has experienced rapid growth in its infrastructure and economy. It is a city where you will find multi-ethnic society and quality living.

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Household Goods Shipping to Muscat from India and Costs

The cost of shipping goods from India to Muscat varies on various factors such as total volume & weight of items, container type & size, moving companies, and mode of shipment. There are two ways to ship goods from India to Muscat in Oman - by air (air freight shipping) and by sea (sea freight shipping). The shipping by sea is more popular and affordable option. Shipping by air can be fast but expensive option. See the rates and charges for shipping to Muscat from India in the below given rate chart. Please note that these rates are roughly estimated and hence don’t consider them as final cost of shipping goods from India to Muscat.

Move Sizes Shipping by Sea Costs Shipping by Air Costs
1 BHK £801 - £885 £3,203 - £3,541
3  BHK £1,232 - £1,362 NA
5 BHK £1,848 - £2,043 NA

About Muscat, the Global City

Moving to Muscat, the capital and largest city of Oman, can be quite exciting because you will be able to easily get Oman visa. In addition, you will get numerous benefits when you will start living in this beautiful city. The metropolis has population of 1,720,000. Total land area of the main city is 273.9 square kilometers. And the total area of the Greater Muscat Metropolitan area is 3,797 square kilometers.

The city of Muscat in Oman is divided into three main regions: East Muscat, West Muscat and Central Muscat.

  • East Muscat: This area includes Old Muscat, Ruwi, Al-Bustan, Wuttayah, Kalbuh, Matrah, and Sidab
  • West Muscat: This area includes Al-Ghubbrah, Al-Seeb, Bawsher, Ghala, and Udhaybah
  • Central Muscat: Shati-Al Qurm, Al-Khuwair, Madinat Al Sultan, Qurm, Ras Al Hamra, and Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos

When living in Muscat you will find low rise buildings. Most of buildings in this city are low rise. In addition, you will find here beautiful and green city landscapes with open spaces and lots of trees.

Muscat has become one of the most preferred expat destinations. It is one of the Gulf’s cheapest cities to live that is endowed with wonderful sites, historical monuments, and scenery. The city has strong economy, provides excellent education & healthcare system, and offers great infrastructure amenities and public transport system. You will find a number of tourist sites and holiday spots in and around Muscat where you can enjoy with your family after relocating there. You will find quality and comfortable living in Muscat, Oman. In terms of job opportunities, you will find their tons of employment opportunities there. There is no dearth of jobs in this city.

Top Reasons to Live in Oman

  • Tons of job and employment opportunities
  • Attractive salary packages
  • Tax free earning
  • Low cost of living as compared to Dubai
  • One of the safest countries to live in the world
  • Beautiful landscapes and plethora of tourist sites
  • Excellent public transport system
  • Excellent infrastructure amenities
  • Good international schools
  • Good private healthcare system
  • Friendly locals, peaceful and simple
  • Neat and clean environment
  • Beautiful beaches and coastline

Important Facts about Oman

  • Official name of the country: the Sultanate of Oman
  • Capital and largest city: Muscat
  • Official language: Arabic
  • Oman population: 4,829,473 (2018 estimate)
  • Total area: 309,500 square kilometers
  • Total GDP: 2018 estimate - $203.959 billion
  • GDP per Capita: $47,366
  • Currency: Rial (OMR)
  • Time Zone of Oman: UTC+4 (GST)
  • Driving Side: Right
  • Calling Code: +968
  • 17 largest country in the world by area
  • Main Mosque in the Sultanate of Oman: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  • Oman’s National Day: 18 November
  • National beverage of Oman: Coffee
  • National animal of Oman: Arabian Oryx
  • Oman’s national bird: Falcon
  • Oman is one of the safest country to live in the world.
  • Mountain Dew is the top selling beverage in Oman.
  • Oman has rare crime - Violent crime is almost non-existent in the country.
  • It is a terrorism free country
  • Oman has 100s of luxury hotels
  • The most luxurious hotel in Oman: Grand Hyatt Muscat
  • Oman has no income tax
  • Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world.
  • It has the longest serving ruler in the Middle East

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