Moving to Finland from India

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Household Shipping to Finland from India and Costs

There are two main ways to ship goods from one country to another - shipping by air (air freight) and shipping by sea (sea freight). The most popular way is sea freight because it is cheaper than air freight. The only benefit of air freight is faster shipping. Generally, a cargo plane takes time of 1 to 3 days to ship goods from India to Finland. On other hands, shipping by sea will take time of several days or weeks. Generally, India to Finland shipping by sea takes time of 10 to 16 days. So, make the decision correctly when you need to choose from air freight and sea freight. Our recommendation is always sea freight (shipping goods by sea).

Now let’s know about shipping costs from India to Finland. The cost of shipping goods from India to Finland will depend upon shipping container size. There are 4 shipping container choices to choose form.

  • 20 feet shipping container - shipping charges £1,978 - £2,186
  • 40 feet shipping container - shipping charges £3,758 - £4,153
  • LCL (less than container load) – shipping charges £1,286 - £1,421
  • Car shipping container - shipping £2,978 - £4,686

Keep in mind, if you choose LCL option then container will be shared people relocating to Finland from India.

Shipping to Finland from India Charges

Move Sizes Shipping by Sea Costs Shipping by Air Costs
1 BHK £1,286 - £1,421 £5,143 - £5,684
3  BHK £1,978 - £2,186 NA
5 BHK £2,967 - £3,279 NA

Shipping Ports (Container Terminals) in Finland

There are several shipping ports (container terminals) in Finland. One of the main shipping ports (container terminals) in Finland is located in its capital Helsinki. The Port of Helsinki is accessible via the Baltic Sea. If you are moving to Finland’s capital Helsinki then Helsinki Container Terminal would be obviously very helpful. Other shipping ports (container terminals) in Finland are the Port of Pori, and the port of Kotka.

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Our Movers will Provide Best Assistance in Customs Clearance in Finland

If you plan your India to Finland relocation with one of our partner shipping companies then you will get best assistance in faster customs clearance. Customs clearance in Finland may be a complicated process for you but your chosen shipping company will help you through every stage. Your container will be inspected by customs officials in Finland. Hence, it is recommended to have accurate inventory of items put in the container.

More about Finland - Facts and Trivia

Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. It is one of the most preferred expat destinations. It was ranked first in the World Human Capital in the year 2015. It also ranked first on the World Happiness Report for 2018 and 2019. So, if you are planning to move to Finland then you might have taken this decision thoughtfully.

Important Finland Facts

  • Official Name of Finland - The Republic of Finland
  • Capital City of Finland - Helsinki
  • Largest City of Finland – Helsinki
  • Official Languages - Finnish, Swedish
  • Total Area - 338,424 km2
  • Total Population - 5,517,919 (Official), 5,521,158 (2019 estimate)
  • Total GDP - $257 billion (2018 estimate)
  • Per Capita GDP - $46,559
  • Currency in Finland – Euro
  • Human Development Index – Very High
  • Largest Lake: Suur-Saimaa (4400 km2)
  • Official Website:
  • Time zone: EET (UTC+2) Summe (DST) – EEST (UTC+3)

Finland Trivia

  • Finland is ranked #1 as the happiest country in the world
  • There are 187,888 lakes in Finland.
  • Finland is highest consumer of milk in the world.
  • The country has free education even at the University Level.
  • Angry Birds was created in Finland
  • The drinking age is 18
  • Unique schooling system - no homework, no grades for students until high school

Largest Cities in Finland

City Name Population Land Area Density
Helsinki (capital) 650,058 213.75 3,041.21
Espoo 284,444 312.26 910.92
Tampere 235,615 525.03 448.76
Vantaa 228,678 238.37 959.34
Oulu 203,750 1,410.17 144.49
Turku 191,603 245.67 779.92
Jyväskylä 141,374 1,170.99 120.73
Lahti 120,081 459.47 261.35
Kuopio 118,667 1,597.39 74.29
Kouvola 83,149 2,558.24 32.5
Pori 84,318 834.06 101.09
Joensuu 76,543 2,381.76 32.14
Lappeenranta 72,6i61 1,433.36 50.69
Hämeenlinna 67,530 1,785.76 37.82
Vaasa 67,588 188.81 357.97

Economy of Finland

Finland has a highly industrialized, mixed economy. The economy of this country depends upon:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • R&D and hi-tech electronics
  • Metals, engineering and manufacturing
  • Chemical industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Energy industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the different ways for household items shipping from India to Finland?

Different ways to ship items from India to Finland are - Air Freight (Cargo) Shipping and Sea Freight (Cargo) Shipping. Air freight shipping is fast but expensive. Sea Cargo shipping is cheaper but will take several weeks.

Q. What is the approx. cost of 1 BHK items shipping to Finland from India?

The approx. cost of 1 BHK items shipping from India to Finland will be around £1,286 - £1,421 by air, and £5,143 - £5,684 by sea.

Q. What is the approx. cost of 3 BHK items shipping to Finland from India?

The approx. cost of 3 BHK items shipping to Finland from India will be around £1,978 - £2,186 by sea.

Q. I want to ship items of my 5 bedroom house to Finland. What will be the approx. shipping cost for the same?

The approx. cost for shipping items of 5 bedroom house from India to Finland will be around £2,967 - £3,279by sea.

Q. Can you provide you information on major shipping ports in Finland?

The Port of Helsinki is the major container terminal in Finland. The Port of Pori and the Port of Kotka are two other popular container terminals (shipping ports) in this country.

Q. What about customs clearance in Finland?

Your chosen shipping company will provide you significant aid in customs clearance when your container reach in the land of Finland. So, you don’t need to worry at all. Keep in mind, your container will be physically inspected. So, don’t put any restricted items in the container. And also make the appropriate inventory list for the same. Keep the accurate inventory.

Q. So, what are restricted items for shipping to Finland from India?

There are certain items which cannot be shipped to Finland from India. You cannot bring these items in Finland.

You cannot bring these items in Japan.

  • Tobacco Products – Cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, bidis, chewing tobacco, etc.
  • Explosive & inflammable items
  • Firearms, weapons, guns, bullets and ammunition
  • Pepper spray and CS gas
  • Electronic equipment
  • Perishable foodstuff

Q. What are different shipping container option for moving to Finland from India?

Different shipping container options are 20 Feet Shipping Container and 40 Feet Shipping Container. Shared container option also can be opted.

Q. What is the official language of Finland?

Official languages of Finland are Finnish and Swedish.

Q. What are the major benefits of living in Finland?

There are so many benefits of living in Finland. Top reason to move to Finland and get settled there are the following.

  • Free education, even at the University Level
  • Earning opportunity for teachers
  • One of the happiest countries in the world
  • Tons of job opportunities
  • Excellent infrastructure, healthcare and transport system
  • Lots of picturesque holiday spots and tourism sites
  • Several beautiful lakes

Q. Which are the best cities to live in Finland?

There are several cities in Finland where you can get quality and comfortable living. Major cities to live in the country include Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku, Oulu, Lahti, and Kuopio.